Hlth Las Vegas 2023: The Ultimate Event Guide


Hlth Las Vegas 2023

At a time when healthcare is rapidly changing and becoming more important, HLTH Las Vegas 2023 is here to guide us through these changes. Held at the large Las Vegas Convention Center, this event goes beyond the usual, offering a deep dive into the world of healthcare. Ever since it started, HLTH has been a top event, bringing together new ideas, innovations, and people who can make things happen. With over 10,000 attendees, which includes 2,500 CEOs and more than 800 sponsors, it’s not just another event – it’s the heart of the healthcare industry. From tech experts creating new health tools to professionals discussing what’s next, HLTH 2023 is full of variety. It’s not just about the event itself; it’s about working together for better health in the future. Check out this guide to get the most out of this standout healthcare event.

What Is HLTH Las Vegas 2023?

HLTH Las Vegas 2023 is the foremost gathering for the entire healthcare community, focusing on driving innovation and transformation within the health ecosystem. It’s more than just an event; it’s a platform for fostering meaningful dialogues and collaborations to create a more effective healthcare system.

From its inception, HLTH has served as the key venue where healthcare professionals, experts, and organizations come together to accelerate healthcare innovations. Whether you’re a healthcare provider, a tech innovator, or an industry professional, HLTH has something unique to offer you.

The 2023 edition of HLTH Las Vegas focuses on personalized experiences aligning with your goals. Be it business growth, staying ahead of healthcare trends, connecting with industry peers, or advancing your career, HLTH aims to deliver a curated event experience tailored just for you.

The event offers various topics and best practices, from healthcare technology and policy to personalized medicine. With industry-leading speakers and thought-provoking sessions, it catalyzes impactful conversations and potential partnerships.

HLTH 2023 promises an unrivaled experience with opportunities for networking, workshops, and keynotes, making it an essential event for anyone committed to improving healthcare.

When and Where is HLTH Las Vegas 2023 Taking Place?

HLTH Las Vegas 2023 is scheduled for October 8-11, 2023, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, United States.

The Las Vegas Convention Center is recognized for hosting large-scale, international events and offers a vast, contemporary space ideal for such gatherings. This venue is a US premier convention and exhibition hub in iconic Las Vegas. It has cutting-edge facilities and flexible spaces to accommodate events of diverse magnitudes. Due to its prime location, the Las Vegas Convention Center draws numerous global and national events each year.

Who’s Coming to HLTH Las Vegas 2023?

HLTH Las Vegas 2023 is the central gathering for healthcare’s top minds, innovators, and industry leaders. A Closer Look at the Attendees:

Volume and Versatility: HLTH 2023 expects to draw in over 10,000 attendees, making it a must-attend for anyone in healthcare. Among these attendees, a staggering 2,500+ are CEOs. With 300+ speakers and 800+ sponsors on board, this event will be healthcare’s comprehensive event experience.

Variety of Attendees: HLTH Las Vegas 2023 will host diverse professionals, underlining its pivotal role in healthcare. Here’s a snapshot of who you might meet: 

  • Hospital Systems and Health Providers, steering the frontline of patient care 
  • Payers and Insurers, the financial backbone of health services 
  • Pharma, Life Sciences, and Biotech, pushing the boundaries of medical research 
  • HR and Wellness Professionals, ensuring employee health and benefits 
  • Investors from Venture Capital, Accelerators, and Private Equity, fueling healthcare’s growth 
  • Health Tech and Consumer Tech Startups, driving innovation 
  • Consumer Tech and Wellness Brands, merging health with everyday consumer needs

Purpose and Passion: What makes HLTH 2023 stand out isn’t just its numbers but the depth of expertise and commitment each participant brings. This event will unite thought leaders, decision-makers, innovators, and more, all with a shared vision – to foster healthcare innovation and shape a better health ecosystem.

Who Will be Speaking at HLTH Las Vegas 2023?

HLTH Las Vegas 2023 will present a stellar lineup of speakers from the vast realm of healthcare and wellness, spotlighting the individuals making tangible differences in the field.

Allow us to highlight a few of the distinguished speakers set to grace the stage: 

Howie Mandel, Renowned Actor, Comedian, TV Host, and Partner with NOCD 

Brian Tyler, CEO of McKesson Corporation, a giant in healthcare distribution 

Alice L. Walton, Philanthropist and the driving force behind the Alice L. Walton Foundation 

Sree Chaguturu, MD, the Chief Medical Officer at CVS Health and CVS Healthcare 

Colleen Lindholz, steering the ship as the President of Kroger Health 

Hon Pak, PhD, leading the Digital Health Team at Samsung Electronics Jaewon Ryu, MD, JD, as the President and CEO of Geisinger, a key figure in healthcare 

Renee Wegrzyn, PhD, Director of the newly initiated ARPA-H 

John Doerr from the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins 

Cheryl Pegus, MD, MPH, representing Morgan Health Ventures 

Diogo Rau, EVP and Chief Information and Digital Officer, Eli Lilly and Company 

Javier Rodriguez, helming the role of CEO at Davita Inc.

This list is just a glimpse of the many influential voices you’ll encounter at HLTH 2023. With over 100 topics and themes, attendees are guaranteed enriching sessions with valuable insights. More updates are on the horizon, so be ready for an event rich in knowledge, inspiration, and networking opportunities. Keep an eye out for more announcements!

What Kind of Sponsors and Exhibitions Will There Be at HLTH Las Vegas 2023?

HLTH Las Vegas 2023, the beacon for healthcare innovation, is powered by a formidable group of sponsors and exhibitors. These entities contribute their expertise, vision, and resources to curate an event that resonates with the transformative spirit of the healthcare community.

Here’s a glance at some of the pivotal contributors to this year’s event:


Accenture: Charting the future with its transformative solutions 

AgeTech Collaborative: Merging aging with technology 

Amwell: Pioneers in telehealth 

General Atlantic: Venturing into healthcare’s future with strategic investments 

Care Evolution: At the forefront of care management solutions 

Google Health: Bridging health and tech innovation 

Lyra: Revolutionizing mental health care 

Microsoft: Integrating tech prowess with healthcare 

Phillips: Innovating health technology for improved patient care 

Salesforce: Streamlining health operations with cutting-edge CRM solutions 

Samsung: Merging their tech expertise with health solutions 

And numerous other entities set to mold and inspire the event.

Key Sponsors: Title Sponsors include global giants like Microsoft, Google Health, and Salesforce, reinforcing the event’s stature in the industry. American Cancer Society, Amazon Health, B Capital, Best Buy Health, and Docusign are also among the many notable sponsors bringing their unique offerings to the table.

Sponsor Benefits: These sponsors are not just there for show. They’re here to: 

  • Engage and connect with top-tier professionals in the health sector 
  • Boost their brand’s visibility and align with their strategic objectives 
  • Unveil new product launches to both the industry and media professionals 
  • Strengthen ties with clients and key decision-makers in the industry 
  • Generate leads that not only elevate their sales but also their brand standing 
  • Foster partnerships with entities and individuals driving growth in healthcare

HLTH Las Vegas 2023, with this influential consortium of exhibitors and sponsors, is geared up to be a nexus for insights, networking, and advancements in healthcare. Gear up for what promises to be an enlightening experience!

What Kind of Sessions Are There at HLTH Las Vegas 2023?

HLTH Las Vegas 2023 promises to be a grand spectacle of knowledge, insights, and collaborations tailored to guide attendees through the ever-evolving health and wellness landscape. Here’s an overview of what participants can look forward to:

Curated Experience: Every attendee embarks on a personalized journey to maximize their time and gain the most insights. Based on individual profiles, participants will be matched to sessions and networking opportunities that align with their interests and goals.

Multifaceted Sessions: Dive into over 100 sessions spanning many topics that highlight disruptions, innovations, and evolutions reshaping the health spectrum. Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. Expert-Led Panels:
    • Health Tech Advancements: Explore the latest technological innovations transforming healthcare.
    • Patient-Centric Care: Delve into strategies and practices focusing on patient empowerment and engagement.
    • Global Health Trends: Gain insights into global healthcare dynamics, challenges, and opportunities.
    • Digital Therapeutics: Understand the convergence of technology and medical treatments.
    • The Future of Insurance: Discuss the evolving role of payers and insurers in a rapidly changing health landscape.
  1. Thought-Provoking Presentations:
    • Industry leaders, innovators, and experts share their knowledge, unveiling research findings, case studies, and success stories that inspire change.
  1. Engaging Debates:
    • Engage in stimulating point-counterpoint discussions where experts debate hot topics, offering diverse perspectives and enriching the discourse.

Theme-Centric Stages: Wander through the expansive show floor to discover six themed stages, each dedicated to unique facets of healthcare. From innovations in medical technology to discussions on holistic wellness, there’s a stage for every interest.

Interactive Networking Opportunities: HLTH Las Vegas 2023 provides ample avenues for professionals to network beyond the informative sessions. Whether you’re looking to foster partnerships, discuss collaborative projects, or simply expand your professional circle, there’s a space for you.

Unveiling of Innovations: Stay updated with cutting-edge developments in health and tech. Witness the disruptive solutions, platforms, and methodologies poised to redefine healthcare’s future.

As the event unfolds, attendees are not just passive observers but active participants, playing their part in shaping the discourse and future of health. HLTH Las Vegas 2023 is more than just an event; it’s an experience!

What To Expect From HLTH Las Vegas 2023 – Is the Event Worth It?

HLTH Las Vegas 2023 is rapidly emerging as the paramount event for professionals across the health and wellness spectrum. As the industry continues to innovate and redefine itself in the face of global challenges, this event stands as a beacon of knowledge, collaboration, and foresight.

Venturing into HLTH 2023 is not just about attending another industry event; it’s about immersing oneself in the transformative energy of the health sector. The conference seeks to empower stakeholders, catalyze innovations, and fuel meaningful dialogues that will shape the future of health and wellness.

By partaking in HLTH Las Vegas 2023, participants unlock a myriad of opportunities:

  1. Learning and Growth: Dive deep into sessions tailored to your interests, unveiling actionable insights that can shape your organizational strategies and personal growth.
  2. Networking Excellence: Engage in 1:1 networking avenues, ensuring personalized, meaningful interactions with industry peers, potential partners, and thought leaders.
  3. Witnessing Innovation: From startup pitch presentations to live demos, experience firsthand the cutting-edge solutions that are set to redefine health outcomes.
  4. Curated Experience: With a tailored journey designed just for you, every moment at HLTH 2023 promises value, learning, and the potential for new opportunities.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Las Vegas, HLTH 2023 is not just an event – it’s a movement. With thousands of attendees, each a leader in their realm, the magnitude and importance of this gathering are undeniable.

If you’re a stakeholder in the health and wellness sector, missing out on HLTH 2023 could mean bypassing crucial industry insights, transformative networking opportunities, and the chance to be part of the next big thing in healthcare. Be there, be transformed!

Why Should You Attend HLTH Las Vegas 2023?

Going to HLTH Las Vegas 2023 is not just about another healthcare event. It’s a chance to be part of important changes and new ideas in healthcare. The event offers more than just information; it provides a personalized experience for everyone who attends.

Here’s a rundown of the remarkable features that set HLTH 2023 apart:

  1. A Pioneering Vision: HLTH 2023 is the gold standard in healthcare and wellness innovation. In its sixth year, it’s geared to forge the next decade of health, ensuring that every participant’s time yields tangible returns.
  2. Tailored Micro-Experiences: It’s not one-size-fits-all at HLTH. The event meticulously crafts micro-experiences to cater to individual needs, ensuring every attendee walks away with actionable insights and tangible connections.
  3. Dynamic Interaction: Whether it’s intimate one-on-one meetings, engaging group dialogues, or broader experiential activations, HLTH offers an interactive canvas to paint your own conference journey.
  4. Revolutionary Networking: The Double Opt-In Matchmaking is a game-changer. Choose from the Hosted Buyer or Funding Founders programs and get paired directly with pivotal industry figures, solution providers, potential investors, or strategic partners.
  5. Payers Insights Program: This new addition dives deep into the strategies vital to timely, accessible, and affordable care. And guess what? It’s included in your HLTH 2023 registration!
  6. HLTH Connect Program: Say goodbye to awkward networking. Through the event app, align with like-minded peers and secure dedicated time slots in the HLTH Connect Lounge to foster partnerships and collaborations.
  7. Optimized Environment: HLTH has fine-tuned every aspect of the conference experience. From ensuring seamless connectivity amongst attendees to enabling collaborations, the focus is clear: help you achieve your goals in a holistic, nurturing environment.

HLTH Las Vegas 2023 is not just another checkbox on your conference calendar. It’s the pulse of the healthcare industry, a collective heartbeat of professionals dedicated to shaping a healthier tomorrow. With its precise blend of innovation, interaction, and insights, the event promises an ROI not just in terms of business growth but also in fostering meaningful industry change.

Considering the depth of the program and the vast networking possibilities, the real ponderance is: Can you afford to sideline yourself from this transformative event? With HLTH Las Vegas 2023, you’re not just marking attendance but charting the trajectory of healthcare’s future. Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

Leverage Attendee Insights: Discover Who’s Attending HLTH Las Vegas 2023 And Prepare For It

Knowing your audience is key to a successful event experience. To get the most out of HLTH 2023, have meaningful conversations, and build strong connections, it’s important to know who’s attending.

Arming yourself with knowledge about who’s attending the event can strategically position you for unparalleled networking opportunities, ensuring every interaction adds value to your objectives. But don’t just take our word for it – see how Delivery Solutions leveraged Vendelux to book 76 incremental meetings at Shoptalk in this case study

Dive into a comprehensive breakdown of HLTH Las Vegas 2023 attendees:

HLTH Las Vegas 2023 Audience Composition:

Industry Representation:

  • Software: 22%
  • Healthcare: 20%
  • Management Consulting: 8%

Job Descriptions:

  • Professional Roles: 37%
  • Founders and Management: 30%
  • Sales and Marketing: 14%

Leadership Tiers:

  • Professionals: 39%
  • C-Suite Executives: 35%
  • VP and Director: 26%

With this diverse attendee matrix, the opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing are immense. Here’s how you can harness these insights:

Capitalizing on Software and Healthcare Synergy: Nearly half the attendees are from the software and healthcare sectors. Gear up with insights that bridge these industries, showcasing how software innovations can drive healthcare outcomes.

Engaging Founders and Managers: With 30% in foundational and managerial roles, gear your interactions towards long-term industry transformations, potential partnerships, and innovative solutions that address sector-wide challenges.

Targeted Leadership Outreach: Given the significant presence of C-Suite, VP, and Directors, tailor your discussions to align with their strategic visions, emphasizing impactful solutions and macro trends.

Crafting a Captivating Pitch: As you navigate HLTH 2023, come prepared with a pitch that resonates with professionals hungry for innovation and leaders looking for big-picture narratives.

Have Collateral Ready: Be it business cards, digital presentations, or QR codes, ensure you’re equipped to leave a lasting impression, facilitating post-event interactions.

Embrace Holistic Engagement: While business discussions are crucial, remember that HLTH is also a hub for knowledge. Attend various sessions, debate, and be open to interdisciplinary insights. Often, groundbreaking ideas emerge from these crossovers.

Once HLTH 2023 wraps up, take a moment to reflect. Analyze the most promising interactions and strategize your follow-ups. Each event offers a fresh perspective, and HLTH Las Vegas 2023 presents an unmatched platform to amplify your healthcare industry imprint.

Things to Consider When Registering for HLTH Las Vegas 2023

HLTH Las Vegas 2023 is a paramount event for the health tech community, featuring expansive networking opportunities, cutting-edge insights, and influential speakers from across the spectrum. Catering to a broad audience base, HLTH Las Vegas provides many registration options. Choosing the one that seamlessly aligns with your goals and maximizes the value you extract from the event is imperative.

Here’s an in-depth look at the available passes:


Cost: $3,295 (discounted from $4,100) 


  • Option for In-Person or Digital Pass
  • Access to all sessions with on-demand recordings available the next day
  • Comprehensive networking events, inclusive of breakfasts, lunches, and receptions (exclusive to in-person attendees)
  • Access to the exhibit hall & exhibitor directory
  • Entertainment segments and live performances (exclusive to in-person attendees)


Cost: FREE (Application required for eligibility) 


  • All features of the General Admission
  • Facilitated 8+ meetings with relevant solution providers curated based on your interests
  • Super Buyer Status: Attain a $750 travel credit for orchestrating 12+ meetings 


Cost: Reduced Pricing (Eligibility application mandatory) 


  • Inclusive of all General Admission features
  • Exclusively for startups aged under three years, having garnered less than $3 million in funding
  • Designed primarily for health tech company’ operators’, excluding accelerators, consultants, and other professional service entities
  • Discount codes, when eligible, can be applied to the General Admission ticket.


Cost: Reduced Pricing (Eligibility assessment required) 


  • Encompasses all General Admission amenities
  • Tailored for US federal, state, local, and tribal government officials with a valid .gov or .mil email address
  • Excludes participants from government-funded/sponsored organizations or universities
  • This might necessitate the presentation of official government or military identification


Cost: FREE (Eligibility determination required) 


  • Comprehensive General Admission benefits
  • Created for editorial teams and journalists with an interest in covering HLTH
  • Requires content publication related to the event
  • Open for influential industry personas boasting a following of 50K or more across platforms
  • Offer not extended to PR agencies, consultants, corporate leaders, or service-driven enterprises

Opting for the right registration is pivotal to reap the utmost benefits from HLTH Las Vegas 2023. Align your selection with your primary motives – networking, exploring new solutions, absorbing industry knowledge, or gaining media coverage. Each pass caters to diverse requirements, promising attendees a rich, enlightening experience. Ensure you acquaint yourself with the specifics of each registration type and cherry-pick the one that resonates with your aspirations for the conference.

Plan Your Visit to HLTH Las Vegas 2023 and What To Do During After Hours

Gearing up for HLTH Las Vegas 2023: As the anticipation for HLTH Las Vegas 2023 builds, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the event seamlessly, ensuring a blend of professional insights and Las Vegas excitement:

Strategize with Objectives: Define your purpose for attending – to gain knowledge, network with industry leaders, or identify potential partnerships. A clear roadmap ensures a fulfilling experience at HLTH.

Vegas Transit Tips: Las Vegas boasts a robust transportation network. Whether renting a car, hailing a cab, or using ride-sharing services, plan your commutes in advance for hassle-free transitions between venues.

Dive into HLTH’s Offerings: Familiarize yourself with the conference’s agenda and speaker lineup. Pinpointing key sessions and workshops beforehand streamlines your time at the event.

Prepare Your Brand Presence: Equip yourself with relevant marketing materials. Business cards, pamphlets, or digital resources can amplify your brand presence amidst the event’s buzz.

Dress the Part: While Las Vegas dazzles, dress professionally and comfortably. Stride through HLTH’s venues with confidence and style.

Zero in on Meeting Venues: Las Vegas has exquisite meeting venues, from plush hotel lobbies to vibrant cafes. Pick a spot that complements your meeting’s vibe.

Leverage Event Intelligence: Platforms, such as Vendelux, can provide a peek into the attendee landscape, aiding in refining your networking approaches at HLTH.

After Hours in Las Vegas: As the conference sessions conclude, the vivacity of Las Vegas beckons:

HLTH Side Events:

  • WELCOME RECEPTION: Immerse yourself in the inaugural vibes at The Wynn. A stellar way to begin your HLTH journey. (Sunday / 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM)
  • HAPPY HOURS: Relish the evening allure on the show floor. Bask in the atmosphere of collaborative lounges and activations. (Monday & Tuesday / 5:00 PM – 5:45 PM)
  • WOMEN @ HLTH RECEPTION: Celebrate gender equity at the Lafite Ballroom in Wynn Las Vegas, one of HLTH’s most attended receptions. (Monday / 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM)
  • INNOVATORS’ RECEPTION: Engage in profound discussions with the startup and investor realm at XS at the Encore. (Monday / 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM)
  • INDUSTRY NIGHT: Revel in a captivating night at Drai’s Nightclub, awaiting a special musical surprise. Admission is integrated with your event pass (Tuesday / 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM)

Vegas Nightlife: The city is synonymous with entertainment. Dive into its legendary casinos, witness mesmerizing shows, or simply stroll the Strip, absorbing the neon-lit wonders.

Las Vegas Culinary Delights: The city’s dining scene is a gastronomic journey. From world-renowned chefs to local eateries, indulge in diverse cuisines to satiate your palate.

Embarking on your journey through HLTH Las Vegas 2023 and Las Vegas offers a balanced blend of professional engagements and leisurely escapades. As you traverse the conference and the city’s iconic spots, each moment promises to be enriching and entertaining.

Tips When Traveling to HLTH Las Vegas 2023 + Hotels

Discovering Las Vegas Beyond HLTH 2023: Beyond the walls of the conference, the neon glow, world-class shows, and the allure of the Las Vegas Strip beckon:

  • Revel in the mesmerizing fountains at the Bellagio.
  • Try your luck at one of the city’s iconic casinos.
  • Ascend to the top of the Stratosphere for panoramic views of the cityscape.
  • Savor gourmet dining experiences with top-tier chefs and restaurants.
  • Witness one of the many spectacular shows, from Cirque du Soleil to A-list concerts.

Las Vegas’s vibrant entertainment and rich offerings provide a fantastic backdrop to your HLTH Las Vegas 2023 experience.

Travel Tips for HLTH Attendees: As Las Vegas comes alive in October, especially during major events like HLTH, the following tips will enhance your visit:

Early Arrivals: Landing on Saturday, October 7, will allow you to settle in, combat any potential jet lag, and be refreshed for the event. Moreover, Sunday’s thought leadership sessions, partner programs, and the not-to-be-missed Welcome Reception set the pace for the week’s festivities.

Booking Made Easy: Leverage HLTH’s official hotel block to secure your stay. Preferred rates at prominent hotels like the Wynn, Encore, and Resorts World ensure comfort, luxury, and proximity to the event.

Specialized Hotel Collaborations Through HLTH: Access to a handpicked list of hotel rooms at competitive prices is a perk for all HLTH attendees. Reserving through this channel assures a blend of luxury, value, and closeness to the main venues.

Transportation Solutions:

  • Shuttle Services: Complimentary shuttle services on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday ensure smooth commutes between The Wynn/Encore, Resorts World, and Treasure Island.
  • The Vegas Loop: A state-of-the-art addition, the Resorts World Passenger Station now connects directly with the Las Vegas Convention Center. This seamless connection aids those wishing to transit between the West Station outside the LVCC West Building and Resorts World.

Las Vegas’s enticing blend of entertainment, luxury, and iconic landmarks guarantees an unforgettable stay. As you partake in HLTH Las Vegas 2023, seize the city’s offerings and the event’s organized conveniences to guarantee a thorough and effortless experience.

Summary: Thorough Planning Can Make All the Difference When You Go to HLTH Las Vegas 2023

Taking part in large-scale events can be exciting and demanding regarding time and resources. If you’re a healthcare professional gearing up for HLTH Las Vegas 2023, convincing yourself and your team that this endeavor will yield valuable outcomes is crucial.

Our platform offers exceptional attendee insights, ensuring you’re well-prepared and making the most of the event.

Planning ahead for HLTH Las Vegas 2023 ensures that your investment in the event is well-spent. If you aim to form meaningful connections, generate amazing leads, and gather actionable insights from the health industry’s best, HLTH is the place to be. Are you keen on boosting your event engagement and setting up more productive meetings? Explore our insights to enhance event participation and boost marketing ROI.

Discover the Attendees & Sponsors Who Will be at Hlth Las Vegas 2023


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