Money2020 Europe 2023: The Ultimate Guide


One of the world’s most significant fintech events – Money2020, is returning to Europe in June this year, and thousands are expected to attend. Amsterdam is hosting this mega event that tops the list of highly-anticipated fintech events of 2023. 

With the event attracting over 7,500 visitors in its 2022 edition – most of whom were C-suite individuals from 2,500 different companies, 2023 promises to be even bigger. The increasingly transformative fintech industry has seen phenomenal growth in the past year, and the event aims to present a comprehensive outlook of the current and future direction of the industry in Europe. 

Let’s dive into what Money2020 will look like this year. 

What is Money2020 Europe 2023?

Money2020 is an event that gathers leaders, innovators, and disruptors to discuss and establish the best way people use money in the future. 

The event was founded in 2012 by a group of individuals from the most significant financial and technology companies, such as Google, TSYS Payment Solutions, and Citi. The goal was to organize an event that would not become a snoozefest, as most financial and technology conferences and expositions are wont to do. Money2020 was designed to be an experience rather than a mere event.

Ascential acquired Money2020 in 2014.  

Most Money2020 participants are C-level executives, and the keynote speakers are unusually renowned leaders in the fintech world. The event has several editions in other parts of the world too. 

Money2020 USA

The American Money2020 edition is one of the biggest. More than 11,500 leaders from over 3,000 companies attended the event in 2022. The number of meetings booked crossed 6600, a staggering 55% increase from the 2019 records.

Money2020 2022 was held in Las Vegas from October 23 to 26. It was a packed four days with more than 350 speakers leading conversations in 250 sessions. No one went home without a bag full of financial and technology learnings. It was a perfect event for every fintech enterprise to exercise its event marketing strategy

The following were just a few of the Money2020 USA speakers:

  • Rohit Chopra – director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of the United States
  • Vinod Khosla – founder, Khosla Ventures
  • Lee Taylor – CFO, OnlyFans
  • Amrapali Gan – CEO, OnlyFans
  • Derek Jeter – baseball player, entrepreneur, and philanthropist

The participants partied hard, too, with memorable concerts and parties after the financial and technology sessions. 

This year’s edition will be held from October 22 to 25, again in Las Vegas.

Money2020 Asia

The Asian leg of the fintech event will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, from April 23 to 25, 2024. 

According to Fintechnews Singapore, Bangkok was chosen as the venue because it’s among the fastest-growing fintech markets in Asia. The city is home to over 300 fintech companies, specifically e-wallets, payment processing businesses, insurance, lending services, and cybersecurity. 

Money2020 is expected to be one of Asia’s most significant B2B events in recent years- primarily since the last one was held in 2019 in Singapore. The event skipped 2020-2023 due to the pandemic, and many are itching to get fintech conferences and expositions rolling again. 

Where To Next?

Money2020 has big plans for Asia! The event plans to be in as many cities as possible in this dynamic part of the world and has invited fintech leaders to lobby for their favorite city to host the next Money2020 Asia. The nominees are:

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Bengaluru, India
  • Hong Kong
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia (in the running for its proximity to Asia)
  • Tokyo, Japan

When and Where is Money2020 Europe 2023 Taking Place?

Money2020 Europe will be held from June 6 to 8, 2023, at RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam is the perfect choice for the European leg of the event. Justly famous for its Red Light District, weed-in coffee shops, bikeable roads, beautiful canals, colorful flowers, gorgeous art, and historical attractions, Amsterdam is among Europe’s top financial centers.

For example, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the world’s oldest modern securities market stock exchange. The city is also considered a global or alpha world city, a distinction given by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. A global city is a primary hub in the global economic network. It’s the center of economic activities and has amenities that provide a competitive advantage. 

The city also hosted Money2020 in 2022, and it seems like the event has found a home in Amsterdam. 

Who Goes to Money2020 Europe 2023?

The who’s who of the fintech industries in Europe and beyond are attending the event. To put it into perspective, the thousands of attendees of the 2022 event came from over 90 countries. 

The event boasted some 380 sponsors and was reported to have a media reach of approximately 16 billion. 

Who are the Speakers at Money2020 Europe 2023?

Money2020 is set to rock differently! Moving away from simply choosing professional or celebrity speakers to headline many of its sessions and programs, the event organizers have asked participating companies to send in speakers. 

According to the invitation to apply as a speaker, the organizers seek “dynamic thought leaders, slick MCs, lively innovators, or major influencers.” 

The application to be rockstar speakers has already been closed, and some of the successful applicants will be announced in March. The bar for speakers is also expected to be higher this year, according to Gina Clarke, Money2020 Europe content director, who shares these details in an interview. 

The 2020 event was already challenging, with successful pitches representing only 10% of submissions. The speakers were also more diverse, with cutting-edge topics and creative formats. 

Money2020 speakership is highly prized as it could boost anyone’s profile. The speaker profile also changes yearly; for example, in 2021, the event organizer preferred more senior speakers. For the 2023 event, the Money2020 organizers seek more creativity with out-of-the-box topics and formats. 

This is why Money2020 Europe 2023 is one of the top in-person events 2023 that fintech companies, business leaders, and marketing groups must attend. It provides an excellent opportunity to learn and mingle with forward-thinking individuals. 

What Kind of Sponsors and Exhibitions Will Be There at Money2020 Europe 2023?

Sponsors of Money2020 Europe 2023 include some of the biggest names shaping the industry. 

Recent entrants into the fintech sector also have the chance to become a sponsor- and who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this mega B2B lead generation opportunity?

As Santander Executive Chair Ana Botin says: “Money2020 gives you the unique opportunity to connect with companies and people that you usually would not see, all in one place.”

Some of the big corporations attending Money2020 Europe 2023 are:

  • ABN Amro
  • Barclays
  • Citi
  • HSBC
  • ING
  • Morgan Stanley
  • UBS

The following are the five-star sponsors of the event:

  • Banking Circle
  • Fabrick
  • Rabobank
  • Ripple
  • Terrapay
  • Zimpler

There are also dozens of sponsors with fewer stars. Plus, the dozens of media partners could provide excellent coverage for participants. Some of the biggest 2022 media partners were CNBC, Fintech Business Weekly, Payments Journal, and TYN Magazine.

Money2020 also has a venue for startups to meet and mingle. The program is called The StartUps Hangout at Money Beach, which is dedicated to startups getting to know each other and sharing their knowledge and challenges in the fintech industry. The organizers tapped global investors to screen applicants that will be accepted in the hangout. 

Aside from the chance to socialize with their target market, successful hangout applicants get the following perks:

  • 1×1 square meter of showcasing space for one day
  • Logo inclusion on the Money2020 website
  • Targeted email to delegates
  • Lead generation kit
  • Social media mention

It’s an excellent chance for participants to become exhibitors for Money2020 Europe 2023. 

What Kind of Sessions are Expected at Money2020 Europe 2023?

One thing Money2020 also emphasizes is creativity. The event is cleverly designed to give participants more agency about their attendance. Money2020 wants participants to learn and have fun, so the educational sessions are also expected to be enjoyable. 

More importantly, participants can choose which programs would be more applicable to their background, personally and professionally. 

The entire event has been divided into five themes, each of which is important in making data-driven event marketing decisions:

Smooth Interactions

It’s all about the customer’s financial journey and how fintech can improve that. This theme will discuss standards, applications, and technology when used in customer interaction. 

The theme tackles these specific sectors:

  • AI
  • Customer values
  • Data Sharing
  • Digital ID
  • Digital wallets
  • EdTech/PayEd
  • GDPR
  • Large Language Models
  • Microloans
  • New payment methods
  • Open banking/finance
  • PSD2
  • PSD3
  • Robo investments
  • Technical standards
  • WealthTech

Strategic Decisions

Here, fintech business models take center stage as companies learn from the economic, geopolitical, and social volatility the industry has experienced over the last couple of years. 

The theme covers the following topics:

  • Compliance
  • Consolidate or acquire?
  • Emerging market challenges and opportunities
  • Fundraising
  • HODL your way out
  • Is disruption getting harder?
  • M&A activity
  • Preparing for an exit
  • Tech vs. regulators
  • The continuing role of marketplaces
  • Valuation fluctuations
  • VC, private and public sector

Unexpected Finance

Disruption is the overarching theme of fintech. The ripples have been influential in innovating payment options and improving speed and personalization. Pockets of unexpected finance are expected to increase this year and for many years. 

What are these sectors under unexpected finance?

  • Automotive 
  • Creator economy
  • BNPL
  • Gaming
  • Insurance
  • Metaverse
  • Microloans
  • Regulators
  • Retailers
  • Social Networks
  • Sports
  • Supermarkets
  • Travel
  • Web3.0

The Socio-economic Impact

The pandemic brought about various changes in many industries, and the fintech industry thrived. On the other hand, talent suffered as fintech tenure dropped from an average of 1.6 to 1.4 years. But this program goes beyond the pandemic and tackles the recent socio-economic impact in the fintech industry, particularly in the B2C sector. 

The sectors under the theme are the following:

  • Charity tech
  • Consultants
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data protection
  • ESG
  • Financial literacy
  • Government banks
  • Future fintech models
  • HR
  • Islamic finance
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 20022
  • Risk analysis
  • Talent Search
  • Treasury

Thinking Differently

This theme is anything goes. Money2020 prides itself on being inventive, and this theme perfectly encapsulates that. 

Here is how Money2020 describes this theme: “What’s a theme that’s not a theme? Here, the focus turns to format, regardless of whether the subject matter fits into one of the above themes. Here’s your chance to explore Money2020 like it’s your very own sandbox.”

This theme shows that Money2020 is for everybody in the fintech industry. There is always a theme that would answer your company’s fundamental questions. The last theme allows all sectors to participate as long as they push the boundaries. 

Is Money2020 Europe 2023 Worth it?

If there is one event that any fintech person must attend this year, it has to be the Money2020 event, whether it’s the European or American leg. The European leg is happening in June, which is a perfect time to be outdoors in the Netherlands. 

Businesses must always attend gatherings that focus on their industry. But there are at least a dozen in Europe this year and dozens more around the globe. Plus, there are also digital events to consider. So, why attend Money2020 Europe 2023? Check out the following compelling reasons:

Networking Opportunity

Every business gathering is a networking opportunity. However, with Money2020, it’s different. As Nadia Ivanova, chief marketing officer of Ulimint, said: “We come back every year because we believe that Money2020 is the mecca for fintech innovators and influences.”

The biggest money companies are sending representatives, and so are startups. Both are just as important in your B2B networking. In fact, one of the goals of Money2020 is to level the playing field in fintech–at least during the event. 

As mentioned, 7,500 fintech representatives joined the 2022 event, and more are expected this year as most economic activities are either back to pre-pandemic situations or adapting to the new normal. Thousands of companies will also be represented.

Educational Sessions

Technology is constantly changing and evolving. Attending the many Money2020 programs and sessions is important for fintech companies as they will learn the latest innovations and glimpse what fintech will be like moving forward. 

Representatives who attend Money2020 can then echo their learnings to the rest of the company so it can quickly adapt to the latest trends and be ahead of the game. 

Brand Exposition

Some companies will get a chance to do the StartUp’s Hangout at Money Beach. These lucky organizations will also get an opportunity to have exhibit space for one day. The great thing about the exhibit is that it’s limited, which means you don’t have to compete with many companies. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime. 

However, for companies not chosen, your marketing opportunities do not end here. There are many ways for brand visibility. For one, you can wear your company merchandise to get noticed: A T-shirt, jacket, or hat (for outside). You can also bring branded merchandise, such as a fan, water bottle, notebook, and pen. 


People in the fintech industry know Money2020, and they are aware that it’s the place to learn and network. You can post about your event activities on your personal, but more importantly, on your company socials. Using the event hashtag will also allow the company to get noticed by other businesses within the social media landscape in case they escape recognition at the event. 

Sense of Community

When you post about your Money2020 attendance on the company’s social media accounts, fellow attendees may develop a sense of camaraderie. Being in the same event is a conversation starter. 

Media Reach

There are dozens of media outlets covering businesses attending Money2020, allowing your brand to be mentioned. Considering thousands of other companies are in attendance, it may be a long shot, but as long as you have an exciting fintech take, the company may get a mention. 


Amsterdam should be reason enough to join the event, shouldn’t it? It’s a wonderful place with beautiful aesthetics and rich culture and history- and known as the Venice of the North because of its canals. There are many historical attractions, too: Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Hermitage Amsterdam, Anne Frank House, and Heineken Experience. It’s also a fun place for nightlife and festivals. 

At Money2020, you can soak in all the fintech lessons you need for your profession during the day and soak in the culture of Amsterdam at night. 


The sheer fun of attending this event is another compelling reason to attend. Attend any parties that will be happening and have the perfect end to a full-packed day. 

Attendee Data: Who is Attending? How Do You Prepare?

Event intelligence is the best way to determine how you prepare to meet the people expected at a professional gathering. 

In the case of Money2020 Europe 2023, participants will primarily come from the software, finance, and management consultant industries. According to event intelligence company, Vendelux, 33% are representatives from software companies, 29% from finance, and 6% from management consulting. 

Around half are owners and part of the management team, while 28% are from various professional positions. Sales and marketing individuals are expected to make up 6% of the attendance. 

Regarding seniority, a majority, or 55%, will come from C-suite, 25% are vice presidents and directors of companies, and 20% are from other professional positions. 

Around 1,175 of those expected to attend are registered under Vendelux. There are also 1,232 exhibitors and sponsors on Vendelex. 

How to Prepare For Money2020 Europe 2023

Now that you know the attendance, you can strategize so your networking and socializing activities will run smoothly. 

Here are some things you can do to prepare: 


While you may know the general background of the people attending, it’s better to be specific about it. You can always ask around your present network about companies sending representatives to the Money2020 Europe 2023 event. The advantage of this is you can tailor-fit your pitches to the specific company. 

Prepare Your Elevator Pitch

Prepare your pitches– yes, plural. It would help if you had different angles for different companies or professionals. It’s best to prepare your pitch at least a week before the event so you can get input from your management and marketing teams. 

Bring a Lot of Business Cards

Since thousands of people are attending the event, it’s hard to remember all the interactions. So, make an impression with a great elevator pitch and ensure they will remember your brand with your business card. Prepare a digital business card, too, because some may prefer it. 

Carry Your Brand

Aside from your business card, wearing or bringing brand merch with you would be ideal. You want other businesses to remember your brand, so make them–try to wear a company T-shirt or jacket, or bring a company water bottle and notebook.

Things to Consider When Registering For Money2020 Europe 2023

Here are some other essentials you need to consider for your Money2020 Europe 2023 visit. 

Registration Fee

You need to register for the event, and various passes are available. All passes will give you access to the show halls, content stages, and all networking events. You also get access to the event’s exclusive app to connect with other participants and book meetings. 

Here are the prices of the different passes at their current early-bird rates:

Standard pass – €2,595

Group rate – €2,495 (until February 24, 2023)

Early Stage Startup Pass – €675

This pass, which is available until May 1, is exclusive to tech companies with the following criteria:

  • Have fully operational products or platforms
  • Have been operational for less than three years
  • Have raised less than €3 million
  • Not consultancies, rewards or advisory companies, sole traders, or venture capitalists

Growth Stage Startup Pass – €875

The pass is exclusive to the following tech companies:

  • Have fully operational products or platforms
  • Have been operational for less than five years
  • Not consultancies, rewards or advisory companies, sole traders, or venture capitalists

Government and Non-Profit Pass – €1,145

Retailer Pass – €1,145


If you are from somewhere other than Amsterdam, joining the event will be costly. It’s a three-day event, so you must also budget for food and accommodation aside from the registration fee. You need an extra allowance, too, if you want to enjoy Amsterdam while you’re there. 


But the budget won’t be that big of a problem if there’s a positive ROI. In the case of Money2020, various companies have confirmed that the event had a positive ROI for them. 

How did some participants benefit from Money2020?

  • Many businesses were launched through networking from the event
  • Market leaders stayed ahead of the game
  • Brands stood out from the competition
  • Spotlight on new companies on such a large stage
  • Helped improve scrappy startups

What Do You Do After Money2020 Europe 2023?

With new professional acquaintances and acquired knowledge and skills from the event, you could go home with a fresh perspective in the fintech industry. Everything you gained from the event will be helpful to your business moving forward. 

First, with a new set of networks, you can start discussing marketing strategies for the company. You can design a blueprint for approaching your new contacts that would make a difference to the company. You can classify your new professional acquaintances–those you can do business with, companies you can coordinate with, and another group you can table for future reference. 

Second, lessons learned from the Money2020 Europe 2023 sessions can be passed on to the rest of the company, especially those needing specific knowledge and skills. It would be essential to take home notes, recordings, and digital copies of presentations to share with the rest of the company. Among the critical information are the business models your company could learn from, innovations in the industry, and marketing strategies. 

Third, the business can learn a lesson from organizing such business gatherings. It can be something your company can imitate on a smaller scale so you can manage your business gathering for networking and B2B lead generation. 

Tips For Traveling to Amsterdam For Money2020 Europe 2023

Check out the following tips when traveling to Money2020:

Dress For the Weather

June is a great time to be in Amsterdam as summer starts. Dress appropriately for both the event at the RAI Amsterdam and outside the city when going to and from the venue. 

Stay Close to the Venue

RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre is one of Amsterdam’s premier conference and exhibition venues. It’s located in the Zuidas business district. Built-in 1961, RAI Amsterdam welcomes around two million people yearly from more than 100 international conferences and trade shows. 

Money2020 delegates can enjoy discounted rates when booking accommodations through the event’s partnership with RAI Amsterdam and Hotel Services. 

Wear Comfortable Footwear

Amsterdam is a walkable city, so it’s an excellent way to travel to and from the venue. There will also be a lot of walking at Money2020 because you want to network with many people and attend numerous educational sessions. So, make sure you have a pair of comfortable footwear. 

Know Important Numbers 

  • 112 – Dial this number in emergencies: First aid, police, and fire department.
  • 20 – Amsterdam area code
  • +31 – Country dialing code
  • 15℃ – 20℃ – Expected daytime weather 

Careful Planning Can Make a Difference When Attending Money2020 Europe 2023

There are so many things to tackle in the fintech industry that three days may not seem enough. But with some forethought and preparation, you can get the most out of your time at the event.

The fintech industry helps shape the economy and is necessary for many other businesses in different industries. Innovations and trends in fintech will impact other sectors, making Money2020 one of the top events to attend. 

Ensure you are prepared with the correct fintech pitches, presentations, business cards, and schedule to smoothly get through the three-day event. Network with people from various companies and remember to note essential details so you can echo them back in your headquarters. 

Money2020 will provide you with a unique experience that will make you want to return for more in the coming years. 

Discover the Attendees & Sponsors Who Will be at Money2020 Europe 2023


Stefan Deeran

Co-founder and COO of Vendelux, the leading AI platform for event marketers and conference organizers.

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