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Why Health and Wellness Should be Top-of-Mind for Event Planners

Events can be taxing on the mind and the body, for attendees and especially organizers.  In 2018, Dave Stevens was having brunch with a friend …

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Why Creativity Is An Asset in Corporate Event Marketing

Sara Lieber is a creative at heart. While studying hospitality management in college, she evaluated pursuing careers in hotels or restaurants. She chose the latter …

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How to Get Time on Your Side

In enterprise organizations, it’s never a single person in procurement who’s the decision maker—especially when it comes to SaaS solutions that have the potential to …

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Strategy With A Personal Touch

When he was in college, Michael Alexandre thought he’d graduate and become a PR professional for sports. Then he discovered the reality of the role, …

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What Makes an Event an Experience?

In a post that “broke LinkedIn,” Boldpush influencer Julius Solaris suggested that the word “events” was outdated and that savvy marketers would be wise to …

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Finding One’s Way With the Head and the Heart

Surya Moreira received some of the best advice of her career while she was studying for the LSATs. Fresh out of college and working in …

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