Vendelux Data Processing Agreement

A data processing agreement is a legally binding contract that states the rights and obligations of Vendelux Inc. (acting as a data processor) and your company (acting as a data controller) concerning the protection of personal data. It completes Vendelux’s Terms of Service and applies to personal data processing activities subject to GDPR.

In accordance with GDPR Article 28, Section 3, our data processing agreement includes assurances that:

  • Vendelux agrees to process personal data only on written instructions of your company.
  • Everyone who comes into contact with data at Vendelux is sworn to confidentiality.
  • Vendelux uses appropriate technical and organizational measures are used to protect the security of the data.
  • Vendelux will not subcontract to another processor unless instructed to do so in writing by your company, in which case another DPA will need to be signed with the sub-processor (pursuant to Sections 2 and 4 of Article 28).
  • Vendelux will help your company uphold its obligations under the GDPR, particularly concerning data subjects’ rights.
  • Vendelux will help your company maintain GDPR compliance with regard to Article 32 (security of processing) and Article 36 (consulting with the data protection authority before undertaking high-risk processing).

Last updated: June 13, 2022