Shoptalk 2023: The Ultimate Guide


Shoptalk 2023

After a recent lull in in-person events worldwide, COVID restrictions have finally hit the pause button allowing big events to take off again, opening opportunities for people to interact, have fun, learn and drive business all in one.

Even the pandemic hasn’t stopped e-commerce and retail events from recovering and reestablishing themselves as crucial meeting points for industry leaders who want to share the latest trends and innovations. If anything, COVID-19 accelerated the use of e-commerce worldwide, making it more important to keep up with new trends and practices. 

 An event that will attest to this re-emergence is Shoptalk 2023

Shoptalk 2023 is Likely to Overcome Shoptalk 2022’s Impressive Numbers.

As the leading U.S. event for retail and e-commerce, Shoptalk 2022 was the most significant event in its history. The event, which occurred from March 27-30 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, exceeded 2019 pre-pandemic levels. A record-setting attendance turned up to prove that the industry has successfully rebounded from the turbulence brought upon by the pandemic and subsequent corporate travel bans.

Expectations are now higher than ever for Shoptalk 2023. With in-person events surging, this year’s Shoptalk event is set to become a new benchmark for retail and e-commerce events. 

Want to know more? Get ready for Shoptalk 2023 with our guide to whys, wheres, what, and hows to make the most of this event. 

What is Shoptalk?

Founded in 2015 by Anil D. Aggarwal and Simran Rekhi Aggarwal, Shoptalk is probably the retail industry’s biggest event. Held annually in Las Vegas, Shoptalk gathers companies and individuals from around the globe to learn, network, collaborate, and evolve. Under this event, large retailers, branded manufacturers, startups, tech companies, investors, and media coincide with reshaping how consumers discover products, shop, and buy. 

Shoptalk is organized by an Advisory Board representing established leaders from a diverse range of businesses and functions. They guide the event to make it an unforgettable experience.

Consequently, today Shoptalk is one of the most important events to understand how retail and e-commerce have evolved and new breakaway technologies and strategies that are redefining the industry. Representatives from the world’s biggest retail brands meet to do business, connect with new partners, and learn more about the sector. This makes Shoptalk a crucial feature in every event marketing strategy.  

When and Where is Shoptalk 2023?

Shoptalk will be held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on March 26-29, 2023. 

How Many Shoptalk Events Are There?

You may have noticed several Shoptalk events if you’ve heard of Shoptalk. To be precise, there are Shoptalk retail events spread across the year. All of them have their perks. Here, we will briefly describe each one.

Shoptalk: Las Vegas: 23-30 March, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

The standout event in retail and e-commerce in the U.S. This guide will provide all the information you need to attend the event in Las Vegas in March 2023. Over 270 senior-level speakers will share their knowledge and expertise on topics spanning the latest in marketing and e-commerce to physical stores, supply chains, and merchandising. 

Shoptalk Europe: 9-11 May, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona

Shoptalk is a global event, so, normally, there is also outreach in Europe. After launching in 2022, Shoptalk Europe will return to Fire Gran Via in Barcelona in May 2023. After the success of Shoptalk Europe 2022, the event will be the focal point for European trailblazers to reimagine the future of the retail industry. 

Over 3500 attendees are expected to attend the event, including nearly 950 C-level executives. Additionally, over 175 industry experts will take center stage to reveal all the latest updates, opportunities, and trends in the sector. 

If you can’t visit the Shoptalk in Las Vegas and prefer to visit the event in Barcelona, you can find tickets here

Shoptalk Meetup for Women

The re-emergence of in-person events does not mean that digital events have fallen off the radar. Shoptalk Meetup for Women is a unique online meeting and collaboration event that unites a large group within the retail industry for double opt-in meetings and small group discussions. 

The event provides a one-of-a-kind networking experience that connects thousands of customers, partners, and prospects. These attendees can join curated meetings, liaise and connect with peers and collaborate in meetup events. 

With over 1,000 women across retail categories looking to connect through meetings and small peer group discussions, this is an ideal scenario to connect with other women in the retail community for new business opportunities, partnerships, professional development, and more. To join the waitlist, you can click here

Shoptalk Fall Meetup

Neither a webinar nor a virtual conference, Shoptalk Fall describes itself as a tech-enabled meeting and collaboration event. Change-makers in retail are brought together in a digital forum to guarantee meetups, double opt-in gatherings, and table talks. 

Attendees, for example, can participate in 15-minute double opt-in speed date video meetings with a wide variety of peers, such as retailers and brands to large solution providers, disruptive startups, potential partners, prospective investors, and more. There are also interactive table talks. Here, small peer groups of five to eight participants join for 55-minute discussions to address the most pressing challenges and opportunities in retail.

Shoptalk Fall Meetup is an ideal way to engage with peers in a friendly and open environment with over 1,300 participants from the retail ecosystem. Click here to sign up. 

Who goes to Shoptalk?

Thousands of professionals attend Shoptalk each year to learn, collaborate and plan the future of the retail industry. These attendees represent almost 3,000 established retailers and brands, startups, big tech companies, investors, real estate operators, media, Wall Street analyst firms, and more. 

This includes attendees from varied seniority, including VPs, C-level executives, Managers, Founders, and Directors from established companies and startups. All these attendees come to learn more about the retail industry, making Shoptalk 2023 an absolute must-see for anyone in the sector looking to connect and build relationships in what is the ideal B2B lead-generation scenario. 

What Kind of Sponsors and Exhibitions Will There be at Shoptalk 2023?

More than 650 companies exhibit and sponsor at Shoptalk every year. Shoptalk 2023 will be no different. As the year’s most important retail conference, multiple technology companies and providers know this is a perfect scenario to reach out to a qualified international audience. Shoptalk’s exhibit hall will feature over 400 exhibitors in addition to the Hosted Retailers & Brands Program, which will facilitate over 15,000 meetings, or the event’s onsite Meetup, which will facilitate over 50,000 meetings. 

Some of the sponsors are the most prominent players in the tech industry. This includes Meta, Google, Adobe, Salesforce, SAP, Bank of America, and more. 

Shoptalk sponsors can arrange hosted meetings, invitation-only dinners with retailers and brands, and other networking opportunities. 

What Are The Main Events and Sessions at Shoptalk 2023?

Shoptalk unites thousands of retail trailblazers every year. The sessions and agenda at the event cover new trends, technologies, and business models. They are a central forum to evaluate the rapid transformation of customer journeys across all retail verticals. Shoptalk’s agenda promises insights you won’t find anywhere else. 

Along with the over 275 senior-level speakers and industry leaders participating in Shoptalk 2023, there will be new content to show at this event. The brand new Shoptalk Original Content, including independent research and data, and the Shoptalk Retail Zeitgeist, will provide knowledge and insights to understand the challenges and opportunities in retail today. 

Sessions will vary depending on which tracks you are, but you can find insights and case studies on issues like meeting heightened customer experience; retail innovation; e-commerce innovation; boosting operational efficiencies; digital and omnichannel retail experiences; next-gen brands; future-proofing the supply chain; the present and future of marketing, and unlocking new growth opportunities, among others. 

There will be key sessions from industry leaders like Lisa Collier, Chief Product Officer at Under Armour; Samir Desai, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Abercrombie & Fitch Co; Parth Raval, Chief Growth Officer at PepsiCo; Michael Fiddelke, Chief Financial Officer at Target; Marc Mastronardi, Chief Stores Officer at Macy’s; Carole Diarra, Global VP Marketing, at UGG and more. 

CEOs and high-level speakers will also provide keynotes, including Bill Ready, CEO at Pinterest; Chip Bergh, CEO and President at Levis Strauss; Judith McKenna, CEO, and President at Walmart; Mary Dillon, CEO and President at Footlocker and much more. 

Attending CEOs will be invited to participate in exclusive onsite experiences, including specially curated content and networking opportunities. 

What’s New About Shoptalk 2023?

While the agenda hasn’t been finalized yet, the main structure has been set, and key themes have been underlined. These include:

  • Next-Generation Retail Media Offerings
  • Ecommerce Customer Experience Improvements that Move the Needle
  • Providing Inspiration and Ease: Balancing Store Design Imperatives
  • Optimizing Between DTC and Wholesales Strategies
  • Building Resilience Into Global Supply Chains

However, brand new topics will also be introduced into Shoptalk 2023.

But we’re also shaking things up in 2023 with the introduction of all-new topics and approaches to learning. During the event, the current global economy will be a central issue. With inflation affecting consumer and business decisions, Shoptalk 2023 will feature a track called “Thriving in a Challenging Economy.” This track will explore today’s conflicting signals in the industry and showcase how executives plan to adapt their tactics and strategies for the current moment. 

Shoptalk will also delve into new marketing strategies and include a tactical look at live streaming and shoppable video content, opportunities around esports, gamification, NFTs, and virtual goods, along with immersive experiences in augmented reality, mixed, and virtual realities. 

ESG and DEI will also feature in many conversations at Shoptalk 2023. These issues will be integrated into vital topics across the agenda during the event. Shoptalk has also committed to featuring diverse voices in its agenda, achieving a 50-50 gender split among its speakers.

New Startup and Agency Pitch Sessions Will be Available.

Shoptalk’s Startup Pitch showcases early-stage retail tech solution providers. The Pitch format has been redesigned to make it more exciting. Now, there will be a two-round elimination process to ensure that the best candidate is crowned as the winner. 

Due to the success of the Startup Pitch, Shoptalk has introduced the Agency Pitch. These new sessions will feature a retailer or brand executive describing a challenge or an opportunity they usually face. From this, three agency or consultancy executives will respond with their ideas and proposals, providing valuable insights into how they tackle similar issues. 

More Workshops and Case Studies

Attendees like seeing successful case studies and taking part in workshop sessions. This is why Shoptalk 2023 will provide attendees with frameworks, tactics, and insights that participants can bring back home and implement at their businesses. 

More Time to Grow Your Network

Networking is a big deal. While the content available at Shoptalk is extremely valuable, so is the opportunity to grow relationships, partnerships, and prospects. This is why Shoptalk has opened an extra hour daily to network with their onsite Meetup. Here, attendees can meet in double opt-in sessions.

How Much Does it Cost to Register for Shoptalk 2023?

Registration for Shoptalk 2023 is now open. The earlier you register for the event, the more you save. Ticket holders have access to all features in Shoptalk, including sessions, the Shoptalk onsite Meetup program, networking events, breakfasts, lunches, exhibits, and receptions. 

Register for General Attendance Tickets

Currently, general attendance tickets are available for $3,300. This is currently 27% below the standard general rate of $4,500, so you can expect these prices to rise.

Register as an Exhibitor and Sponsor

Exhibitors and sponsors can register for $2,900 if the interested organization is a 2023 exhibitor or sponsor. Standard rates are set at $3,500.

Register as a Retailer and Brand

Retailers and brands can register for $2,250. To purchase tickets at this rate, you must be a direct employee of a company primarily in the direct-to-consumer business of online or physical retail or a branded consumer goods manufacturer. The usual rates are $2,500. 

However, some retailers and brands may qualify for complimentary Shoptalk tickets, plus up to $750 in hotel and travel reimbursement with Shoptalk’s Hosted Retailers & Brands Program, which is now part of their onsite Meetup. The reimbursement amount of $750 is the same regardless of whether you stay onsite at Mandalay Bay or offsite at any other hotel. This reimbursement is based on receipts submitted after the event. 

Qualified retailers and brands can also buy in bulk and save money. These retailers are eligible for discounted rates on bulk purchases of 3 or more tickets. These rates are based on individual purchases and cannot be combined with other transactions, including previous individual and bulk ticket purchases. All bulk purchases must also be paid in advance immediately following approval. Retailers and brands can apply for bulk ticket rates here

How Can You Become a Qualified Retailer and Brand?

Retailers and brands that want to qualify must follow some specific criteria. Firstly, these retailers and brands must be responsible for buying or evaluating retail or e-commerce technology and participate in up to eight 15-minute onsite meetings. If these retailers enroll on time, they can get the chance to pick the companies they want to meet from over 500 participating sponsors as part of Shoptalk’s double opt-in process. 

Register as an Investor

Investors can register for Shoptalk 2023 for $2,550. To qualify for this rate, attendees must be full-time employees of venture capital, private equity, or another investment fund in private or public securities. Standard rates are set at $2,880

Register as an Editorial Media and Sell-side Analysts

Editorial media and sell-side analysts can register for free for the event. All applications are subject to approval. 

Register as an Early-stage Startup

Early-stage startups founded up to two years before Shoptalk 2023 and raised less than $ 5 million in funding may be eligible for special startup rate tickets. These startups can register now for $1,050. 

Register as a Growth-stage Startup 

Growth-stage startups that have raised between $5-10 million in funding before Shoptalk may also be eligible for special startup rates. These startups can register for $1,625.

Register as a Student or Professor

Qualified students and professors currently enrolled or employed at a college or university may apply for Shoptalk’s discounted Student and Professor rate. The current rate is $1,050, with standard rates usually at $1,550.

Register as a Non-profit

Non-profits can register now for Shoptalk 2023 for $1,050. Standard rates are usually $1,550, and applications are subject to approval.

Register as an Employee in Transition

People who are fully employed but not receiving a salary and are looking for a new role can fill out a form and apply for free tickets, subject to approval. 

Other Terms and Conditions to Bear in Mind When Purchasing Tickets

There are some other terms and conditions that you should consider when purchasing tickets for Shoptalk 2023. These are detailed in the complete terms and condition guide here. However, the main ones to bear are that Shoptalk will not apply any discounts or special prices retroactively, so it is important to make the most of the offers when available. 

Additionally, tickets can be transferable to colleagues at any time up to issuance onsite, but they are not refundable and cannot be applied to future events. 

Where Can I Stay When Traveling to Shoptalk 2023?

If you are going to Shoptalk 2023, you will most likely need to find a hotel. With thousands of people planning to attend the event, there will be high competition for a room. However, you shouldn’t miss the chance to stay onsite. Shoptalk has secured room blocks at Mandalay Bay and Delano with preferential rates. All rooms must be booked by Friday, March 3, 2023. People are encouraged to book as early as possible, as rates may increase as the deadline closes. 

Qualified retailers and brands shouldn’t forget to leverage the reimbursement amount of $750 available at Mandalay Bay or offsite hotels. Shoptalk has reimbursed retailers and brands over $ 5 million in hotel and travel costs and provided free tickets with an additional $ 5 million. 

If you choose this option, be careful if hotel resellers or agents pose as official Shoptalk vendors. Third parties have informed Shoptalk of unauthorized communications to sponsors, attendees, and speakers for hotel room booking and attendee list sales.

Also, remember that Las Vegas has gaming regulations, so you must be at least 21 to make a reservation at hotel casinos. 

What Are the Benefits of attending Shoptalk 2023?

Shoptalk is a perfect scenario to discover all you need about retail. The biggest industry players attend to learn more about the industry and how it can change their business. However, its value goes beyond the quality of the content on show. It is also the ideal place for peers in the industry to coincide under the same roof in one B2B event and makes groundbreaking deals behind the scenes. 

Shoptalk’s organizers are aware of the importance of this and have added an extra hour a day for networking opportunities. With its industry-leading networking and collaboration programs, attendees can engage in small and large groups to share their messages and listen to other perspectives. Attendees can learn from peers and potential partners from a large and diverse audience. Shoptalk also deploys new technology to facilitate the engagement of peers in tens of thousands of double opt-in interactions. 

Consequently, many deals that are beneficial to your company can be made in situ. Other deals will also be made in private or during side events. 

What is Shoptalk’s Onsite Meetup?

In 2019, Shoptalk introduced its Hosted Retailers & Brands Program. This program facilitated retail industry meetings between solution providers and buyers. For Shoptalk 2023, the hosts have expanded their meetings with their onsite Meetup program. The Hosted Retailers & Brands program will also be included in this Meetup program. 

This year’s program is open to all Shoptalk attendees and will facilitate over 50,000 double opt-in 15-minute meetings onsite. Attendees will be able to collaborate with clients, vendors, partners, and colleagues while also meeting potential customers and prospects, including retailers and brands. 

The onsite Meetup is also a great chance to buy, sell and discover products, solutions, and services. Along with launching products, making announcements, and participating in media and analyst interviews, attendees can uncover the newest, most innovative startups.

There are multiple benefits to this. These include growth opportunities for the company, lead generation, the chance to raise capital and reach out to potential acquirers or acquisition targets, and the possibility to scout, recruit and hire top talent. 

Shoptalk’s Meetup meetings will take place in a dedicated area in the Exhibit Hall near the General Session stage. Meetings will be scheduled based on everyone’s availability during these times:

  • Monday, March 27, 2023: 12.15-1.30 pm
  • Monday, March 27. 2023: 2.30-3.45 pm
  • Tuesday, March 28, 2023: 12.15-1.30 pm
  • Tuesday, March 28, 2023: 2.30-3.45 pm

You must complete your profile upon receiving notification from Shoptalk on February 27, 2023. You will then have access to the Meeting Selection and Opt-In. You can review thousands of profiles and select who you want to meet. Then, you can opt-in to the meeting requests you receive.

The final step is then the Meeting Acceptance & Scheduling. You can review and accept meetings, and Shoptalk will send calendar invites. From there, you can join the meeting onsite. As a double opt-in meeting, you’ll only meet people who want to meet you.

Are There Other Networking Opportunities During Shoptalk 2023?

Aside from the onsite Meetup program, there will be multiple opportunities to network during Shoptalk 2023. These include:

Table talks: Interactive peer-to-peer 50-minute roundtables to participate in deep-dive discussions between 5-8 individuals. 

Shophop: A networking program designed to bring hundreds of retailers and brands together in a social environment to create new peer relationships. 

Retailers and brands networking programs: A series of invitation-only sponsored dinners at high-end Las Vegas restaurants brings together groups of approximately 11-16 people. 

Network in the exhibit hall: With over 400 vendors in live demos and presentations, the exhibit hall will be packed with networking opportunities and a chance for businesses to deploy experiential marketing to engage with potential customers and showcase their products in the Exhibit Hall. 

Side parties and After parties: Not all networking opportunities happen directly at the Shoptalk exhibit. You can even network while having fun. Events like the Shoptalk beach party or other side events during the week in Las Vegas can be a perfect chance to extend your networking portfolio. 

How Can You Prepare to Network at Shoptalk and Help Drive Sales?

Many companies use Shoptalk to showcase products, but other companies, founders, executives, and marketers use Shoptalk as a platform to build relationships and sales. Shoptalk 2023 can efficiently meet many potential customers, clients, partners, and investors. However, reaching positive ROIs and driving sales require planning.

Shoptalk has learned of the importance of networking opportunities. The sheer number of networking events available makes it likely that some leads may arise from these meetings organized by the event. However, businesses that utilize event intelligence can reap very high benefits beyond those double opt-in meetings provided by Shoptalk. 

This requires leveraging event data as part of your strategy to gain valuable results. With all the use of data marketers are accustomed to, this process requires incorporating a data-driven approach to event marketing to ensure that attending the events is worth the investment.  

Event intelligence combines first-party data from past events with real-time monitoring and AI-predictive modeling to forecast who will attend or sponsor future events. This does not only ring true for those who will be attending Shoptalk but also for those who will be attending the many side events in Las Vegas. That way, marketing teams can have a clear map of who will be where and can make data-driven decisions about what events to attend to reach their KPIs and where their ideal prospects may be. 

Don’t Miss Out on the Side Events.

The official event schedule will include influential attendees who will be present at Shoptalk 2023. However, there are added benefits to knowing the series of small events around Shoptalk. You can attend smaller, more focused gatherings by having a clear idea of your target audience, leveraging attendee data, and carefully elaborating a plan with the help of event intelligence. This is a perfect opportunity to meet exactly the kind of people you want to meet for your business but would usually have difficulty meeting if it wasn’t for this event. Shoptalk can put into practice your field marketing capabilities and subsequently justify the investment in going to Shoptalk 2023. 

Attendee Data: Discover Who’s Attending Shoptalk 2023 and Prepare for it. 

Vendelux already has Shoptalk 2023 attendee data, with thousands of attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors going to Las Vegas for the event. This information lets you analyze the kind of audience who will be at the event. For now, the audience includes 26% C-suite executives, and 29% are VPs and Directors, spread across retailers and brands, tech companies, and media. 

If carried out with attention to detail and careful preparation, attending Shoptalk 2023 can provide leads and partnership opportunities that deliver a positive ROI.

Summary: Careful Planning Can Make a Big Difference When you go to Shoptalk 2023

Shoptalk 2023 is a unique event for many businesses. However, attending these events requires investments in terms of money, resources, and support from your C-suite. Managers will want to receive positive ROI from these investments, so it is best to leverage the face-to-face networking opportunities in and outside Shoptalk 2023. 

To make the most of these events and the trip to Las Vegas, you may also want to prepare and organize yourself for any after-parties and post-event networking opportunities. 

To do so, it is recommended that you scope out the sessions that interest your business and identify the networking opportunities inside Shoptalk 2023. Make a plan of who you would like to connect with, and once you are done, gather all the necessary Shoptalk 2023 attendee data and leverage the insights you can get regarding the attendees you want to network with. 

With planning and insights, you can enjoy Shoptalk 2023 and deliver optimal results, lead generation opportunities and maximize ROI for your company. 

Discover the Attendees and Sponsors Who Will be at Shoptalk 2023


Stefan Deeran

Co-founder and COO of Vendelux, the leading AI platform for event marketers and conference organizers.

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