IBC Amsterdam 2023: The Ultimate Event Guide


IBC Amsterdam 2023

In the fast-paced media, entertainment, and technology world, IBC Amsterdam stands tall as a global epicenter of innovation, discussions, and business opportunities. Since its inception in 1967, IBC has grown exponentially in terms of its reach and the depth of content it offers. Today, it’s not just an event but a holistic experience where the media industry’s future is shaped. With participants from over 170 countries, it bridges the gap between technology and content creation, offering a platform for professionals to collaborate, learn, and evolve. 

Whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or a newcomer eager to make your mark, IBC Amsterdam 2023 is the place to be. With many workshops, discussions, exhibitions, and networking events, it provides a comprehensive overview of where the industry stands today and where it’s headed. Furthermore, the beautiful city of Amsterdam offers a perfect backdrop, blending rich cultural experiences with business opportunities. Dive into this guide to unlock all that IBC Amsterdam 2023 offers and ensure you’re well-prepared to maximize your experience.

What Is IBC Amsterdam 2023?

IBC Amsterdam is a leading global event focused on content creation and new tech. Covering media, entertainment, and technology, it’s where professionals and fans meet to learn, share ideas, and discover new business opportunities.

Initiated ‘by the industry, for the industry’, IBC’s inception in 1967 set the stage for a platform that would continuously adapt and evolve with emergent trends and technologies over 56 years. From its humble beginnings of drawing participants from 24 countries, IBC has grown, welcoming an international crowd of exhibitors, speakers, and attendees from 170+ nations.

IBC Amsterdam 2023 offers an immersive live experience with workshops, discussions, exhibitions, and networking opportunities. Through the decades, it has not only remained relevant but has also continued to lead and inspire the world in the domain of media, entertainment, and technology.

When and Where is IBC Amsterdam 2023 Taking Place?

IBC Amsterdam 2023 will be held from September 15-18, 2023, at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The RAI Amsterdam is a popular spot for hosting big events due to its vast and adaptable area. As one of Europe’s leading convention venues, it covers a whopping 1.2 million square feet, set aside for exhibitions and meetings. The venue comes fully equipped with cutting-edge large halls, cozy meeting spaces, and beautiful outdoor areas. Because of these features, it’s a top pick for many international events and shows.

Who’s Coming to IBC Amsterdam 2023?

Amidst the charm of Amsterdam, IBC 2023 promises to be an epicenter of technological innovation and media discussions.

A Closer Look at the Attendees:

Volume and Variety: The vastness of this year’s event is truly notable. IBC expects a turnout of over 40,000 peers, making the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre a thriving locus of creativity, exchange, and learning. Complementing this number is an impressive roster of 1,250+ exhibitors from more than 170 countries, ready to display and discuss their latest innovations.

The Spectrum of Attendees: The diversity at IBC is a testament to its global appeal and relevance across numerous industries. Visitors not only come from the core broadcast and entertainment sectors but span the entirety of the technological landscape. A snapshot of attendees from a range of professionals:

  • Broadcasters and Content Providers
  • Experts from Production and Post-Production
  • Cinema Aficionados
  • Consultancy, Analytics, and Research Professionals
  • Hardware Suppliers and Media Distributors
  • Voices from Government and Financial Services
  • Software Suppliers and Cloud Service Providers
  • Representatives of OTT Platforms and Telecoms & Mobile Industries
  • Advertising Executives
  • Pioneers in VR/AR/MR, IoT, Esports/Gaming, and Voice

Decision Makers and More: IBC isn’t just about numbers but about the quality of its attendees. This event attracts top-tier decision-makers, tech buyers, innovators, government officials, and the press. These influencers have a mission – to learn, network, invest, and propel their respective industries forward.

Who Will be Speaking at IBC Amsterdam 2023?

IBC Amsterdam 2023 has a mix of speakers from many backgrounds. This year’s group represents a wide range of media, entertainment, and technology areas.

Let’s cast a spotlight on some of the speakers set to grace the stage:

Aditi Pandey, Head of Vendor Management & Partnerships, NRK: As the driving force behind partnerships at NRK, Aditi brings a wealth of knowledge in vendor management and media collaborations.

Aisling Jarvis, Senior Product Manager, BBC Studios: A pivotal figure at BBC Studios, Aisling’s insights into product management promise to be enriching and enlightening.

Ajit Thakur, Co-Founder and Board of Directors, Aha: Co-founding Aha and steering its direction, Ajit’s expertise in content streaming and platform development will be keenly awaited.

Akwasi Ansah, Founder and Creative Director, Omroep ZWART: As the creative pulse behind Omroep ZWART, Akwasi will offer a unique blend of creative vision and practical direction.

Andrew Walker, Global Communications & Media Lead, Accenture: With a global perspective on communication and media, Andrew’s session promises a deep dive into industry trends and foresight.

Brian Lakamp, EVP, Media Supply Chain, Paramount: Overseeing the media supply chain at Paramount, Brian’s knowledge will be invaluable for those looking to understand the intricate workings of media distribution.

Eddie Drake, Head of Technology, Marvel Studios: Representing the technological marvels behind Marvel Studios, Eddie’s insights are bound to captivate attendees, offering a glimpse into the future of cinematic technology.

Fabien Pisano, Head of Sales, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions, Sony: With an in-depth understanding of imaging and sales, Fabien’s talk will resonate with tech enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Gary Hamer, SVP Sales & Business Development, SmartLabs: As a sales and business development visionary, Gary’s session will surely provide valuable growth and innovation strategies.

Helene Juguet, Managing Director, Ubisoft: Guiding one of the biggest names in gaming, Helene’s perspective on the gaming industry, its challenges, and its future will be a highlight.

Kylee Peña, Product Marketing Manager, Pro Editorial, Adobe: Representing Adobe, a leader in creative software, Kylee’s insights into product marketing promise to be informative and inspiring.

This is just a glimpse of the speakers set to inspire and inform at IBC Amsterdam 2023. And with many more to be announced, attendees are in for a treat of knowledge and networking. Stay tuned for more!

What Kind of Sponsors and Exhibitions Will There Be at IBC Amsterdam 2023?

IBC Amsterdam 2023, an iconic gathering of media, entertainment, and technology professionals, shines even brighter with the support and collaboration of its stellar sponsors and exhibitors. This year’s event promises to be a rich tapestry of innovation, thanks to the diverse and influential organizations set to make their mark.

Let’s dive into the notable list of exhibitors and partners set to elevate the event:

Exhibitors: UniqCast, Microsoft Corporation, NPAW, Samsung, Amazon Web Services, Canon Europe, EBU (European Broadcasting Union), Harmonic, HP, Sony, and many more.


  • Royal Television Society: As advocates for the art and science of television, their collaboration signifies the event’s commitment to quality and innovation.
  • The Institute of Engineering and Technology: Their partnership ensures that the technological aspects of broadcasting are well represented and discussed.
  • IEEE Broadcast Technology Society: Renowned for promoting broadcast technology, their involvement ensures an insightful dialogue on the latest innovations.
  • IABM: As the International Trade Association for Broadcast and Media Technology, their endorsement reinforces the event’s stature.
  • SCTE: A pivotal entity in the broadcasting and telecommunications ecosystem, SCTE’s involvement highlights the technical depth of the conference.
  • SMPTE: As global leaders in media technology, their partnership speaks volumes about the caliber and depth of discussions to be held.

With such an array of participants, IBC Amsterdam 2023 is poised to be a beacon of innovation, discussion, and collaboration in the media world. Make sure you’re part of the conversation!

What Kind of Sessions Are There at IBC Amsterdam 2023?

IBC Amsterdam 2023 is a leading event for media, content, and technology professionals. It’s gearing up to offer a range of informative sessions. Throughout the event, attendees can expect to gain fresh insights, hear from industry experts, and connect with peers worldwide. Here’s a brief overview of the kind of sessions that participants can look forward to:

Innovative Presentations:

  • Enjoy sessions led by experts who will discuss new trends.
  • Share important tips.
  • Predict the future of media, content, and technology.

Dynamic Panels: Attend focused group sessions where industry experts come together. Join leaders and innovators as they delve into key challenges and opportunities in the media industry.

Hands-on Workshops: Join workshops designed for deep learning and improving skills. Guided by experts, these sessions offer direct experience, new methods, and actionable takeaways.

Tech Masterclasses: A treasure trove for tech lovers. These masterclasses will deep-dive into the nuances of cutting-edge technologies, strategies, and innovations shaping the future of broadcasting and media.

Product Demos: Discover the latest products and solutions as brands unveil their latest offerings. Experience firsthand the innovations set to redefine the media content and technology landscape.

IBC Conference: This paid segment will be a hotbed of insights over two days. The conference promises a holistic exploration of the media content sector, from keynotes to in-depth discussions and technical papers.

Accelerator Media Innovation Programme: Experience the nexus of innovation and collaboration. Witness path-breaking projects, team up with innovators, and shape the future of media and broadcasting.

IBC Awards Gala: Celebrate excellence and innovation at the IBC Innovation and Social Impact Awards. Witness the industry’s best and brightest get recognized for their unparalleled contributions.

Amidst these diverse sessions, IBC Amsterdam 2023 also offers many networking opportunities, breakout sessions, and interactive segments to cater to the multifaceted interests of its attendees.

IBC Amsterdam 2023 features a top-notch exhibition and many informative sessions. It’s a hub for ideas, learning, and international teamwork in media and technology.

What To Expect From IBC Amsterdam 2023 – Is the Event Worth It?

IBC Amsterdam 2023 is a must-attend for leaders in the Media and Entertainment world. It’s vital for those looking to bring new ideas and changes in this ever-evolving field. As the industry faces unique challenges, this event is committed to supporting fresh thinking and growth.

Attending IBC2023 is more than just joining an event. It’s about being at the heart of important talks, new ideas, and teaming up with others. The event aims to boost the industry, help content spread across different platforms, and start impactful discussions.

Attending IBC Amsterdam is a must for Media and Entertainment professionals. It’s a chance to learn from industry leaders, connect with colleagues, and see new technologies first-hand. IBC2023 will bring together global media’s creative, tech, and business sides, encouraging teamwork and new opportunities.

IBC Amsterdam 2023 aims to showcase the big changes in the Media and Entertainment world. Both leading industry figures and upcoming talents will share their views and solutions, helping attendees stay updated with the newest trends and success strategies.

If you’re a stakeholder in the Media and Entertainment realm, skipping IBC2023 might mean missing out on key insights, contacts, and innovations that could be instrumental in your growth and success.

Why Should You Attend IBC Amsterdam 2023?

Choosing to attend IBC Amsterdam 2023 means more than just joining a media event. It’s about being at the heart of new ideas, learning, and forward-thinking. Here’s what you can expect at this major event:

Breathtaking Insights at the Innovation Stage 

IBC’s Innovation Stage is a well-curated platform offering attendees a deep dive into transformative projects and groundbreaking insights. Focusing on the future, it promises a firsthand experience of the bleeding edge of technological progress.

IBC Accelerator Programme: The Future, Today 

Stay one step ahead of the competition by being at the forefront of next-gen tech innovation with the IBC Accelerator programme. Featuring sessions from leading-edge exhibitors like ZEASN, Xytech, and Imagine Communications, it’s an unrivaled opportunity to see what tomorrow looks like.

A World of Knowledge through the Partner Programme 

IBC ensures its content is accessible to all, and its free-to-attend Partner Programme is a testament to this. By hosting seminars from esteemed organizations like the European Digital Cinema Forum (EDCF) and MovieLabs, attendees will be privy to nuanced discussions on pertinent topics. From exploring the realm of content delivery to sustainability in broadcasting and envisioning the media industry’s future, it’s a comprehensive overview of the field’s dynamic landscape.

Voices that Shape the Industry 

Hearing from global brands is not just about understanding their products but grasping their vision for the future. Brands such as Accenture, Zixi, Wondershare, Microsoft, Google, and AWS will share their perspectives, insights, and predictions, giving attendees a 360-degree view of what’s shaping the media industry.

If you’re mulling over the decision to attend IBC Amsterdam 2023, contemplate the wealth of knowledge, contacts, and experiences you stand to gain in a condensed time frame. The potential for your professional evolution, networking opportunities, and understanding of the media ecosystem is unparalleled.

Still on the fence? Stay connected with IBC Amsterdam’s official channels and partner networks for up-to-the-minute updates, exclusive content previews, and more reasons that will solidify your decision to be a part of this global phenomenon.

Leverage Attendee Insights: Discover Who’s Attending IBC Amsterdam 2023 And Prepare For It

IBC Amsterdam is a top meetup for experts and leaders in media and entertainment. Wondering how to connect with the right folks at this event? Use attendee insights to boost your networking efforts.

By diving into this data, you get a clear plan for engaging others, helping you make informed choices, improving your time, and boosting your ROI at IBC Amsterdam 2023.

Here’s a detailed snapshot of IBC Amsterdam 2023 attendees based on Vendelux’s current data:

IBC Amsterdam 2023 Audience Breakdown: Industry Participation:

  • Software: 38%
  • News: 12%
  • Telecommunications: 7%

Job Functions:

  • Professional Roles: 45%
  • Founders and Management: 20%
  • Sales and Marketing: 15%

Leadership Hierarchy:

  • Professionals: 44%
  • VPs and Directors: 28%
  • C-Suite Executives: 28%

Explore the diverse mix of attendees and tap into opportunities for strong partnerships and learning. Here are some tips to boost your interactions:

Maximize Your Networking Impact: With a clear majority from the software industry and professionals leading the charge, adjust your engagement strategy to cater to these audiences. Be ready with demonstrations, case studies, or insights that appeal to this demographic.

Prepare for Engaging Founders and Management: Knowing that 20% of the attendees are founders or in management, ensure that your conversations are strategic and aligned with their organizational goals and visions. The potential for partnerships or collaborations is high with this group.

Targeting the Leadership: A significant percentage of attendees occupy leadership positions. Your approach should resonate with their broader strategic goals and long-term visions. Tailor your discussions and pitches to be concise, insightful, and value-driven.

Sharpen Your Elevator Pitch: Whether showcasing a new software solution, sharing news insights, or promoting telecommunications advancements, your pitch should be crisp and compelling. Remember, you might only get a few minutes with key decision-makers, so make them count.

Arm Yourself with Collateral: From business cards to brochures, having tangible takeaways for potential partners or clients can make a lasting impression. Ensure they reflect your brand and the solutions you offer.

Embrace Collaboration and Learning: IBC Amsterdam is a hub for learning. Attend seminars, panel discussions, and workshops. Engage in meaningful dialogues, even with competitors, to gather insights and identify potential areas for collaboration.

IBC Amsterdam 2023 is more than just an event; it’s a platform that can catapult your brand to global recognition. Approach it with a strategic mindset, and the dividends could be transformative.

Post-event, it’s crucial to review and analyze your engagements. Evaluate which interactions hold potential for future collaborations and prioritize follow-ups. Reflection post-IBC Amsterdam 2023 will also provide a framework for improvement, ensuring each subsequent event is more productive than the last.

Things to Consider When Registering for IBC Amsterdam 2023

IBC Amsterdam 2023 is a significant event for broadcast, media, and technology professionals, offering many opportunities to engage, learn, and network. To ensure participants can tailor their experience to their unique needs, IBC Amsterdam provides a range of ticket options. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the available passes:

Visitor Pass Cost: €95 (onsite price – €195) 

Validity: 14th-18th of September 


  • Access to the entire IBC exhibition
  • Perfect for content and media tech professionals seeking the latest technologies
  • Engage with over 1,000 exhibitors on the IBC Show Floor
  • Participate in the 2-day Changemaker programme
  • Enjoy show floor theatre access, including Showcase Theatre, Innovation Stage, and Content Everywhere Stages
  • Chill at The Beach
  • Explore the Gaming and Esports Programme

Delegate Pass Cost: €745 (onsite price – €895) 

Validity: 14th-18th of September 


  • Suitable for those wanting to stay updated and get ahead of the curve
  • Includes all benefits of the Visitor Pass
  • Engage in a 2-day Conference programme, including enlightening keynote sessions and panel discussions
  • Delve into the renowned 2-day Technical Papers
  • Toast at the Conference opening drinks
  • Gain insights with an exclusive Trends Report delivered by IABM

Premium Pass Cost: €1,895 (onsite price – €1,995) 

Validity: 14th-18th of September 


  • The gold standard experience for broadcast and content professionals
  • All benefits of the Delegate Pass included
  • Luxuriate in the exclusive IBC Premium Lounge
  • Network over exclusive breakfasts
  • Engage in Content-led Roundtables
  • Mingle at the networking drinks
  • Secure a spot in the Meeting Room area
  • Deep dive into trends with an exclusive report delivered by OMDIA

Choosing the right pass is essential to maximize your experience at IBC Amsterdam 2023. Align your choice with your primary objectives for attending, be it exploring the latest technologies, engaging in high-level discussions, or networking in a premium environment. Each ticket is designed to cater to different needs and aspirations, ensuring every attendee can extract the most value from this illustrious event. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the offerings of each ticket type and select the one that best aligns with your goals for the summit.

Plan Your Visit to IBC Amsterdam 2023 and What To Do During After Hours

Prepping for IBC Amsterdam 2023: If IBC Amsterdam 2023 is marked on your calendar, ensure you make the most of it by preparing effectively:

Set Clear Objectives: For networking, exploring new tech solutions, or nurturing potential collaborations, clarity in your goals is the first step. Identifying these objectives will provide direction for all your other preparatory actions.

Your Travel Blueprint: Organize your transportation in advance. Amsterdam is a hub with numerous transit options; select the one that aligns with your convenience, schedule, and budget. Consider the city’s efficient public transportation for ease of commute.

Dive Deep into IBC Details: Familiarize yourself with the event’s schedule and exhibitor list. This will allow you to prioritize sessions and stalls, ensuring you don’t miss crucial opportunities.

Gear Up with Marketing Collateral: Equip yourself with brochures, business cards, and other promotional materials. In a massive event like IBC, these tangible takeaways can make a lasting impression.

Dress for Success: IBC is a blend of business and tech. Striking the right balance between professional and comfortable is key, given the long hours you might spend on your feet.

Strategize Your Meetups: Amsterdam offers a plethora of delightful spots perfect for formal and informal chats. Research and select venues in advance, ensuring they’re convenient and conducive to your discussion.

Stay Ahead with Event Intelligence: Leverage Vendelux for insights about attendee dynamics. Such intelligence can significantly enhance your IBC experience, guiding your strategic decisions.

Amsterdam After Dusk: Beyond the enlightening sessions at IBC, Amsterdam offers a wide variety of experiences for the nocturnal explorer.

IBC Side Events: These curated events extend your networking and learning opportunities into the night. Often set in iconic Amsterdam locales, they offer a blend of business interaction in a relaxed setting.

Discover Amsterdam’s Nightlife: Renowned for its vibrant nightlife, Amsterdam has something for everyone. Every spot has a story, from historic pubs along the canals to contemporary rooftop bars offering panoramic city views.

Music and More: Let Amsterdam’s diverse music scene entertain you, whether it’s the classical strains from Concertgebouw or the lively beats of Leidseplein’s clubs.

As you navigate Amsterdam’s charming streets, remember that every encounter, inside and outside IBC’s halls, presents a chance to build connections, gather insights, and craft memories that last.

Tips When Traveling to IBC Amsterdam 2023 + Hotels

Exploring Amsterdam Beyond IBC 2023: Amsterdam, known for its artistic heritage, intricate canal system, and iconic narrow houses, promises a kaleidoscope of experiences:

  • Cruise the tranquil canals, witnessing Amsterdam’s architectural marvels from the water.
  • Absorb centuries of art at the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum.
  • Stroll through the Bloemenmarkt, the world’s only floating flower market.
  • Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Dam Square, the historic heart of Amsterdam.
  • Savor Dutch delicacies like Stroopwafels, Bitterballen, and fresh herring at local eateries.

Amsterdam’s rich culture and vibrant atmosphere make it an enchanting extension to your IBC 2023 adventure.

Travel Tips for IBC Attendees: Amsterdam in September is picturesque, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 19°C. While the city is always a hub of activity, IBC tends to intensify the hustle. Here are some key pointers:

  • Advance Planning: Given Amsterdam’s popularity and the influx of IBC attendees, ensure your flights and accommodations are booked well ahead of time.
  • Language Prep: Dutch is the official language, but English is widely spoken. However, a few phrases in Dutch can be a charming touch to your interactions.
  • Document Vigilance: Especially for international travelers, keep crucial identification and travel documents secure yet accessible.
  • Booking Portal: For enticing discounts on flights and hotels, the IBC booking portal is a goldmine. The portal ensures attendees get comfort and value through partnerships with airlines and hotels.
  • RAI Hotel Services Collaboration: IBC has teamed up with RAI Hotel Services to offer attendees many hotel options that fit various budgets and preferences. Booking through RAI guarantees proximity to the RAI Amsterdam convention centre and ensures no hidden charges.

Travel Offers: IBC has negotiated with Air France and KLM to provide attendees discounts of up to 15% on various public fares, including flights by Air France, KLM, and their code-shared partners. Ensure to utilize the Event ID code: 39205AF when booking, and keep the travel window (from 08/09/2023 to 25/09/2023) in mind.

Amsterdam’s charm lies in its history, culture, and modern vibrancy blend. When attending IBC 2023, fully immerse yourself in what the city offers and make the most of the event’s strategic partnerships for a seamless experience.

Summary: Careful Planning Is The Key To Unlocking The Potential of IBC Amsterdam 2023

IBC Amsterdam 2023 is a key event for broadcasting and media professionals, featuring tech lovers, industry leaders, and innovators. This year provides unique teamwork opportunities, valuable discussions, and a look into the constantly changing media and entertainment scene.

Proper planning is essential for businesses attending the large-scale IBC Amsterdam 2023 event. Allocating enough money and resources is crucial for taking part and getting the most value out of the experience. Amsterdam offers many networking opportunities outside the convention center, with various social events and meeting places for valuable business connections.

Simply showing up isn’t enough. It’s important to carefully review the IBC Amsterdam 2023 schedule. Identifying key sessions, finding potential networking spots, making a list of people and companies to meet, and gathering necessary attendance information can turn your experience from informative to truly game-changing.

In today’s data-driven world, event intelligence has emerged as a non-negotiable for businesses aiming for scalability. Tapping into the reservoir of event data and insights allows businesses to not only decode their target audience but also tailor their strategies for lead generation. Such intel-backed planning propels companies towards crafting marketing plans that promise better sales, deeper client engagement, and sustained business expansion.

Discover the Attendees & Sponsors Who Will be at IBC Amsterdam 2023


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