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How Often Do You Update Your Data?

Fusion updates events on a regular cadence throughout the year. One year in advance, there might not be any info about next year’s show from the organizers yet and we are relying on our predictive AI algorithm to provide unique insights into likely attendees for planning purposes.

Around 6 months out, we typically get the first set of confirmed speakers and sponsors from the event organizers. 3 months out, we start to see more confirmed speakers and more posts on social media from new attendee registrations. And then a month or so before the event, we often get a surge of new speakers, sponsor and attendee information. As a customer, you will get alerts every time your prospects are added to an event.

For customers that want even more updates on attendees, Fusion On-Demand is our new monitoring service that can provide extra research and even more frequent updates on attendees – sometimes even daily as new registrations are announced. Simply activate Fusion on Demand with the click of a button within Vendelux and Fusion will prioritize this event for you. On average, Fusion on Demand can find an additional 1,500 attendees for large conferences and at least 100 for smaller events.