NAB Show 2023: The Ultimate Guide


NAB show 2023

NAB Show 2023 is on the way! The show is celebrating its centennial this year, and it’s expected to be a grand event where thousands of players in the media, entertainment, and technology industries gather to share their expertise. 

What Is the NAB Show 2023?

NAB stands for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the organization behind the annual NAB Show. 

The NAB Show is the largest event that gathers people and organizations in the media, entertainment, and technology industries. Visionaries and bigwigs from the following niches attend each year:

  • Broadcast TV
  • Radio production
  • News production
  • Weather forecasting
  • Post-production 
  • Streaming
  • Cable TV
  • Satellite TV
  • Industrial TV
  • Film restoration
  • FX/Special effects
  • Computer-generated imagery (CGI)
  • Data storage
  • Data management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Connected Media

The event draws more than a thousand exhibitors from over 160 countries. It provides a fantastic opportunity for professionals to network and learn about the various innovations from different media industries. The NAB Show also aims to give participants the knowledge and skills to expand their business reach. 

The show tackles each step of the content creation process in all media: creation, distribution, management, and monetization. Each step is essential for the success of businesses in media. 

If one industry event must be included in your organization’s event marketing strategy, it should be this one. The NAB Show is an important industry event to see and experience what the future holds for the media conglomerate.

When and Where Is the NAB Show Taking Place?

The 2023 NAB Show Centennial is set to begin on Saturday, April 15, 2023, and end on Wednesday, April 19. Since 1991, the event has been held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Winchester, Nevada. 

With over 2.5 million square feet of space, the Las Vegas Convention Center is one of the largest event venues in the world. It’s the perfect place to accommodate thousands of media, entertainment, and technology attendees. It is also just a stone’s throw away from The Strip.

The first NAB Show was held in New York City in 1923. Since then, the annual event found homes in various cities: Atlanta (GA), Chicago (IL), Cincinnati (OH), Cleveland (OH), Dallas (TX), Houston (TX), Los Angeles (CA), Atlantic City (NJ), San Francisco (CA), St. Louis (MO), Washington DC, West Baden Springs (IN), and White Sulphur Springs (WV). 

In 1991, the annual show found a permanent home in Las Vegas, and it has only gotten bigger. Today, it is one of the premier B2B events that matter to many broadcast industry professionals and adjacent niches. In fact, just one event in a year is no longer enough. 

So, the NAB Show New York was born. It was a purposeful choice to hold the event in New York since the first show was held in the city. It also gives the NAB Show an East Coast venue.

NAB Show New York is ostensibly a smaller trade show, but it still drew more than 9,500 participants in 2022. It had 245 exhibitors. 

“The turnout for NAB Show New York reinforces the power of our brand, and the value of in-person trade shows,” NAP President and CEO Curtis LeGeyt said in a press release. “We are incredibly thankful to our exhibitors, speakers, partners, and attendees for making this event a success. We are excited to build on the momentum leading into the NAB Show in Las Vegas.”

How Much Does It Cost to Register for the NAB Show?

The NAB Show comprises several events divided into show floors or exhibits, conferences, and workshops, and the registration costs for each event or program vary.

You can create the perfect pass by curating a mix of various programs from different types of events:

Show Floor

  • NAB member – $109
  • Non-NAB member – $169
  • Student – $109

This section features the Main Stage, where keynote speakers and the biggest names in the industry share their experiences and insights from being in the business for so long. It also features exhibits, experiential zones, and theaters. 

The show floor is your best B2B lead generation chance because you can meet and learn from business leaders in similar or adjacent fields. You can also see and experience the many innovations in these industries, which could help improve your business significantly. 

Conference and Programs

NAB Show also has a lineup of conferences that promise to benefit its participants. They can choose from nine conferences. Registration to the following events also comes with a pass to the exhibits. 

NAB Show Conference

  • NAB member – $599
  • Non-NAB member – $799
  • Student – $499

This conference has three tracks: Create, Connect, and Capitalize. Some specific programs are Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference, Focus on Leadership, and Small and Medium Market Radio Forum.

Devoncroft Executive Summit

  • NAB member – $199
  • Non-NAB member – $199
  • Student – $199

The summit covers media technology, which is advantageous for suppliers, buyers, or investors in the niche. 

Display Picture Creative Conference

  • NAB member – $499
  • Non-NAB member – $699
  • Student – $399

This two-day training event would benefit cinematographers, camera operators, digital imaging technicians, and other camera and sound crew members. 

Every pass also provides access to the content creator party. 

Women’s Leadership Summit

  • NAB member – $179
  • Non-NAB member – $229
  • Student – $179

The program is dubbed #GalsNGearConnect and tackles women’s role in media and entertainment. It’s a unique opportunity for women in the industry to discuss how to power up their careers, develop leadership skills, and network with like-minded individuals. 

Post-Production World

  • NAB member – $944
  • Non-NAB member – $1,099
  • Student – $699

There is a lot of learning in the production and post-production realm amidst constant innovation and emerging technologies. It’s the ideal gathering for post-production professionals, content creators, designers, and video editors for TV and film.

Registration to this event also comes with access to the content creator party.

Programming Everywhere

  • NAB member – $999
  • Non-NAB member – $999
  • Student – $999

New programming is always needed, and this conference deals with the challenges of creating fresh content for linear, syndication, or streaming channels. 

Remote Production Conference

  • NAB member – $499
  • Non-NAB member – $699
  • Student – $399

Media and entertainment producers face two-day multi-track training on adapting cutting-edge remote connectivity and production techniques. This is more relevant than ever as the nature of work evolves across all industries. 

Registration for this conference includes access to the content creator party. 

Streaming Summit

  • NAB member – $499
  • Non-NAB member – $699
  • Student – $399

More and more companies are investing in streaming services each year. The summit aims to discuss monetization strategies for advertising-based video on demand or AVOD, subscription video on demand or SVOD, and direct-to-consumer or D2C streaming content. It also deals with challenges in workflow and providing a quality experience.

Visual Storytelling Conference 

  • NAB member – $399
  • Non-NAB member – $599
  • Student – $299

The conference includes immersive training sessions with experienced content creators on photography, online video creation, social media, and various business elements. 

The registration includes a pass for the content creator party. 

Workshops and Training

NAB Show 2023 attendees can choose several workshops to attend. Registration for the events ranges from $649 to $999 for each. 

All registrations include a pass to the exhibits. 

Here are the available workshops:

  • Cinematic Video Lighting Workshop – $649
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drone Day Flight Workshop – $649
  • UAV Drone Night Flight Workshop – $649
  • Small-to-No-Crew Corporate, In-House, and Remote Production Workshop – $649
  • American Cinema Editors (ACE) Editorial Workshop – $699
  • Virtual Reality Productions Workshop – $849
  • American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Cinematography Lighting Workshop – $999

Floor Tours

  • Price per tour – $225

A guided tour of the floors in the show will help you learn strategies and know more about innovative equipment that will help your company produce the best content for various channels. 

Every tour registration comes with an exhibit pass. 

You can check out the following tours:

  • Data, Data, Data
  • New Production Modalities
  • The Evolution of Video

Extra Perks

NAB Show 2023 participants can also enjoy various extra activities during the five-day event. When you register for any of these extra events, you can hobnob with professionals from other businesses that may be part of your target market, audience, ICPor ideal customer profile. 

The other activities are as follows:

  • Content Creator Party – $75
  • NAB Amplify + VIP Experience – $99
  • Product of the Year Awards Ceremony & Cocktail Reception – $99

Who To Expect at the NAB Show? 

The who’s who in the media, entertainment, and technology industries will be at the NAB Show 2023. Participants range from company presidents and CEOs to those behind the cameras and everyone in between. 

Thousands of content producers and professionals attend the NAB Show every year. For those involved in creating, distributing, managing, and monetizing content, NAB Show 2023 is one of the most critical in-person events 2023 that you must attend. 

Understandably, some people still need to be more confident about attending in-person activities. It combines health considerations and people realizing remote or hybrid activities worked well enough. Some may be more discerning when choosing between digital events and in-person activities. 

Virtual events are here to stay, but they will not beat the importance of in-person industry shows like this one. 

Personal interactions provide very different value, especially when it comes to marketing events. The environment in face-to-face trade shows and events is also more dynamic. 

At the NAB show, attendees will surely be excited about sharing crucial trends and innovative techniques in the success of the media, entertainment, and technology industries. 

While it’s exciting to meet professionals in the same industry, it is also interesting to listen to the different talks from notable personalities in other businesses. Just a reminder: nine US presidents have delivered speeches during the NAB shows during their administration. 

NAB Show 2023 is a significant event among radio and TV broadcasters, especially since it is the centennial celebration of the organization’s founding. 

With registration at hundreds of dollars, is NAB Show 2023 worth it? It certainly is! All attendees can expect a return on investment from the five-day show. 

How To Prepare for NAB Show 2023

NAB Show 2023 is an excellent blend of theoretical and tech events. Participants will learn many things from various conferences, floor shows, and workshops throughout the five days. 

A multi-faceted event such as this requires more than just a couple of days of casual attendance. There are in-depth discussions that must be complemented with workshops. Exhibits, too, will be a treasure trove of information and literature. 

As participants, the following are the essential items you need to have to network successfully:

Business Cards (Physical and Digital)

Networking is about connecting with other people in the industry, communicating with them professionally, and exchanging contact information to connect even further. 

A stack of business cards is a must at conferences and trade shows. There’s no such thing as too many physical cards, and it’s best to supplement with digital versions. 

Many people still prefer collecting physical business cards, but if you encounter more modern attendees, having a digital card on hand will benefit you. Digital cards won’t take up much space in your bag, either. 

Presentation Media

If you are presented with the opportunity to talk about your business, you should. Prepare a short audio-visual presentation or pitch for anyone who needs to hear it. 

Laptop or Tablet

Employees on the go must have their work laptops ready at all times. It’s pretty heavy to carry around during a days-long trade show, but it’s a small price if you need to access presentations, videos, and other files to help you make connections at the event. 

A tablet should do if you don’t want to lug a laptop around. You can use it to type notes during conferences and access crucial files on the cloud.

Portable Charger

Your smartphone is your primary tool at trade shows and conferences. You can communicate with your team, record presentations, snap photos, take videos, and send or receive digital business cards. Bring a portable charger to keep your phone (tablet or laptop) juiced throughout the day.

Keep your device on hand throughout NAB Show 2023 because it is a treasure trove of event intelligence

Promotional Items

NAB Show 2023 is the event to learn important lessons, strategies, and practical techniques for your organization. More than that, you are also there to represent your company and network on its behalf, so you must have promotional products to share with potential clients and collaborators. 

Small items like keychains, fans, water bottles, notebooks, and pens are the most common promotional items distributed at such events. They are easy to carry around compared to T-shirts, umbrellas, and similar paraphernalia. 

Wearing company clothing or accessories, such as a shirt, hat, or jacket, is also encouraged. It will surely be a conversation starter among people familiar with your company. 

Where To Stay During NAB Show 2023

Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world. It is also a popular destination for conventions and trade shows—the Las Vegas Convention Center is among the busiest event venues in the country. 

The best hotels and resorts surround the convention center for your convenience. It is also very close to The Strip, which has a high concentration of casino hotels and resorts. 

Accommodations around the Las Vegas Convention Center range from affordable and mid-range to obscenely expensive. 

The NAB Show Hotel Reservation Office can help you book rooms at the most affordable prices. When you book at an official NAB Show hotel, you can enjoy low rates, reduced facility fees, and a complimentary shuttle to the event. You can also enjoy loyalty rewards. Click here to make a reservation. 

If you want to make your booking for the event, check out the following hotel and resort choices:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Las Vegas Convention Center: 3275 Paradise Road, Las Vegas
  • Embassy Suites Convention Center Las Vegas: 3600 Paradise Road, Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas Marriott: 325 Convention Drive, Las Vegas
  • Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel: 3400 Paradise Road, Las Vegas
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Las Vegas Convention Center: 3225 Paradise Road, Las Vegas
  • SpringHill Suites Las Vegas Convention Center: 2989 Paradise Road, Las Vegas
  • Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino: 3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas

Will There Be a Digital Venue?

There is no concurrent digital venue for NAB Show 2023, a vital data-driven event marketing activity for professionals in the different sectors of the media. 

Some materials and presentations will be made available via NAB Amplify, the digital hub for the media and entertainment community. Interested professionals may access presentations and sessions at $10 per session. The materials are available on video on demand. 

NAB Show Parties and Restaurants 

NAB Show 2023 throws several parties that most participants would be interested in attending.

  • Content Creator Party – Entrance is $75 per person. However, many workshop registrations include a free pass to this gathering among content creators. 
  • NAB Amplify + VIP Experience – At $99 per person, you can enjoy year-round access to networking, education, and content benefits from NAB’s official digital community. 
  • Product of the Year Awards Ceremony and Cocktail Reception – This event honors the industry’s best professionals and content creators. A dozen awards are up for grabs, and you can witness the awarding at $99 per person. 

All these parties are sure to serve excellent food, but if you don’t intend to join any official gatherings, Las Vegas is also a dining haven. 

Here are some of the restaurants near the Las Vegas Convention Center that you have to try:

  • Brezza – an Italian restaurant that serves hand-made pasta
  • Edge Steakhouse – serves steaks and fresh seafood
  • Peppermill – classic diner with a 14-page menu
  • Piero’s Italian Cuisine – serves North Italian dishes, such as osso bucco and saltimbocca with sage and white wine
  • Siegel’s Bagelmania – makes dozens of varieties of bagels 
  • Sinatra – honors legendary singer Frank Sinatra by serving his favorite food items, like spaghetti and clams
  • Tacos El Gordo – features Tijuana tacos with freshly made salsa and guacamole
  • Yama Sushi The Strip – all-you-can-eat sushi

It’s easy to get around Las Vegas. You can go by foot, bus, rental car, or taxi. 

NAB Show participants may also purchase a monorail pass at $13 per person. 

NAB Show Attendee Data

So, what can you expect at the five-day NAB Show 2023 at the Las Vegas Convention Center?

Thousands of Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Attendees are expected to be at NAB Show 2023.

Around 30% of expected attendees are from the software industry, 9% from the hardware industry, and 7% from news media. Regarding individual backgrounds, around half of the expected attendees, or 49%, are professionals, while 21% are founders and part of their companies’ management teams. Some 14% of participants are from sales and marketing. 

These numbers show you how important the show is for the future of your business. 

NAB Show 2023 Summary 

There are many big media gatherings every year, but none are as comprehensive or exciting as the annual NAB Show. It is a must-attend event for those in the media, entertainment, and technology industries. 

NAB Show 2022 drew more than 50,000 participants—an astounding number when the world was fresh off the pandemic. More are expected to attend this year, as there is much less hesitance to attend in-person events. After all, face-to-face trade shows and conferences provide much better opportunities for networking and exchanging ideas. It is also different when you see technological innovations in your industry up close.

Another thing that will make NAB Show 2023 even more exciting is that it is a centennial celebration for the organization. It’s an exciting way to look back at its rich history while looking forward to the future of media. 

Discover the Attendees & Sponsors Who Will be at NAB Show 2023

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