Vendelux Privacy Policy

Updated on September 10, 2023

This Vendelux Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) explains how Vendelux, Inc. (“Vendelux”) processes personal information, including information pertaining to business people (“Business Information”) and all other types of personal information through our online services (the “Services”), website, and, if applicable, mobile applications (collectively with the Services, the “Site”); how we maintain, use, and share that information; and how you can manage your personal information.

I. Introduction

Who is Vendelux? 

Vendelux collects certain information about events, trade shows and conferences (collectively, “Events”) such as dates, locations, fees, website URL information, and other information about the Events. This Event information may also include information about: (i) entities who sponsor Events or are exhibitors at the Event (“Event Participants”), (ii) entities who organize events (“Event Organizers”); and (iii) individuals who attend such events (“Attendees”). Attendee information may include business contact and similar information related to individuals when they are working in their professional or employment capacity such as name, job title, organization, Events associated with that Attendee, public speaking engagements, and top business topics associated with that Attendee. We provide this information to our customers, who may be businesses trying to decide which Events to sponsor and/or attend and who may also be trying to generate more leads at events by reaching business professionals for their own business-to-business sales, marketing, and recruiting activities. 

How Can You, as an Individual, Opt-Out of Our Database?

You can opt out of our database by visiting our Privacy Center on our website. At the Privacy Center you can also submit an access request or claim your professional profile and update your profile information. Using the Privacy Center is the quickest and easiest way to access your information or have it deleted or corrected. However, if you prefer to email us, our email is

What Are Potential Outcomes of Remaining In Our Database?

By remaining in our database, you may be contacted by our customers who are looking to network with other professionals at events for industry knowledge sharing, learning and development or when they are conducting their business-to-business sales, marketing, and recruiting activities. Communications you receive from our customers may be relevant to your profession or employment role, but we cannot guarantee that you will find such communications to be relevant or of interest to you.

Highlights in Privacy Code of Conduct

In addition to any other restrictions in the Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”), you shall not access or use the Site or Services for any purpose except your business-to-business sales, marketing, recruiting, or business development activities in connection with business conferences, events or trade shows. If you access or use any Licensed Materials, you shall do so solely in accordance with the Terms and this Privacy Policy and for your own benefit in a professional capacity and not on behalf of any other person or entity. A “Licensed Contact” means a record regarding a natural person, consisting of at a minimum such person’s name or company affiliation, viewable in Vendelux’s database and made available to Customer as part of any of the Services. 

You will, at all times, act in compliance with all applicable local, state, federal and international laws, rules, and regulations, including, without limitation, any anti-SPAM laws (“Applicable Laws”). Subject to your compliance with Applicable Laws and the Terms and your payment of any applicable fees, you may use the Services during the Term to: (i) view the Licensed Materials; (ii) communicate with any Licensed Contact in a manner that relates to such person’s profession, business, or employment; and (iii) identify prospective sales opportunities, research Customer’s existing customers and prospects, and otherwise analyze the Licensed Materials in a manner relating to Customer’s business-to-business sales, marketing, recruiting, and business development activities. It is your sole responsibility to ensure your own compliance with any contractual obligations and Applicable Laws in connection with your use of the Site and the Services (including any Licensed Contacts). You shall not, directly or indirectly, incorporate (or permit the incorporation of) any portion of the Site, Services or Licensed Materials into your own (or any third party’s) products or services.

You are solely responsible for any communications between you and any Licensed Contact. 

II.  How We Collect Information

A. Where does Vendelux get the Business Information for its Business Profiles?

In connection with Events, Vendelux provides information about Attendees (“Professional Profiles”) as well as organizations such as Event Participants as well as Event Organizers (“Business Profiles”). 

Business Information in a Professional Profile may include an Attendee’s name, business or job title, organization or company name, email address, seniority level within the organization (e.g., C-Suite, VP and Director or Professional), names of Events and number of total Events associated with the Attendee as an expected or past participant, speaking engagements associated with the Attendee, top business event topics associated with the Attendee, company team members,  phone number , postal address of company and business-related postal address of the person, employment history, and education history. Business Profiles may also include links to articles by, about, or quoting an individual, and links to an individual’s social media profiles.

Vendelux obtains the data for its Business Information in several ways, which may include:

  • *Our search technology scans the web and gathers publicly-available information.

  • *We license information from other companies.

  • *At their option, our users and customers voluntarily contribute information about themselves or other people and companies. 

  • *Through market research surveys, phone interviews, and other research conducted by our in-house research team.

B. Customer Information

Collection of Customer Information. Vendelux may collect the following information from or regarding its customers: (1) personal contact information regarding users of the Services (“User Information”); (2) information uploaded or otherwise provided to our system by a user of the Services (“Uploaded Information”); (3) usage logs regarding the use of the Site and Services, including logins and other actions taken, time stamps, IP address, and other usage data (“Usage Logs”); and (4) any other information from or relating to users of our Services (“Related Information”) (collectively, “Customer Information”).

Certain users may be provided access to the Site through a company’s license agreement. Such company may require that one or more users have global rights to access any and all information of every user that has access through that company’s Vendelux account. Questions or concerns regarding the rights of other individuals in your company to access your information should be addressed to your company.

Use of Customer Information. Customer Information may be used for Vendelux’s legitimate business interests in connection with a customer or its users’ use of the Site, including to respond to user inquiries and fulfill user requests, complete transactions, provide customer service, send administrative information, and to personalize user experience with the Site. We may use Customer Information to better understand our users in general and to test, develop, improve, and enhance our Services and Site. We may use Customer Information to contact customers or its users in the future about services, promotions, opportunities, and other general information about Vendelux. We may use Customer Information to investigate and prosecute potential breaches of Vendelux’s security or license agreements.

Vendelux employs reasonable security and back-up procedures to protect Customer Information. We encourage our users to retain copies of all Uploaded Information on their own system.

Vendelux may use aggregated and anonymized Customer Information for any legitimate business purposes, including, without limitation, for benchmarking, testing, research, promotional and informational purposes, such as identifying the most in-demand Events across all users or scoring which Events have the highest ROI across Vendelux’s client base. You hereby grant Vendelux an unlimited, perpetual and irrevocable right to use, reproduce and distribute such aggregated and anonymized Customer Information for any legal purpose. 

C. How Else Does Vendelux Collect Information?

Information submitted through our Site. Visitors to our Site may choose to submit their name, email address, phone number, and/or other information so that they can create a free account, learn more about our Services, register to take part in a Vendelux-sponsored event, participate in a survey, contest, or sweepstakes, or apply to Vendelux’s open job positions, among other things. By accessing, using, and/or submitting information through the Site, including by filling out forms on our website, regardless of whether the form is ultimately submitted, a user of the Site consents to the practices described in this Policy with regard to the information collected about them. If you do not agree with this Policy, you should not submit any information through our Site and you must delete all cookies from your browser cache after visiting the Site and refrain from visiting or using the Site.

Managing Professional Profiles. Vendelux allows any person to claim their Professional Profile and to update the information listed about them in their Professional Profile. We use the information submitted to update a Professional Profile solely for purposes of verifying such person’s identity, updating their Professional Profile information, and honoring such person’s privacy preferences. For additional information, see the “Your Choices” section below. 

Use of Vendelux Services. In order to use certain Vendelux Services, users may be required to register. From time to time, we may use a user’s email address to send information about our products and services. Recipients are provided with an opportunity to opt out of receiving such emails. We may also communicate with users regarding their use of our Services or Site, including calendar invites when a user saves an Event or changes to this Policy. A more detailed description of how we may collect and use customer information can be found in the above section entitled “Collection of Customer Information.”

 Information From and To Our Customers. We receive information about our customers’ end-users from or on behalf of our customers. Because of the nature of our Services, this information may contain any type of data, but typically includes name, contact information, and company information, such as company name. We may also collect data automatically through use of our Services, as described in the “Cookies and Other Similar Technologies” section below. Any information provided through a website, application, or service on which a customer uses our Services may be subject to the customer’s privacy policy and applicable terms. When we provide our Services to a customer, we generally act as a “data processor,” and the customer is considered to be the “data controller,” as further described in the sections below entitled “When Vendelux is a Controller” and “When Vendelux is a Processor.” 

Referring a Friend. If a user invites a friend to join Vendelux, we will ask for such friend’s name and email address, and we will automatically send such friend a one-time email inviting them to visit the Site. 

Purchasing our Products and Services. Purchasers of our online subscription-based Services may need to provide credit card or other payment information. We will use that information solely for the purpose of fulfilling the purchase request. We will store credit card or other payment information in an encrypted form and will not sell, share, or use it again without prior consent. (The only exceptions are described in the sections below on “Disclosures to Service Providers,” “Disclosures for Legal Reasons,” and “Disclosures to a Buyer of the Company”).

Using Vendelux Integrations. As part of the Services, Vendelux may make available to its customers certain “Integrations.” In using Vendelux’s Integrations, which may include integrations with Salesforce and web browser extensions, Business Information from customer’s CRM, Marketing Automation Technology (MAT), or sales enablement software may be transmitted to Vendelux for purposes of matching or cleansing the customer’s data against Vendelux’s database as a feature of the Services. In that event, Vendelux may retain and store such Business Information for purposes of identifying potential contacts to supplement the Services, verifying the accuracy of such Business Information, removing out-of-date Business Information from the Services, or otherwise improving Vendelux’s research processes and the content provided through the Services. Information so received may be difficult to attribute to one specific source, and we will not disclose the source of particular data, if available, except as required by law. In the event that any customer wishes to opt out of Vendelux’s use of such information, they may do so by contacting Vendelux at

From Third Parties. Vendelux may obtain personal information from third-party sources such as our service providers and strategic partners. We may use this information to enhance the information that we already maintain and to improve the accuracy of our records, in addition to other purposes described in this Policy. 

Creation of Aggregated Information. Vendelux may aggregate collected information about our users in a form that does not allow users to be personally identified for the purpose of understanding our customer base and enhancing the Site and the Services that we and our strategic partners and customers can provide you. 

Creation of Predictions. We may use personal information and other information we already have in order to make predictions whether an Attendee is likely to attend an Event (e.g., a “Predicted” status for a particular Attendee at a particular Event). We use algorithms that evaluate selected data points to produce predictions regarding the likelihood that an Attendee will attend a particular Event. We make no guarantees regarding the accuracy of any predictions regarding whether any Attendee will actually attend a given Event or whether such Attendee would be receptive to communication. We do not make any decisions about individuals, and we do not tell our customers whether to reach out to a particular candidate or not. 

Automated information collection. We also collect information using cookies and other similar technologies. See the “Cookies and Other Similar Technologies” section below.

III. How We Use Information

In addition to the uses described in the above section, we may also use Business Information and/or personal information for one or more of the following purposes:

  • *Provide, maintain, and improve the Site

  • *Verify, cleanse, update, and maintain Business Information and other information provided through the Site or through the other methods described in this Policy

  • *Provide and deliver the Services, process transactions, and send related information, including communications and invoices

  • *Send technical notices, updates, security alerts, and support and administrative messages

  • *Respond to comments, questions, and requests, and provide customer support

  • *Create Vendelux account(s) and identify users signing in to their account

  • *Communicate about products, services, offers, promotions, rewards, and events offered by Vendelux and others, and provide news and information

  • *Send calendar invites when a user saves an Event

  • *Monitor and analyze trends, usage, and activities in connection with the Site

  • *Detect, investigate, and prevent fraud and other illegal activities

  • *Protect the rights and property of Vendelux, our customers, and others

  • *Personalize and improve the Site

  • *Provide notice of important changes to the Site, including changes or updates to this Privacy Policy

  • *Facilitate contests, sweepstakes, and promotions, process entries, and deliver rewards

  • *Consider persons for possible employment with Vendelux, and communicate about employment opportunities or submitted employment applications

  • *Respond to requests from individuals to access, correct, or delete their information, or requests to exercise other rights related to their information under applicable law

  • *Create aggregated statistical data, inferred non-personal data, or anonymized or pseudonymized data (rendered non-personal and non-identifiable), which we or our business partners or customers may use to provide and improve our respective services

  • *Comply with our contractual and legal obligations, resolve disputes with users, and enforce our agreements

  • *Carry out any other purpose described at the time the information was collected

IV. How We Share Information

Disclosures of Business Profiles. We may make any Business Information that our users contribute for inclusion in our Site, that we collect from public web sources, that we collect through market research surveys and phone interviews conducted by our in-house research team, that we license from third parties, or that we otherwise collect as described in this Policy available to users of the Site, to our strategic partners, and to our customers. Information provided, including Business Information, in creating or updating a Professional Profile, will be included in the Site and thus can be viewed by third parties. 

Disclosures via Public Site. Vendelux makes certain limited Business Information from its Professional Profiles publicly available in our public Site. 

Disclosures to Affiliates. We may share Business Information with our affiliates who may act for us for any of the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, including our current and future parents, subsidiaries, and other companies under common control and ownership with Vendelux. 

Disclosures to Service Providers. Vendelux may from time to time disclose Business Information or other collected information to service providers, solely for providing functions related to our operation of the Site and provision of the Services and for no other purpose. For example:

  • *Vendelux uses service providers to process credit card payments on our Site. Information such as name, billing address, phone number, email address, and credit card information will be submitted to service providers for verification and to manage any recurring payments.

  • *Vendelux uses software hosted by a service provider to provide us with information regarding our visitors’ activities on our Site. When individuals visit our Site, that service provider may set cookies on our behalf and may receive information about such individuals’ browsing activity on our Site.

Disclosures to Integration Partners. In using Vendelux’s Integrations, such as Vendelux’s Salesforce integration and web browser extensions, Business Information from Vendelux may be disclosed to a customer’s CRM, MAT, or sales enablement software as requested or directed by our customers. 

Disclosures for Legal Reasons. We may disclose collected information, including Business Information, to a third party if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary or desirable: (i) to comply with lawful requests, subpoenas, search warrants, or orders by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements; (ii) to address a violation of the law; (iii) to protect the rights, property, or safety of Vendelux, its users, or the public; (iv) to allow Vendelux to exercise its legal rights or respond to a legal claim; or (v) to respond to data subject requests for access to data to the extent necessary to comply with applicable laws.

Other Disclosures

Information about individuals who register for a Vendelux event with a third-party speaker will generally be shared with the speaker and any third-party sponsors or partners of the event.

We post customer testimonials on our Site which may contain the customer’s name. We obtain consent from the customer prior to posting any testimonial. If a customer wishes to update or delete their testimonial, they can contact us at

Our Site may offer publicly accessible blogs or community forums. Any content provided in these areas may be read, collected, and used by others who access them. Individuals can request the removal of their personal information from our blog or community forum by contacting us at In some cases, we may not be able to remove the personal information, in which case we will let the requestor know that we are unable to do so and why.

V. Cookies and Other Similar Technologies

Most websites, including our Site, use a feature of browsers to set a small text file called a “cookie” on a computer. The site placing the cookie on a computer can then recognize the computer when the user of the computer revisits the site to allow auto login and track how the user is using the site.

When individuals visit our Site, our servers and/or those of our service providers automatically record certain information that the web browser sends, such as web request, Internet Protocol address, browser type, referring/exit pages and URLs, page loads and clicks, domain names, landing pages, pages viewed, time and date of use, and other information. We may link this information to information that individuals submit while on our Site, which does allow such individuals to be personally identified.

Individuals are free to decline cookies and can configure their browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, erase cookies, or notify the user when a cookie is set. Electing to reject or disable cookies may substantially limit an individual’s ability to use our Site.

Vendelux may also adopt other technologies that serve similar functions as cookies. 

A. Third Party Cookies

The use of cookies and similar technologies by our partners, affiliates, tracking utility company, and service providers is not covered by this Policy. We do not have access to or control over these cookies. Our partners, affiliates, tracking utility company, and service providers may use session ID cookies in order to:

  • *personalize visitors’ experience;

  • *analyze which pages our visitors visit;

  • *provide website features such as social sharing widgets

  • measure advertising effectiveness;

  • *track which areas of our site individuals visit in order to remarket to them. 

To disable or reject third-party cookies generally, please refer to the third-party’s relevant website or configure your browser settings appropriately. 

B. Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc., on our Site. Google Analytics uses cookies or other tracking technologies to help us analyze how users interact with and use the Site, compile reports on the Site’s activity, and provide other services related to Site activity and usage. The technologies used by Google may collect information such as IP address, time of visit, whether a visitor is a return visitor, and any referring website. The information generated by Google Analytics will be transmitted to and stored by Google and will be subject to Google’s privacy policies. To learn more about Google’s partner services and to learn how to opt out of tracking of analytics by Google click here.

C. Web Beacons

Our Site contains electronic images known as “web beacons” (sometimes called single-pixel gifs) and are used along with cookies to compile aggregated statistics to analyze how our site is used, and may be used in some of our emails to let us know which emails and links have been opened by recipients. This allows us to gauge the effectiveness of our customer communications and marketing campaigns.

D. Advertising Choices and Control

Third parties on our Site may use cookies and similar tracking technologies to collect information and infer interests for interest-based advertising purposes. If an individual would prefer to not receive personalized ads based on their browser or device usage, they may generally express their opt-out preference to no longer receive tailored advertisements. Individuals will continue to see advertisements, but they will no longer be tailored to such individual’s interests.

To opt-out of interest-based advertising by participating companies in the following consumer choice mechanisms, please visit: 

VI. Your Choices

A. How To Change or Delete Professional Information

Vendelux provides a self-service Privacy Center, where individuals can claim their Professional Profiles and update profile information, submit an access request, or opt out of inclusion from our database. 

Request Access to Information Vendelux has Collected. Individuals who want to access the information that Vendelux has collected about them can click here to submit an access request. Once we have verified an individual’s identity, we will send a report with the information we have collected about such individual. 

Remove Vendelux Profile Completely. If you wish to completely remove your existing Professional Profile from the Services and Site, please click here. If you make this choice, your Professional Profile and the information within it will be removed from our search results as soon as possible.

If you do not wish to, or cannot for any reason, use our Privacy Center, you may submit a request to

B. How To Change or Delete Information About Events, Event Participants and/or Event Organizers

An individual who is an authorized representative of a business can also use Vendelux’s Privacy Center to claim and update that business’s Business Profile. 

Update a Business Profile on Vendelux. An authorized individual can verify their Vendelux Business Profile to update details of an Event, company or organization, its description, web address, industry, event or entity location, and more. Please click here to update a Vendelux Business Profile.

Removal of Business Profiles. Vendelux is a specialized search engine focused on finding out information about Events, Event Participants, Event Organizers and Attendees. We gather information about companies from corporate web sites, web sites for Events, and data partners.

As a company policy, Vendelux does not remove company information from our search engine. If you are aware that any of the company information is incorrect, please contact us.

C. How To Opt-Out of Certain Uses of Information

Vendelux gives individuals the opportunity to “opt out” of having their information used for certain purposes.

Individuals who no longer wish to receive our newsletter and promotional communications may opt-out of receiving them by following the instructions included in each newsletter or communication or by visiting unsubscribe.  After we receive a request, we will send the requestor an email message to confirm that the individual has been unsubscribed.

VII. How Do We Keep Information Secure?

We are committed to meeting the level of security required by the GDPR by implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security that is appropriate to the risk involved in the processing of personal data. While we follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it, it should be noted that no method of Internet transmission or electronic storage is 100% secure. Therefore, while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. 

VIII. Data Retention

We will retain personal information for a period of time consistent with the original purpose(s) for which we collected it, as described in this Privacy Policy, including, as applicable, (i) for as long as we have an ongoing relationship with the individual to whom the information pertains; (ii) as long as needed to provide users, our customers, or our partners the Services; (iii) as necessary to comply with our legal obligation(s); (iv) as necessary to resolve disputes or to protect ourselves from potential future disputes; or (v) as necessary to enforce our agreements. Retention periods will be determined taking into account the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the personal information and the purpose(s) for which it was collected. After the retention period ends, we will delete the personal information. Where we are unable to do so, we will ensure that appropriate measures are put in place to prevent any further use of such information.

IX. Links to Other Sites

This Site contains links to other sites that are not owned or controlled by Vendelux. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. When individuals leave our Site, we encourage them to be aware and to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personally identifiable information. This Policy applies only to information collected by this Site or in the method(s) otherwise discussed herein.

X. Information for Users in Europe and Elsewhere Outside the U.S.

Individuals who use our Site outside of the United States should understand that we may collect, process, and store their personal information in the United States. The laws in the U.S. regarding personal information may be different from the laws of such individuals’ state or country. 

A. Users in the European Economic Area (EEA), the UK, and Switzerland 

The following information applies to residents of the EEA, the UK, or Switzerland.

Vendelux endeavors to comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) as to any information in its possession regarding EEA-, UK-, and Switzerland-based persons (“Data Subjects”). As such, Vendelux only processes personal information on Data Subjects where it has a lawful basis to do so, which may include the consent of the person (especially in the case of website visitors who provide their information), performance of a contract, compliance with a legal obligation, or the legitimate interest of Vendelux or a third party. 

Vendelux honors the rights of Data Subjects provided by the GDPR, including the right to be forgotten. For any opt-out requests or other inquiries related to privacy, please email

Purposes of processing and legal basis for processing: As explained above, we process personal information in various ways depending upon data subjects’ use of our Sites. We process personal information on the following legal bases:

  • *consent;

  • *as necessary to perform our agreement to provide Services or other applicable agreements;

  • *as necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which we are subject; or

  • *as necessary for the legitimate interests of Vendelux and Vendelux’s customers and partners to engage in direct marketing, sales, and recruiting activities, and Vendelux’s legitimate interests in organizing and making available Professional and Business Profiles, given the limited impact that use of this Business Information and similar information presents to an individual’s private life.

Vendelux has put in place safeguards to protect personal privacy and individual choice, including disclosures of its data processing activities, the use of consent or opt-outs wherever possible.

Right to lodge a complaint: A data subject that resides in the EEA, the UK, or Switzerland has the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority about our collection and processing of personal data. Contact details for data protection authorities are available here.

Individual Rights: Individuals who are a resident of the EEA, the UK, or Switzerland are entitled to the following rights under the GDPR. Please note: In order to verify an individual’s identity, we may require them to provide us with personal information prior to accessing any records containing information about them.

  • The right to access, correction, and restriction of processing. Individuals have the right to request access to, and a copy of, their personal information at no charge, as well as certain information about our processing activities with respect to their data. Individuals have the right to request correction or completion of their personal information if it is inaccurate or incomplete. Individuals have the right to restrict our processing if they contest the accuracy of the data we hold about them, for as long as it takes to verify its accuracy.

  • The right to data portability. Individuals have the right to ask for a copy of their data in a machine-readable format. Individuals can also request that we transmit their data to another entity where technically feasible. 

  • The right to request data erasure. Individuals have the right to have their personal data erased from our Site if the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, they withdraw consent and no other legal basis for processing exists, or their fundamental rights to data privacy and protection outweigh our legitimate interest in continuing the processing.

  • The right to object to our processing. Individuals have the right to object to our processing if we are processing data based on legitimate interests or the performance of a task in the public interest as an exercise of official authority (including profiling); using data for direct marketing (including profiling); or processing data for purposes of scientific or historical research and statistics.

When Vendelux is a Controller. Vendelux acts as a data controller when we collect and use information about data subjects who are visitors to our Site, as well as when we collect and use information about data subjects for purposes of creating and maintaining our Professional Profiles and providing the Services. 

When Vendelux is a Processor. When our customers use our Services, they are acting as the data controller and are responsible for ensuring that personal information collected about data subjects is being processed lawfully. In those circumstances, we are acting as the data processor, and receive personal information as agents of our customers merely for processing as instructed by our customers. Our customers are solely responsible for determining whether and how they wish to use our Services, and for ensuring that all third-party individuals that are a visitor to or user of a website, application, or service on which a customer uses our Services have been provided with adequate notice regarding the processing of their personal information, have given informed consent where such consent is necessary or advised, and that all legal requirements applicable to the collection, use, or other processing of personal information through our Services have been met by such customers. Our customers are also responsible for handling data subject rights requests under applicable law, by their users and other individuals whose data they process through the Services. Vendelux’s obligations with respect to personal information for which we are solely a data processor are defined in our agreements with our customers and are not covered by this Policy. In certain circumstances, Vendelux may act as an independent controller of personal information in connection with its provision of the Services to customers, such as when customers agree to contribute data to our database. 

XI. Do Not Track Signals

Browsers or devices may include “Do Not Track”’ functionality. Our information collection and disclosure practices, and the choices that we provide to visitors, will continue to operate as described in this Policy, whether or not a Do Not Track signal is received.

XII. Children’s Privacy

Our Site is not directed to or intended for individuals under the age of 16. We do not knowingly collect or use any personal information from users of our Site who are under the age of 16. No personal information should be submitted to our Site by individuals who are under 16 years of age. If we learn that we have collected information from someone who is under 16, we will take steps to delete the personal information as soon as possible. Individuals who believe we may have collected personal information from someone under 16 should contact us at

XIII. Changes to This Policy

As Vendelux reserves the right to modify this Policy from time to time, please review it regularly. If we make material changes to this Policy, we will notify individuals here, by email, and/or by means of a notice on our homepage prior to the changes becoming effective. Your continued use of the Site or Vendelux services after any updates to this Privacy Policy constitutes acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy. 

XIV. Contact Us

For questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at