Snowflake Summit 2023: The Ultimate Guide


Snowflake Summit

The 2023 Snowflake Summit is on the way!

2023 has witnessed a strong resurgence for in-person events, despite businesses and event marketers learning to accept and value digital events after the recent COVID-19 revolutionized event marketing strategies in nearly every sector vertical.

With so many events to select from, marketing teams must be more careful when deciding which ones are worthwhile attending and allocating money for them. To accomplish this, these marketers must assess which events have offered the most chances to talk to individuals and generate B2B leads through networking possibilities.

One issue that many businesses are interested in is data. For many companies, data is critical to the success of businesses, and cloud computing has transformed how data is stored, managed, and analyzed. One event that attracts industry leaders who work with data is Snowflake Summit 2023. Check out this guide for tips and information about Snowflake Summit 2023 and how to make the most of the conference to drive leads and deliver a positive ROI.  

What is Snowflake Summit 2023?

Snowflake Summit is an annual conference organized by Snowflake, a cloud-based data warehousing company. 

This standout tech event brings together Snowflake customers, partners, and data professionals worldwide to discuss the latest trends, best practices, and innovations in the data industry. 

At the four-day Snowflake Summit, attendees can attend keynote speeches, technical sessions, and hands-on training sessions to learn more about Snowflake’s products and services and how to use them to achieve their business goals. Additionally, the event offers networking opportunities, collaborating and engaging with industry experts, Snowflake executives, and other attendees to share ideas and gain insights on the latest trends in the data industry.

When and Where is Snowflake Summit 2023 taking place?

Snowflake Summit will occur at the Caesars Forum Conference Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, on June 26 – 29, 2023.

Las Vegas has been the chosen location for Snowflake Summit since it returned to in-person events after a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19. Before the pandemic, the 2019 Snowflake Summit took place in San Francisco. 

Who goes to Snowflake Summit 2023?

Snowflake Summir 2023 will converge:

  • CxOs,
  • Business and technical leaders, 
  • IT and database administrators,
  • Architects,
  • Analysts,
  • Data engineers,
  • Data scientists,
  • Software developers, 
  • Security practitioners, 
  • Product leaders,
  • DevOps engineers etc.

The Summit will be an opportunity to meet and collaborate with thousands of individuals and organizations that comprise the Data Cloud.

Who will be speaking at Snowflake Summit 2023?

Snowflake Summit 2023 will host approximately 12,000 customers, 200 partners, and hundreds of industry and Snowflake technology and data experts. Speakers from various industry verticals related to data will present crucial insights and hold sessions to draw peers and potential partners. The key speakers include:

  • Frank Slootman, CEO, Snowflake
  • Benoit Dageville, President of Products, Snowflake
  • Allison Lee, Sr. Director, Engineering, Snowflake
  • Christian Kleinerman, SVP, Product Management, Snowflake

What kind of sessions are there at Snowflake Summit 2023?

There will be ten tracks and over 250 sessions with over 200 partners at Snowflake Summit 2023. There is a mix of session formats. Breakout sessions are 40 minutes. There also will be 20-minute theater sessions in the Expo Hall.

In these sessions, you can learn how to access, build, and monetize data, tools, models, and apps in previously unthinkable ways by attending Snowflake Summit 2023. In this Summit, you can learn how to alter almost every area of your organization and enable seamless alignment and communication across these essential tasks in the Data Cloud.

At Snowflake Summit 2023, you’ll learn from hundreds of technical, data, and business professionals about what’s possible for you and your company in a world of data cooperation and the newest developments coming to the Data Cloud.

Here are some of the highlighted events available at Snowflake Summit 2023:

Summit Breakout tracks

Choose sessions from 11 tracks highlighting the Data Cloud’s technical and commercial capabilities and advantages across industries, departmental use cases, and essential data workloads. Learn from Snowflake experts, clients, and partners during these sessions via executive panels, technical deep dives, hands-on labs, and other activities.

The eleven tracks can be broken down into:

Updates about Snowflake

Attendees can discover the most recent capabilities and features, from new use cases to platform-core improvements unveiled at Summit keynotes, and how they can utilize them. Attendees can reevaluate what is feasible for their company and Snowflake by attending these workshops.

Industry impact

This breakout track is a perfect opportunity to join senior IT and business executives and industry experts as they detail industry use cases enabled by the Data Cloud. This provides valuable tips and knowledge into how leaders discover and use previously unattainable insights to address business challenges, understand and serve their customers and create new business opportunities. 

Operating and Optimizing Snowflake

Discover how to effectively and easily support various data workloads, data kinds, and personas with the Data Cloud while guaranteeing data security and governance, architecting a resilient future, and much more. Attendees can also learn how Snowflake’s fully managed platform, which features near-instantaneous and unlimited elasticity and optimized storage, is constantly being refined for pricing and performance to help customers maximize economic value.

Modern Data Architectures

Attendees can discover how the Data Cloud supports a variety of architectural patterns, including data lake, data mesh, and others, to support current and future data initiatives from Snowflake product experts, customers, and partners. Also, this session will show how to combine legacy on-premises and cloud systems to save money, make room for new workloads, and shorten the time it takes to gain insight.

Data Engineering

Attendees and Snowflake customers can join to demonstrate how to create data pipelines that are quicker, more dependable, and more secure to optimize performance, empower data teams, and increase productivity. This is a chance to learn about the most recent product advancements for the Data Cloud, including Snowpark, streaming pipelines, declarative pipelines, observability, and other new features revealed at Summit.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Organizations must put feature pipelines and models into production to extract the most value from data using machine learning (ML). This track lets attendees learn how the Data Cloud enables data teams to cooperatively develop and implement scalable and repeatable processes for feature engineering, model training, model inference, and other tasks by joining industry peers and Snowflake product specialists.


Using the data, services, and apps offered on Snowflake Marketplace will enable firms to break down data silos within their business ecosystem and develop more data-driven solutions. Attendees can learn about the most recent product advancements that make privacy-preserving cooperation across geographies and clouds and monetizing their data and apps easier to deploy than ever before. 

Application development

Attendees can learn how to create high-performance apps, select a model for deploying them, and utilize the many features offered by the Data Cloud to hasten time to market, scale their applications, and expand their company. This is a chance to discover the best practices for designing, developing, optimizing, and deploying contemporary apps in the Data Cloud from product leaders, developers, customers, and partners.

Accelerating analytics

For your organization, is reducing time to insight a top priority? This track teaches attendees how to utilize Snowflake for low-latency analytics, including embedded analytical applications, search analytics, interactive dashboards, and geographic analytics, from Snowflake product specialists and industry colleagues.


A vast amount of security data must be mobilized to protect a corporation that relies heavily on the cloud. Attendees can discover how security teams may obtain insight across a large canvas of data to identify potential threats, their sources, and their modes of attack. Customers, partners, and security specialists from Snowflake will demonstrate how to use the Data Cloud to enable your security data lake for various use cases.

Marketing Analytics

Data fragmentation doesn’t have to be a hindrance for marketers anymore. This track reveals how the Data Cloud enables marketing and sales teams to work from a single source of truth, create detailed 360-degree customer insights to deliver improved experiences, maximize return on marketing and advertising spending, and promote long-term success. Attendees can learn to use the Data Cloud to use the modern marketing data stack from Snowflake customers, partners, and marketing professionals.

Hands-on labs

Don’t miss the hands-on labs at Summit if you’re the sort to learn best by doing. Examine actual situations while spending time with knowledgeable instructors. You will get access to helpful step-by-step lab guides that describe how to use Snowflake and partner technologies during the 120-minute-long labs. Learn how to optimize workloads and use cases, address all your queries, and sharpen your technical abilities.


The SnowPro Core Certification demonstrates an individual’s knowledge to apply core expertise in implementing and migrating to Snowflake.

Attendees can receive certifications at the Snowflake summit. There are several certifications available. These include:

SnowPro Core Certification

SnowPro™ Core Certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to apply specific core expertise in implementing and migrating to Snowflake.

SnowPro Advanced Certification

The SnowPro Advanced exams test advanced Snowflake knowledge and skills. The SnowPro Advanced Certifications available at Summit include: 

  • SnowPro Advanced: Architect Certification 
  • SnowPro Advanced: Data Engineer Certification 
  • SnowPro Advanced: Data Scientist Certification 
  • SnowPro Advanced: Administrator Certification 
  • SnowPro Advanced: Data Analyst Certification

SnowPro recertification exams

Recertification exams are shortened exams and are a way for certified candidates to maintain their status with Snowflake. The recertification exams available at Summit include: 

  • SnowPro Core Recertification
  • SnowPro Advanced: Architect Recertification
  • SnowPro Advanced: Data Engineer Recertification 
  • SnowPro Advanced: Data Scientist Recertification

Pre-event training

On Monday, June 26, there will be pre-event training. This is an opportunity for attendees to profit from a full day of intensive instruction, including lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on laboratories. Snowflake’s expert instructors will guide you through several hands-on scenarios by helping you architect, understand, and build with the most up-to-date technique, features, and best practices. Snowflake also offers two training classes to accommodate both new and experienced Snowflake users. At an additional cost of $1,000, participants can choose between attending:

New to Snowflake? You can take a VIP tour of Snowflake by using Build Your Bridge to the Snowflake Data Cloud. It is the ideal option for professionals who need a concentrated hands-on introduction to Snowflake in this highly interactive course.

Advanced experience with Snowflake? A fast-paced class designed for seasoned Snowflake users, these sessions will help you develop your working knowledge of the platform and broaden your understanding of Snowflake. Here is your chance to become fully acquainted with every feature added to the Snowflake Data Cloud during the previous 12 months.

How much does it cost to register for Snowflake Summit 2023?

Snowflake Summit has different pricing tiers depending on when tickets are purchased. The Super Early Bird tickets have already expired, but three pricing tiers remain. These are:

  • Early Bird – February 1, 2023 – April 2023 – $1,995
  • Regular – May 1, 2023 – June 23, 2023 – $2,195
  • At the Door – June 16, 2023 – June 29, 2023, $2,395

If you are a large group planning to go to Snowflake Summit, group pricing is offered for ticket bundles of 10+, 20+, and 30+. All major credit cards are accepted for registration payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover).

If there is a cancellation request, it must be submitted in writing to 11:59 p.m. PT must receive cancellation notices on Friday, May 26, 2023, and you will receive a full refund. 

What to expect from Snowflake Summit 2023. Is it worth it?

As one of the tech sector’s most significant events, Snowflake Summit brings together key technology leaders and experts to discuss cloud data management and analytics issues. 

The Snowflake Summit offers guests a fantastic chance to learn about the most recent developments and trends in the sector, hear from thought leaders, and network with colleagues and possible business partners. The Snowflake Summit also provides insightful information and practical takeaways that will help you advance your data management and analytics techniques, whether you’re a data analyst, data engineer, data scientist, or business intelligence expert.

Why should I attend Snowflake Summit 2023?

There are several reasons why businesses should consider attending Snowflake Summit 2023. Here are five of them:

Valuable networking opportunities

Snowflake Summit 2023 can bring together major industry leaders in data management. This opens up multiple opportunities to connect with peers and potential partners and drive your business further even after the conference ends. Whether you’re a data analyst, data engineer, data scientist, or business intelligence professional, the Snowflake Summit offers priceless insights and actionable takeaways that can help you improve your data management and analytics practices. 

Priceless learning and development 

With so many expert-led sessions, Snowflake Session attendees can stay up-to-date with the latest data trends, analytical techniques, and tools to improve their data management and analytics practices. With this, they can learn about innovations to the Data Clouds regarding data engineering, data lakes, data warehouses, data science, data applications, data collaboration, cybersecurity, and Unistore. 

 Some of the world’s leading figures in data management will deliver masterclasses and exclusive content. 

In-person market research

Snowflake Session 2023 draws professionals handling enormous data from various businesses. With hundreds of firms expected to attend or participate, the conference is an excellent opportunity to gauge how your business stacks up against rivals and colleagues. Attending can help you identify any holes in your marketing and business plan.

Exposure to new ideas

Snowflake Summit brings together people from a wide scope of industries, providing exposure to different ideas and perspectives. This can inspire attendees to think outside the box and apply innovative solutions to their data management and analytics challenges. 

Side events can also make a big difference

There will be many chances to network at Snowflake Summit 2023. Taking advantage of the succession of events that follow the final talks is recommended. Businesses should first understand their target audience before developing a plan with event intelligence to select the best events to attend.

With this strategy, marketing, and sales representatives can go to smaller, more specialized events to meet the kind of industry peers and potential business partners they want to meet. By elaborating a shortlist of 2-3 people for each specific side-event, marketers, and business representatives can target these potential clients and build a relationship with them that can turn into potential leads. 

Can Snowflake Summit 2023 improve business plans?

One benefit of attending Snowflake Summit 2023 is the quantity and quality of information and insights that participants may take. But the majority of marketers will also be looking for networking opportunities. Snowflake and Las Vegas provide the perfect environment for conducting business, making agreements, and forming alliances. Even after the event, Las Vegas offers a variety of locations and private events that provide the ideal setting for marketers, sales teams, and prospective clients to network and grow their businesses.

Marketers are usually conditioned by KPIs and must measure the success of their campaigns to justify their budget spending. They cannot leave Snowflake Summit and Las Vegas without any leads. Instead, they must ensure they plan and invest wisely into researching and attending events that can provide a positive ROI. 

The sheer number of networking events available makes it likely that some leads may arise from meetings and key sessions within Snowflake Summit. However, other priceless ways exist to drive leads while in Las Vegas. 

Attendee Data: Learn Who’s Attending and Prepare for it

Businesses that deploy event intelligence can reap higher benefits beyond the meetings already available at Snowflake Summit. 

Event intelligence predicts who will attend or sponsor the next events using first-party data from past events, real-time monitoring, and AI predictive modeling. These guests can participate in Las Vegas side events and may not just attend Snowflake Summit. Marketing teams may plan effectively if they leverage this information by knowing who will be present, where, and when. In order to meet their KPIs and target prospects, they can utilize this data to plan which event to attend and what time to arrive.

Marketers need to leverage data as part of their marketing strategy to fully benefit from the wide range of opportunities available in Las Vegas to gain valuable results. It seems almost poetic that marketers are better off incorporating a data-driven approach to event marketing to make the most of one of the world’s biggest data management events. This way, marketers can ensure that attending the event is worth the investment. 

Consequently, marketing teams can have a clear map of who will be where and

can make data-driven decisions about what events to attend to reach their KPIs and where their ideal prospects may be.

How to prepare for Snowflake Summit 2023

Deciding to attend Snowflake Summit 2023 is an important step to growing your lead portfolio, but it requires preparation. Here are some tips when preparing for your trip:

Plan well in advance for the event

Start making plans as soon as you decide to attend Snowflake Summit 2023. This entails gathering and getting ready all the necessary papers and tools. As soon as you know you’re going, you may start organizing your meeting and making hotel reservations and other travel arrangements. Getting information on who will attend particular events and developing the best pitch for when you need to start networking are two other essential early steps.

Bring your business cards

Meeting peers and colleagues at Snowflake Summit 2023 will be a valuable experience. Don’t forget to carry plenty of business cards so you can give them to as many potential clients and networking partners as you desire. 

Prepare for hot weather, but bring a jacket

Las Vegas is peculiar in that its desert climate means that during the long June days, the temperatures can rise, but the minimum temperature at night can be quite mild, so a light jacket won’t be a bad idea if you plan to be out until late.  

Pick a suitable place for your meetings

Las Vegas is a networking haven. The city has several cafes and restaurants where people can meet and form connections. Another option is to invest in reputable private meeting spaces, such as suites if funds are available. That might provide a stronger, more credible impression.

Use event intelligence to identify the best side events

There will be many chances to build your network at Snowflake Summit 2023. To do so, however, you need to make the most of the small events that are taking place in Las Vegas. This can be done by:

  • Shortlisting your target audience,
  • Leveraging event intelligence to create a detailed plan
  • Attending smaller events that have the kind of audience you need to drive leads and develop quality partnerships. 


Leverage Attendee data: discover who is attending an event and prepare for it. 

Vendelux already has Snowflake Summit 2023 attendee data with information on attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors going to Las Vegas for the event. This information lets you analyze the kind of audience who will be at the event. For now, the audience includes:

  • 67% of peers with professional seniority,
  • 11% are C-suite executives,
  • 22% are VPs and Directors.

Attending the event can offer you leads and partnership chances that can produce a positive ROI.

Where to stay when traveling to Snowflake Summit 2023

Once management approves the trip and the dates for Snowflake Summit 2023 are set, choosing the ideal hotel is the next step. Las Vegas offers various hotels to accommodate a range of needs and price points. But choosing where to stay might be difficult because there are many possibilities.

Fortunately, Snowflake collaborates with a list of hotels on Las Vegas Boulevard. Registered attendees may access special discounted rates at the following hotels:

Caesars Palace: A ten-minute walk from the Forum, with rates between $209 – $299, this hotel has an incidental deposit policy of $100 daily.

Harrah’s Las Vegas. Located 5 minutes from Caesars Forum, rates are $199 with incidental deposit policies at $50 per day. 

The Linq Hotel. A seven-minute walk from Caesars Forum, this hotel has rates of $169 and $50 daily incidental deposits.

Paris Las Vegas: An 18-minute walk from the Forum, rates cost $199 with a daily incidental deposit of $50. 

The current rates are for two guests in a room. These rates do not include the resort fee ($28.35) and hotel occupancy tax, currently 13.38%

Harry Reid International Airport, 3 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, offers daily flights, including non-stop service from 120 U.S. cities and one-stop connections to hundreds more. Taxis, charters, ridesharing services, and public transportation are all accessible for airport transportation.

Summary: Careful planning can make a difference when you go to Snowflake Summit 2023

For many companies, Snowflake Summit 2023 is a landmark occasion. Its distinctive sense of community unites the tech and data management sector and offers practically limitless chances for businesses to coincide and make connections. This year’s events can provide new cooperation opportunities, unique experiences, and insights into emerging technologies to help your company reach new heights in innovation and technology.

The C-suite must assist you financially and with resources to attend these events. Management will expect these investments to yield profitable returns. Businesses should take advantage of the face-to-face networking chances within and outside Caesars Forum.

Prepare and organize yourself for the city’s numerous after-parties and post-event networking events to make the most of the occasion and your trip to Las Vegas. To do this, it is best to research the relevant sessions to your company and locate all available networking possibilities at Snowflake Summit 2023. Make a list of the people you want to meet, collect the necessary Snowflake 2023 attendance data, and use this information to gain insights into the people you want to network with.

Event intelligence has become a key tool for companies trying to generate leads and increase sales. Companies can gain a deeper understanding of their target market, find promising leads, and develop more efficient marketing plans by utilizing data and insights from events. Ultimately, this may result in higher sales, better client connections, and ongoing business expansion.

With planning and the best use of insights, you can enjoy Snowflake Summit 2023 and deliver lead-generation opportunities and a positive ROI for your company. 

Discover the Attendees & Sponsors Who Will be at Snowflake Summit 2023


Stefan Deeran

Co-founder and COO of Vendelux, the leading AI platform for event marketers and conference organizers.

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