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Overview of Vendelux Capabilities


The overall objective of Vendelux is to help organizations make more data-driven decisions regarding their event strategy and connect with their target customers in a meaningful and more measurable way. 



  • Discover Relevant Events – See which events your ICP, target customers, clients, or competitors will attend.
  • Thought Leadership – Identify impactful speaker engagements for your organization to engage your target audience.
  • Collaborate Internally – Save and share events of interest to evaluate as a team on Planner. 


  • Event Strategy – Plan your entire event calendar and make data-driven decisions like validating event choices, determining sponsorships, and selecting the right sales members with transparency. 
  • Internal Reporting – Share event data (e.g., attendee & sponsor information), ROI expectations, and event recommendations within your organization.


  • Event Preparation & Outreach – With our enriched attendee data (including contact details), your marketing and sales team can start outreach earlier and pre-book meetings, invite prospects to your own events, and drive more traffic to your booth. 
  • Create transparency – Match your sales teams prospects with the attendee data to be able to select the right team for the event.
  • Event Follow-up – Upload your event leads for enrichment and connect with prospects that you might have missed at the event. 
  • ROI Analysis (beta) – Add your budget. Number of leads and spent to the Planner to be able to understand your value from the event and have data for the next year.

Overview of data usage


You will have the most impactful experience with Vendelux by mapping your own data against our database. This data can consist of the following; however, every customer can decide what information to upload and delete it at any time: 

  • Target customers & contact person 
  • Existing clients or partners
  • Competitors 
  • Sales team 
  • Events 

This data can be added manually, through a CSV upload (matching name, domain, and other details), or through a one-way Salesforce sync. Vendelux only requires a company name or domain for company matches OR a company name/person’s name for attendee matches. 

Your dedicated CSM will host an onboarding call for your team to assist in setting up your account and discuss your targeted events. 


General information 

Vendelux has built a proprietary AI-powered data engine called Fusion. Vendelux Fusion has 3 components to help our customers get the best intelligence on events in advance: 

  1. We get first-party data directly from our network of thousands of event organizers and Vendelux community members. 
  2. We monitor over 100,000 websites, networking apps and social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. We also have 7+ 3rd-party enrichment partners for additional data about people and companies such as their emails. 
  3. Lastly, we have a predictive model that uses AI to forecast which companies and people are likely to be at future events using our proprietary dataset of 5+ years of historical event data and labeling based on confidence. 

Confirmed/predicted status

Vendelux differentiates in predicted and confirmed attendees/sponsors. Predictive data is especially useful for planning purposes since there is often no data about an event 9-12 months in advance other than the venue and dates. Our confirmed data is very useful for event execution, such as pre-booking meetings.  

Attendees and organizations are labeled as predicted when our algorithm has determined they are likely to return to an event based on historical attendance patterns. Confirmed attendees are confirmed by either the event organizer or the person themself, for example through announcements on social media such as LinkedIn. As the events get closer, more and more attendees will be converted to “confirmed” & customers will be notified in Vendelux and via an email digest.

Updating data

We update events on a regular cadence throughout the year. One year in advance, there might not be any info about next year’s show from the organizers yet and we are relying on our predictive algorithm to provide unique insights into likely attendees for planning purposes.

Between 12 – 9 months in advance, we will have predicted attendee data, and often confirmed sponsors & speakers. Starting 6 – 3 months in advance we will have additional confirmed speakers and sponsors, and first confirmed attendees through social media monitoring. From 1 month in advance onwards you will see a vast increase of all confirmed data through social media monitoring and access to apps as well as pre-registration lists (if & when available) and in the last 2 weeks before the event we usually have updates 2-3 times per week. We continue monitoring the event for another 2-4 weeks after the event to help with follow up’s as well as predictions for next years’ event.

For customers that want even more updates on attendees, they can activate Fusion On-Demand which is a monitoring service that can provide extra research and even more frequent updates on attendees – sometimes even daily as new registrations are announced. On average, Fusion on Demand can find an additional 1,500 attendees for large and at least 100 for smaller events.

Data accuracy

We are constantly refining and updating our model as we gather more data and validate it with confirmed attendee info. With Web Summit 2021, for example, we found our AI accurately predicted over 50% of the confirmed attendees.  We will always label whether an attendee is predicted or confirmed so you can make better decisions. 

The value of predictive attendee info is to give you a representative sample of the types of people and companies that will be at the event so you can plan your calendar months in advance. 

ROI Meter

Vendelux uses a proprietary algorithm to determine potential ROI, factoring in variables such as attendees, event costs, sponsorship data, historical trends, and even your deal sizes and close rates by matching it against your uploaded prospects. The ROI meter is visible on every event detail page giving you a quick indication of the value of the event. 


Usage of data by Vendelux

The data our customers choose to share/upload into Vendelux is not influencing our event data. It is strictly used to help customers match their prospects, existing customers, partners or competitors to events they are evaluating or attending themselves. More information can be found in Vendelux’ Privacy Policy:

Usage of data by clients

Vendelux is sharing data that has been collected via legitimate interest and/or consent. Clients should use best practices as they would for any 3rd party data provider like ZoomInfo, for instance to only use data to do outreach around events that they and the attendees have a shared interest in. Vendelux does not support clients downloading contact lists and mass emailing with offers unrelated to events. More information can be found in Vendelux’ Terms of Service or contract.