Licensing Expo 2023:
The Ultimate Guide

The show brings together topnotch brands from around the world to network with retailers, licensees, and consumer goods manufacturers. For 40 years, Licensing Expo has facilitated powerful brand licensing collaborations to launch impressive and innovative product lines.


Licensing Expo Is Back With A Bang

What Is Licensing Expo 2023?

When And Where Is The Licensing Expo Taking Place?

Who Goes To Licensing Expo?

What Kind Of Sessions Are There At Licensing Expo?

What To Expect From Licensing Expo 2023. Is It Worth It?

Why Should I Attend Licensing Expo?

Attendee Data: Learn Who’s Attending Licensing Expo And How To Prepare For It

Things To Consider When Attending Licensing Expo 2023

How Do I Plan For Licensing Expo, And What Do I Do After The Event?

Tips When Traveling To Licensing Expo 2023 + Hotels

Summary: Careful Planning Can Make A Big Difference When You Go To Licensing Expo

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