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Viva technology

VivaTech Returns For Its 7th Edition 

VivaTech 2023, the global tech conference that brings together start-ups, tech leaders, corporations, and investors under one roof, is all set to host its seventh Edition. The annual tech extravaganza will be held from June 14-17 in Paris and is expected to see footfall from 91,000 attendees and 2,500 exhibitors.  

Organized by the Publicis Group in association with Groupe Les Echos, the event has established itself as a start-up tech incubator. Find or showcase the best innovative tech offerings to industry leaders, investors, and the most prominent global brands during the 4-day event. 

Get set and ready to network and spark conversations about the future of tech on the show floor. Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s VivaTech and its promise. 

What Is VivaTech 2023?

VivaTech is a 4-day-long celebration of tech that doubles up as a launch pad for start-ups. 

Viva Technology is one of the most highly anticipated annual events for technophiles from all over the world. On the one hand, it’s a meet and greet where you interact, network, and connect with industry peers and leaders. On the other, it’s a global stage for you to showcase your offerings, share your expertise with other tech nerds, and drive impactful conversations that define the future of technology. 

It’s also the place to be if you want to build formidable partnerships that can influence the tech trends of tomorrow. 

For start-ups, the show gives all the exposure and impetus you need to make your offerings public. Meet prospective sponsors and venture capitalists who can help you grow your business.

For attendees, VivaTech is a journey of discovering the next big thing in the business. In addition, it’s also an exclusive learning opportunity where trailblazers share their expertise with up-and-coming innovators. 

In short, it’s the place to be if you belong to the technology industry in some capacity or the other. 

When And Where Is VivaTech 2023 Taking Place?

This year VivaTech will be held from June 14th to 17th at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. The venue is located in the heart of Paris and is only 15 minutes away from the famous Eiffel Tower! With 71,000 square meters of exhibition space, it also boasts a state-of-the-art plenary hall for conferences that can host more than 5,000 guests. 

The convention center has stunning glass architecture that opens up to panoramic views of Paris and a green terrace for those breaks between meetings. Spread over four levels, each room has soundproof walls and adaptive speakers that ensure conversations can take place seamlessly. All levels are easily accessible to each other via elevators. 

Paris Convention Centre also offers mobile and stationary catering units on every level for its guests. In addition, conference guests can easily access several luxury hotels and diners in the vicinity to get a taste of Parisian hospitality. 

You can travel from France’s Charles de Gaulle Airport to the Paris Convention Centre by trains, buses, town cars, or cabs. If you prefer to drive, you can cover the distance in 30 minutes under ideal traffic conditions. 

Who Goes To VivaTech? 

As one of Europe’s largest and most well-known tech events of the year, Viva Technology attracts scores of speakers and exhibitors every year. Some of the biggest names from the industry join the event as sponsors to make the most of the fantastic branding and marketing opportunities it presents. 

Let’s discover this year’s lineup. 

Who Will be Speaking at Viva Technology 2023?

In the past, the show has seen the likes of President Emmanuel Macron and chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov grace the event as speakers. This year too, multidisciplinary stalwarts are expected to speak at the conference. Some of the speakers include: 

  1. Amélie Oudéa-Castér, Minister of Sports and Olympic and Paralympic Games
  2. Bob Moritz, Global Chairman, PwC 
  3. Dan Schulman, President and CEO, Paypal 
  4. Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon 
  5. Marni Baker Stein, CEO, Coursera 
  6. Pascal Gauthier, CEO, Ledger 
  7. Dr. Ramses Alcaide, CEO, Neurable 
  8. Sebastien Borget, Co-founder and COO, The Sandbox 
  9. Tony Estanguet, President, Paris 
  10. Zoe Berkerey, COO, CleanCapital 
  11. And many others

Watch this space for more information. 

What Kind of Sponsors and Exhibitions Will There Be at VivaTech 2023? 

The show organizers predict 2,500 exhibitors will be showcasing at this year’s event, but per our event intelligence data, more than 4,000 will be present. 

Some of the exhibitors and sponsors at the show include: 

Founding Partners: BNB Paribas, Google, La Poste Group, LVMH, Orange. 

Platinum Partners: Amazon, Manpower 

Gold Partners: The Adecco Group, Audi, Edenred, Engie, EY, French German Tech Lab, Groupe SNCF, Huawei, JCDecaux, KPMG, L’oreal, PwC, RATP Group, Sanofi, Total Energies 

Silver Partners: Alibaba, Capgemini, IBM, Samsung, Meta, and others. 

Exhibitor Partners: Abeye, AG Partners Africa, Agora, Bearing Point, Bloom Flow, Cape Foxx, Chafik Studio, Dataforce, Duo Key, Enso, Enterprise Ireland, Famoco, Fingerprint, GK Concept, Gino Legal Tech, Helios, Hexa, Intercloud, Iridesense, Kapptivate, Lucid, Manta 5, Neosoft, One Flow, Publicis Sapient, Red Hat, Score Play, Stern Tech, Viking, Vimeo, and others. 

As you can discern, this year, too, promising tech start-ups have come on board to showcase never-seen-before services and technologies. Therefore the event is the place to be if you want to headhunt for the industry’s freshest and most unique talents. 

Viva Technology is also partnering with the Republic of Korea as its official Country of the Year and has a stellar lineup of Future of Sports partners. 

Watch this space to access the full list of exhibitors and learn who’s confirmed to attend. You can unlock exhibitor data updated in real-time by signing up with Vendelux.

What Kind of Sessions Are There at Viva Technology 2023? 

The event hosts a conference and a C-suite summit over a four-day duration. 

There are 11 conference tracks scheduled to take place this year on the following themes: 

  1. AI: This session will shed light on the impact of AI on tech and its influence on our day-to-day lives, both good and bad. 
  2. Energy & Climate Tech: This session is all about green tech currently helping us live sustainably and how it can be further developed to achieve much more in the future. 
  3. Future of Sport: This track is dedicated to understanding how tech innovation enables sportsmen and sportswomen to perform better, augmenting the viewing experience for sports fans and helping organizers streamline major sporting events. 
  4. Cybersecurity: This session uncovers the dark side of tech that has made us vulnerable to privacy breaches and how ethical tech can combat such problems. 
  5. Web3: This session is about understanding macroeconomic and socio-political factors impacting Web3 and tech intervention that can help dispel misconceptions surrounding blockchains, crypto, NFTs, and more. 
  6. DeepTech: This track casts a glance at tech in space science, medical science, and similar disciplines and how it can help us forge a unique future. 
  7. Food Tech: This session discusses the importance of tech in enabling an equitable and sustainable production, distribution, and consumption of food globally and its role in combating world hunger. 
  8. Scaling Up: Can tech help in responsible investing that can overcome the effects of the global economic downturn? What’s in store for start-ups in the future? This session is all about raising questions that matter and discussing answers to them. 
  9. Marketing & Advertising: This session looks at developing and deploying tech to enable marketers and advertisers to do better using minimal resources. 
  10. Building Future Societies: This track attempts to understand the role of tech in developing and futureproofing the social fabric in myriad ways, from education to housing, equitable income distribution, and more.
  11. Creator’s Economy, Gaming, & the Metaverse: Discover how tech shapes the latest creator and gaming economy trends in this exciting session. 

In addition to these knowledge sessions, Viva Technology is also going to be hosting four C-level summits, including: 

  1. The HR Summit on June 14th 
  2. The CDO Summit on June 15th 
  3. The CMO Summit on June 16th 
  4. The CTO Summit on June 16th 

As you can discern, this year’s conference schedule looks better than ever. Don’t miss out on Viva Technology if you want to catch the experts talking about the pervasive role tech has and continues to play in every aspect of our lives. 

What to Expect From VivaTech 2023. Is it Worth it? 

Viva Technology is one of the world’s most influential networking and knowledge-sharing events. Thanks to its scale and outreach, it has established itself as a catalyst for business growth, tech innovation, and start-up revolution. 

It’s an annual confluence of tech’s influential and innovative minds dedicated to the greater cause of the common welfare. 

As Maurice Lévy, Chairman of the Speradvisory Board of Publicis Groupe, explains, “Viva Technology Paris is an opportunity to stage an event of global scope that will bring together all the important players in this field. It’s a great occasion for companies, the digital ecosystem, and France.” 

The event provides exhibitors a once-in-a-year opportunity to showcase their products and services to a well-discerning global audience. Given the number of attendees joining the show every year, it’s undoubtedly an unmissable opportunity. 

For sponsors, it’s an incredible platform to brand and market their products and watch out for their competitors. 

Last but not least, for the thought leaders of the tech industry, Viva Technology is a global platform to share their knowledge with the brightest minds of tech. In addition, it allows them to catch up with industry peers, exchange ideas, and inspire thought-provoking conversations centered around tech in common welfare. 

Is VivaTech worth it? 


Why Should I Attend Viva Technology 2023? 

But what about the event marketers who do not belong to the tech innovators and decision-makers category? Well, you still cannot miss out on VivaTech, because it offers the following: 

Networking Opportunities

It brings together the right people at the right time to facilitate business interactions and networking. From prospects to suppliers and future partners, find your tribe on the show floor as you unlock powerful conversations for driving change.  

VivaTech brings together participants from 100+ nationalities and has a social media outreach of 400 million. Imagine the number of opportunities you can unlock by attending the event in person.

Accessibility to Innovation 

Are you scouting for your company’s next big tech-based product or solution? Explore what the 2,000+ start-ups have on offer. The event brings together early-stage start-ups, unicorns, and centaurs to display their best, including never-seen-before solutions that may revolutionize companies’ operations. 

Get a chance to discover and partner up with start-ups on the show floor. 

Get an overview of the tech industry’s evolution and what’s in store for the future. Take part in exciting conversations that discuss upcoming tech trends and their impact on various industries. Discover how these changes can impact your company and find fresh ideas to futureproof your business operations. 

Branding and Marketing Opportunity 

Attending an event of this scale and recognition also doubles up as a fantastic opportunity to put your brand under the spotlight. Mingle and market your brands to the best in business. You can also position yourself as a thought leader in the industry and be a game changer for your company. 

So, if you are on the fence about attending this year’s VivaTech, carefully consider what you can achieve in just four days. The answer will become evident to you. 

If you need more information to convince your management, check out Viva Tech updates on Vendelux. 

Attendee Data: Learn Who’s Attending Viva Technology 2023 and Prepare For it 

But what if you’re not an attendee and plan on exhibiting at the show? According to our latest database, here are some insights on attendees: 

  • 47% of C-suite decision-makers 
  • 44% of founders and management leads
  • 19% VPs and Directors will be in attendance.

In addition, you can expect to meet clients from the software, management consulting, and finance industries.

Nicholas Thompson, CEO of The Atlantic; Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI, World Economic Forum; Des Traynor, Co-founder, Intercom, and others are expected to be present at the show. 

You can also meet with more than 1,700 investors and leading venture capitalists, including: 

  • Accel 
  • Balderton
  • Cathay Innovation 
  • Eurazio 
  • GV 
  • Iconiq
  • Softbank 
  • Porsche Ventures 
  • and many others

From becoming an investor who helps scale your business or providing long-term financial support, Viva Technology attendees are diverse people who can cater to most of your needs. 

You must put your best foot forward since you will meet such an eclectic group of attendees. Here’s how you can prepare for your meetings at the show: 

Practice Your Pitch 

Given the event’s magnitude, your attendees will end up interacting with many of your competitors along with you at the show. So you need to make sure to leave an impression. And only a great pitch can help you achieve that goal. 

Plan your pitch and create one that is unique, appealing, and has an outright selling point. 

Research and data-backed pitches that are conversational yet provide ample clarity about your offering are usually the ones that work well. In a competitive environment, you need to be smart about your pitch. Do everything you can to impress your attendees from the get-go, and prepare a pitch before you land in Paris.  

Communicate With Clarity 

Since we have already established that the show is about making impressions, brush up on your communication skills. Well-informed and engaging conversations can powerfully impact the people you’re conversing with. Since this is, for the most part, a networking gala, communication is critical. 

Be polite yet assertive, and choose your words wisely.

You can hone your communication skills in the month leading up to the event to perform your best on D-day. 

Carry Your Collaterals 

This one is non-negotiable. Carry all your sales and marketing collateral that you may need during the show. Remember to stock up on your supplies, lest you run out of them. Nothing is worse than fostering new relationships with nothing to support your claims.  

Providing your sales and marketing collateral can also help you stay on the top of the mind of people you interact with on the event days. 

Be Open and Inviting 

To everyone, even your competitors. Having a good attitude speaks volumes about your work ethic. In a high-energy environment like VivaTech, it’s important to be professionally amiable. 

You do not need to be condescending to others, even if they are your competitors. Instead, use this event as an opportunity to review your competitors. You may even explore the possibility of partnering with them. 

Things to Consider When Registering For Viva Technology 2023

The event organizers offer four passes of varying costs and benefits to anyone who wishes to attend the show, depending on who you are.

Start-up Pass 

Cost: €280 + Taxes 

Validity: 4 Days 


  • In-person access to the main event in Paris 
  • In-person access to all conferences 
  • Badge scanning with the show’s mobile app 
  • Online access to networking sessions and meetings 
  • Attend conferences virtually along with the scope of interaction 
  • Take an online tour of the exhibition hall 

Attendee Pass 

Cost: €620 + Taxes 

Validity: 4 Days 


  • All the benefits of the start-up pass 
  • You may also secure an additional 20-30% discount on group bookings of 3 or more people 

Investor Pass 

Cost: €790 + Taxes 

Validity: 4 Days 


  • All benefits of the start-up pass 
  • Priority access 
  • Enriched list of all participating start-ups 
  • Access to an exclusive VC lounge 
  • Invitation to an exclusive VC night 

C-level Summit Pass 

Cost: €1990 + Taxes 

Validity: 4 Days 


  • All benefits of the start-up pass 
  • Priority access 
  • Enriched list of all participating start-ups 
  • Access to the exclusive C-Level Summit lounge
  • Invitation to the C-Level Summit side events
  • 2 hours of content on the VivaTech main stages
  • 3 hours of workshops and roundtable discussions in a private lounge
  • 1 hour of selected start-up pitches
  • Networking breakfast & lunch

Although the attendee passes are open for all to purchase, the show organizers can cancel any registration at anytime if there are compliance issues. Please carefully consider which pass to purchase depending on eligibility criteria. 

How Do I Plan For Viva Technology 2023, and What Do I Do After the Event? 

If you’re considering joining Viva Technology 2023, here’s how you can get started: 

Make a Budget 

Whether you’re a start-up, event marketer, investor, or CXO — you need to plan your spending. For example, if you’re a start-up, you must set aside a budget for your marketing collateral or any sample products you may want to gift to your prospects. Similarly, you must account for any side event you want to host with all the attendees. 

Apart from the registration fee, budget for how much you want to spend on the event and for what purpose. 

Every decision you finalize must have an acceptable ROI. Otherwise, you may spend a ton of money without getting results. 

Draw Up an Itinerary 

There is a lot to do in very little time, and no matter how enthusiastic you are about VivaTech, you cannot participate in everything. Look at the show schedule and mark the events you want to attend without fail. That way, you can be productive and use your time at the show judiciously. 

Pack Like a Pro 

Viva Technology is a formal business event; you must dress for the occasion. Pack all the essential clothing and footwear you need during the show’s four days. 

Do not overlook your business needs either: Pack ample business cards, brochures, and everything else you may need for networking. 

Carry Backup 

The last thing you need is for something to go wrong on the show floor. So it’s best to carry a backup of all your presentations on HDD and in print. Ensure your mobile hotspot has enough data to sustain your show day needs in case the venue WiFi fails you.  

Once the event is over, explore the beautiful city of Paris, because there’s a lot to do. 

  • Visit the Eiffel Tower, which is located a stone’s throw (well, almost) away from the venue, and cruise down the Seine 
  • Catch a play or a show at Le Théo-Théâtre
  • Take a peaceful walk under the beautiful floral arches of Square du Clos Feuquieres
  • Book a Paris Segway Tour and explore the city up close and with personal 
  • Catch a meal or indulge yourself in fine French patisserie at any of the many restaurants in Porte de Versailles 

Paris is a traveler’s delight. Take your pick from the many activities it offers to complete your Viva Technology trip. 

Tips When Traveling to Viva Technology 2023 + Hotels

June is a great time to visit Paris, with temperatures ranging from 24°C in the daytime to 15°C at night. But since it’s summertime in Paris, the city is usually brimming with local and foreign visitors. So remember to book your flight tickets and make hotel reservations days ahead of VivaTech. 

It’s best to have a preliminary knowledge of spoken French to navigate the city without much fuss. 

Ensure all your legal documents are on your person at all times, especially if you are traveling from a different country. 

Apart from that, you can head to the booking section on the Viva Technology website to get the best deals on hotels and flights. 

VivaTech has partnered with Revolugo to provide various accommodation options close to the venue. You can drop them an email for group bookings and tour packages. 

In addition, you can also avail of up to 15% discount on Air France, KLM, and all of their code-shared flights traveling to Paris. 

Use code 39762AF to avail the discount on bookings made between the 6th to 25th of June 2023. 

Summary: Careful Planning Can Make a Big Difference When You Go to Viva Technology 2023

Attending in-person events is always a time and budget-intensive affair. If you’re an event marketer looking forward to Viva Technology 2023, the first step is to convince your management that the event is worth every penny invested. 

To help make your case compelling, we provide event intelligence for global conferences, trade shows, and more.

Get the best-in-class event intelligence on all major global tech eventsB2B eventsmarketing events, and more. Our AI-driven approach to event data can help you choose the right event to attend. So, if you’re an event marketer seeking assistance, register yourself on Vendelux today. 

Pre-planning your visit can ensure you make the most productive use of your time, and the investment your company makes has a high ROI. Get started with our all-inclusive guide today.

Discover the Attendees & Sponsors Who Will be at Viva Tech 2023


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Co-founder and COO of Vendelux, the leading AI platform for event marketers and conference organizers.

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