Licensing Expo 2023: The Ultimate Event Guide


Licensing Expo

Licensing Expo Is Back With A Bang 

Licensing Expo is the world’s largest consumer product licensing trade show and is back for its 2023 edition. 

With a stellar line-up of 600+ exhibitors drawing over 13,000 attendees, it’s all set to outperform previous expos. It’s one of the year’s most highly anticipated brand extension shows, organized by Informa Markets and sponsored by Licensing International. 

The showrunners have turned up the heat by announcing a brand-new theme and attracting a powerhouse list of new, world-renowned brand exhibitors. 

The show combines top-notch brands from around the world to network with retailers, licensees, and consumer goods manufacturers. Since its inception over 40 years ago, Licensing Expo has facilitated powerful brand licensing collaborations to launch impressive and innovative product lines. 

From rekindling long-term partnerships to securing the licensing rights of impactful new brands, this brand extension trade show is a networking event of epic proportions. You should not miss this event if you’re a brand owner or player in the consumer goods industry. 

This comprehensive guide outlines everything you need to know about Licensing Expo 2023 and how to prepare for it. 

What Is Licensing Expo 2023? 

Licensing Expo 2023 is the most powerful annual trade show for players in the licensing industry to grab the hottest brand extension deals and make a splash. 

Innovative product and service launches, exciting licensing deals, and brands both old and new—this event brings all stakeholders under one roof for networking.  

This event is an excellent opportunity for brands across diverse industries to meet and interact with other retailers and manufacturers. Whether you’re a globally renowned brand looking to explore partnerships in previously unexplored markets, or an up-and-coming startup poised to make a splash, there are tons of opportunities for everyone. You can network with decision-makers and experienced retailers to build impeccable licensing partnerships to help you scale your business and improve brand equity. 

For retailers and consumer goods manufacturers, Licensing Expo provides pan-industry access to brands from almost all industries. Think never-seen-before products, exclusive launches, and much more—that’s what this licensing trade show gives you access to. 

It is an incredibly promising and productive trade show for newbies and experienced stakeholders, whether you’re a licensor or a licensee. Get started in the licensing business and secure your market share by cashing in on the thriving culture with a stronghold on consumer behavior today. 

The three-day mega event is free to attend for all, and this year’s spotlight is on fashion. 

Explore fashion’s impact on brand licensing as trending fashion showrooms, footwear licensors, and Products of Change take to the show floor.  

When And Where Is The Licensing Expo 2023 Taking Place?

The biggest licensing trade show will be hosted from the 13th to the 15th of June at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. The event was earlier scheduled to take place between May 23-25 but had to be postponed to accommodate venue renovations. 

Located along the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, Mandalay Bay Convention Center is the fifth largest event venue in the US, with a whopping 2.1 million square feet of exhibition space. With Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC) STAR™ accreditation to its name, the world-class venue is an attraction. Safe, secure, and prepared to last through apocalyptic events, the venue gives exhibitors and attendees the peace of mind they need to conduct business safely. 

The venue boasts an in-house team of Certified Meeting Professionals who are there to troubleshoot events 24/7. Exhibitors can access technical, office, and booth cleaning services besides food and beverage. 

Apart from the main event, there’s a lot you can do when taking part in Licensing Expo. The convention center is part of Mandalay Bay Resort, which offers a holistic experience to guests. Five-star hotels, luxury spas, fine dining, private beaches, casinos, and the famous Vegas nightlife—you can enjoy it all. So add some extra days to your itinerary to cover the best of the city’s offerings. 

You can register to visit the trade show free of charge by clicking here

If you have inquiries about exhibiting, media, and sponsorship opportunities, please visit the Licensing Expo website. 

Who Goes To Licensing Expo 2023? 

Who Will Be Speaking At Licensing Expo 2023?

Two fashion industry stalwarts are expected to deliver the keynote address, and their names will be revealed closer to the event dates. 

Roundtable sessions with decision-makers and industry experts are also on the cards. 

What Kind Of Sponsors And Exhibitors Will There Be At Licensing Expo 2023? 

The best personalities of brand licensing are regulars on the Licensing Expo show floor, and a truly impressive line-up of companies has already joined the show this year. Around 600 exhibitors are set to showcase at the annual licensing gala, while even more are expected to participate during the 30-day build-up to the final showcase. 

Keeping up with this year’s theme, fashion brands like Skechers, Hang Ten, Members Only, Maui & Sons, Betsey Johnson, Bearpaw, Laura Ashley, and Etonic will be exhibiting at the trade show. Many celebrity-inspired fashion and apparel brands are also expected to showcase their offerings. 

According to Anna Clarke, the Senior Vice President of Global Licensing Group, “We are also seeing an exceptional rise in interest from first-time exhibitors, new verticals, and international brands, as Licensing Expo remains the world’s leading event for emerging IPs, expanding existing partnerships and tapping into the latest in consumer trends and products.”

This year’s event is hosting these brands for the first time:

    • Blanca Pictures
    • China Brand Group
    • Pinkfong USA
    • Thunderbird Entertainment
    • Van Gogh Museum
    • YuMe Toys
    • Retrobands America LLC
    • China Television Industry Group
    • El Reino Infantil
    • Penguin Random House 

    Regulars like Amazon Studios, BBC Studios, BuzzFeed Inc., Coca-Cola, Crayola, Pokemon, Walmart, Unilever, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, Primark, Mad Engine, Jakks Pacific, and others have also come on board. 

    With a stellar line-up of exhibitors, Licensing Expo 2023 is set to be bigger and better than ever. 

    The show is officially sponsored by Licensing International, with License Global as its official publication and Global Licensing Group as its producer. 

    In 2022, Licensing Expo was joined by some of the biggest brands, like Amazon Studios, Netflix, MLB Players, and The Coca-Cola Company. Riot Games and Moonbug Entertainment made their debut at the show. 

    What Kind of Sessions Are There At Licensing Expo 2023? 

    The licensing trade show will host a series of knowledge sessions, panel discussions, social networking events, and experiential exchanges for all attendees. Speakers will be announced closer to the event date, but attendees can expect two keynote sessions from fashion royalty. 

    In addition, Licensing Expo is also organizing the following:

        • Orientation Session: Start your Licensing Expo 2023 journey by learning how to navigate the show floor and meet with exhibitors without running out of time. 

        • Roundtable Sessions: Listen to industry experts share their knowledge and experience to get started on your brand licensing journey. Learn from the best in business and get an inside look at how the licensing industry works. This year, visitors will be privy to twelve Meet the Experts sessions over the first two days. 

        • LICENSE THIS! Competition: This virtual competition invites submissions from unlicensed brands. A panel of editors from the License Global team judges them. The winner gets a brand valuation of $7,000 and other benefits, while the top three shortlisted participants get a show feature and pop-up banner for brand visibility.

        • Ignite Brand Pitches: This shark tank-inspired session invites registered exhibitors to participate in a pitching war in front of a live audience. Participants can enroll in the competition free of cost, gain invaluable exposure, and improve brand visibility in front of a well-informed audience. 

      What To Expect From Licensing Expo 2023. Is It Worth It? 

      Licensing Expo is the only event of its kind that brings together the world’s biggest brands and new-to-the-game stakeholders from the consumer goods industry together under one roof. It is the place to start, build, and grow your brand licensing business, whether you’re a brand or a retailer. 

      This consumer product licensing and brand extension show hosts product launches, networking sessions, educational sessions, brainstorming competitions, and more. 

      Without a doubt, the quality of interactions and the scale of the show make it an unmissable event. And with more than 40 years of successful events under its belt, Licensing Expo is the best place to be if you want to get started in the industry. 

      From drop-in clinics where you can have one-on-ones with experts to a meeting platform where you can plan your day, the event hosts will take care of everything for you. It promises to be a seamless, practical, and highly productive event for exhibiting companies and all attendees. 

      There’s something for everyone, especially for newbies learning the tricks of the trade. 

      Why Should I Attend Licensing Expo 2023? 

      Licensing Expo 2023 is the place to be if you work in the licensing industry in just about any capacity. Get up close and personal with some of the biggest global brands and build unique partnerships that will take the consumer goods industry by storm. 

      Here are the top five reasons why you should register to attend: 

      Exclusive Access To The Freshest Launches 

      Licensing Expo is the best global launchpad for up-and-coming brands to launch their newest, freshest products. Apart from the products on the exhibition floor, you can watch brands pitch their most innovative product ideas on the Ignite Brand Pitches and License This! competitions. 

      Be the first to witness futuristic products that will set new trends in the consumer goods industry. You can also crack lucrative deals long before your competitors even get a whiff of what they’re missing. 

      The licensing trade show offers valuable discovery sessions and early access to next-gen products that promise to take the market by storm, even for seasoned players. 

      Knowledge Sessions With Industry Leaders 

      Highly experienced decision-makers are set to share their knowledge to take your licensing journey to the next level. Attend seminars, speed networking sessions, and keynote addresses to listen to what industry leaders have to say about the future of licensing. 

      Quality Leads And New Business 

      You can connect with brands aligning with your business’s goals and spark new partnerships to help grow your business from ordinary to extraordinary. Interact with many old and new brands to generate fresh leads and create professional relationships in an event designed to drive conversions and conversations.

      Licensing Expo 2023 is the best place to build a formidable leads library for your business. 

      Trends Of The Future 

      Learn about disruptive trends long before they fully emerge in the ever-changing retail landscape. Build a business strategy aligned with these changes so your brand remains relevant and maintains a competitive edge in a cutthroat market. 

      Free Attendance

      Licensing Expo 2023 is free for everyone to attend. All you need to worry about is transportation and accommodations. Attending a global trade show of this scale is a fantastic deal! 

      Attendee Data: Learn Who’s Attending Licensing Expo 2023 And How to Prepare For It 

      Known for attracting highly sought-after decision-makers from the industry, this event is expected to be attended by consumer goods, hospitality, and software industry experts. C-suite executives, vice presidents, founders, directors—the creme de la creme of renowned enterprises will be among the diverse exhibitors at the show.

      More than 13,000 attendees have registered, and the numbers rise daily. Amazon, Walmart, Shein, Pepsico, Pottery Barn, H&M, Kohl’s, and many other big names are all set to make a big splash at the event. 

      Needless to say, if you are a fledgling brand wishing to strike gold, this is your opportunity to get noticed and sign a brand extension deal. 

      Preparation is crucial for attendees. Because Licensing Global is a top-tier digital event, you must be ready to network with the best of them and have some of the most important conversations of your career. 

      Here are some tips to help you make the most of this event: 

      Prepare Your Pitch 

      You will interact with renowned licensees who have been doing this for years and have many brands knocking on their doors. You must prepare a stellar pitch to sell your product and brand to make an impact. Rehearse as much as you can before the show to put your best foot forward and impress everyone you run into. 

      You will have three days to make as many professional connections as possible. So make sure you are ready to make a lasting impression, and every moment at the event counts. 

      Plan Your Day 

      With so many competitions, showcases, knowledge sessions, speed networking, and various activities, you must be mindful of everything you do daily. Study the show schedule and make a list of non-networking sessions that you need to attend. Set aside ample time to interact with licensees to get your desired deals. 

      Plan your day based on what you want to achieve. If boosting your business is your primary goal, stick to networking. But if you’re keen on learning and upskilling, make time for the sessions that are a part of the event agenda. 

      Utilize The Event Matchmaking App 

      Licensing Expo is the largest event of its kind, and three days are not enough to meet every prospective business partner and lead. Use the show’s matchmaking app to make as many professional connections as possible. 

      As Jessica Blue, Senior Vice President of Licensing at UBM, explains, “Licensing Expo has developed this unique offering to support the show experience for our valued exhibitors and attendees.”

      Don’t cram your day with meetings that won’t yield the results you want or need. Meet with attendees who will be more inclined to engage with your pitch and likely make an offer you can’t refuse. 

      Carry Enough Business Cards 

      It will be impossible to have fruitful conversations with everyone you run into. But you can ensure you can contact them once the show is over. Carry extra business cards and distribute them generously on the show floor.  

      Go For Branded Clothing And Accessories

      Licensing Expo is an excellent opportunity to gain as much visibility as you can for your brand. Consider investing in branded clothing you and your team can wear on the show floor. It’s a cost-effective yet proven effective way to market your brand and boost recall. 

      You can stand out from the crowd in your branded attire while still looking as professional as anyone else you will encounter during the show.

      Remember that you have specific business goals to achieve. Keep the big picture in mind while preparing to rock the show floor. 

      Things To Consider When Attending Licensing Expo 2023

      Licensing Expo 2023 is free to attend. Simply register to get your attendee pass and regular updates from the showrunner. 

      If you want to exhibit, register ASAP to book your booths.

      Media partners need to register, too. 

      Whether you’re going to Licensing Expo as an exhibitor, media representative, or general attendee, remember the following: 

          • Plan your trip well in advance to have everything you need during the show days.

          • Set a budget. While the show is free to attend, you still need to invest in conveyance, accommodations, and miscellaneous expenses.

          • Set clear business goals and define your goals during the show’s three days.

          • Read through the event rules and regulations for a fun, hassle-free experience. 

        While at the show, don’t forget to have some fun even if you’re working. 

        How Do I Plan For Licensing Expo 2023, And What Do I Do After The Event? 

        Trade shows are known to be hectic affairs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your visit to Licensing Expo 2023: 

        Create A Detailed Itinerary 

        Since the event takes place in Las Vegas, you can very well plan for a business-cum-leisure trip. Arrive a day or two early to be well-rested before the show starts. And once the show is over, you can extend your trip by a few days to get a taste of the Vegas life. 

        Having a trip itinerary in place will also help you allocate a reasonable budget for each element of your trip. And if you book in advance, you can get great deals for your stay and other activities. 

        Dress For The Occasion 

        Remember that the show floor is sprawling, and you will be on your feet for most of the day. Take your most comfortable yet professional-looking pair of shoes to minimize aches and pains. Dress to impress but do not forget about your comfort. The show floor will be packed to the brim, and your clothing must not make you feel stifled and overheated. 

        Las Vegas weather in June is quite hot and humid. So if you’re planning to explore the city once the event closes its doors for the day, pack comfortable, airy clothing. 

        Make Bookings In Advance 

        Do not wait until the last minute to settle your accommodations because nearby hotels will quickly sell out. The Licensing Expo attracts thousands of attendees from all over the country, so make your bookings well ahead of time. 

        Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about transportation within the city since Mandalay Bay Convention Center is a part of the eponymous resort, and all you need is well within reach. 

        Bring Backups

        Even though the show takes place in a fantastic, modern venue with top-notch amenities, it’s wise to carry backups. Carry portable hard drives and USB sticks with the presentations and resources you will need quick access to. So if the convention center WiFi fails or you face equipment malfunctions, you can still easily make your pitches. 

        Don’t forget the all-important power backups for your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and other gadgets. Your day-long networking will surely do a number on your devices.

        Things To Do After the Event 

        The convention center is located at the Mandalay Bay Resort. It has many attractions you can explore: 

            • Mandalay Bay Casino: Get a taste of Las Vegas casino life in this top-of-the-line casino. 

            • Shark Reef Museum: If you love underwater creatures, tour this massive museum and watch sharks float by. 

            • House of Blues: Indulge in classic Southern-style po-boys and jambalaya while enjoying old-school blues and rock. 

            • Minus5 Ice Bar: If you’re in the mood for adventure, go for a drink in this “cool” bar made entirely of ice! 

            • Cirque du Soleil: Don’t miss out on the spellbinding tribute entitled Michael Jackson: One Theater.

          You will be spoilt for choice while in Vegas. Enjoy the city’s incredible nightlife after wrapping up your professional endeavors at the event. 

          Tips When Traveling To Licensing Expo 2023 + Hotels

          If you’re staying at the Mandalay Bay Resort area, here are a few things to know: 

          There’s A Ride-Hailing Area

          You can access the air-conditioned ride-hailing area just past the convention center entrance. You can book your ride and wait for it in comfort. 

          It’s A Dog-friendly Resort 

          Mandalay Bay Resort is dog-friendly, so you can bring your pet and enjoy the city together. 

          There’s Monorail For Interconnectivity 

          If you want to explore the nearby Excalibur and Luxor Resorts, avail the free monorail service. It’s fast, convenient, and free. 

          Licensing Expo also offers discounted tariffs on hotels booked through its official provider, Convention Housing Partners. Visit this page for a list of hotels to book your stay. 

          You can also save big on your flight through the event’s airline partnerships. 

              • Get a 2% discount and 15% Rapid Reward Points by booking your tickets on Southwest Airlines from June 10 to 18. All bookings must be made via SWABIZ. 

              • Get up to 10% off on your United Airlines tickets booked between June 10 and 18. Discounts do not apply to economy class tickets. All bookings must be made via the official airline website. 

              • Avail 5% discount on standard fares, a 10% discount on flex fares, and a 10% discount on international flights for Air Canada bookings made from June 6 to 22 on the official airline website. 

            Summary: Careful Planning Can Make A Big Difference When You Go To Licensing Expo 2023

            Licensing Expo 2023 is the biggest event of its kind, with thousands of attendees and hundreds of brands poised for three days of networking and learning.

            The licensing trade show presents a unique opportunity for brands to meet stakeholders from the consumer goods industry in person. On the one hand, brands can enter unforeseen markets without making substantial investments. Conversely, consumer goods manufacturers can attract new customers and increase sales by partnering with crowd favorites.

            In many ways, the trade show opens up million-dollar possibilities for buyers and sellers to conduct business.

            Whether you’re an exhibitor, attendee, or panelist, participating in a global event like Licensing Expo must be a carefully considered decision. You cannot make last-minute plans because the show is free to attend.

            You need to discuss your plans to attend the show with your management, budget for it, and secure approvals. That’s where an event information database can be extremely useful to you. Access all the information you need about Licensing Expo and present it to management.

            Once you convince them that participating in it will be a worthy investment, you can start planning the final leg of your journey.

            With ample preparation, you can make the most of your time at the event—professionally and personally.

            Plan your trip today!

            Discover the Attendees & Sponsors Who Will be at Licensing Expo 2023


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