Ecommerce Expo 2023: The Ultimate Event Guide


Ecommerce Expo 2023

In today’s digital-dominated landscape, navigating the complexities of online business is both an art and a science. That’s where the Ecommerce Expo 2023 steps in, acting as the guiding light for eCommerce in the UK. Hosted in London’s renowned ExCeL center, it transcends being just an annual event, evolving into a comprehensive experience. As a hallmark of online retailing prowess, the Expo offers a space where deep market understanding meets state-of-the-art technology. With an ensemble of over 11,000 professionals spanning B2B to B2C sectors and the presence of 300+ top-tier eCommerce solution providers, it’s more than just a learning ground – it’s a transformative journey. From seasoned industry heavyweights to emerging eCommerce talents, the participants are in for two dynamic days filled with unmatched networking, discovery, and forward-thinking. Ecommerce Expo 2023 is the definitive platform for those aiming to stake their claim in the vast and evolving world of eCommerce. Dive deep into this guide, and gear up to gain the maximum value from your attendance.

What Is Ecommerce Expo 2023? 

Ecommerce Expo 2023 is the premier event tailored for eCommerce leaders and their teams in the UK, focusing on enhancing online sales and maximizing digital engagement.

Designed to ‘boost online success,’ Ecommerce Expo is more than just an event; it’s a hub where market insights, specialized content, and the latest technologies converge. From its conception, the Expo has been the go-to platform for all companies that operate online in the UK.

The 2023 edition of Ecommerce Expo gathers technology solutions and best practices in acquisition, retention, and operations. Catering to B2B, B2C, and D2C companies, the event offers insights specifically curated to match their unique areas of interest. It connects attendees with the leading suppliers and experts in the field. It presents an opportunity for technology vendors to showcase their newest solutions to over 11,000 established and emerging companies keen on enhancing their online sales.

This annual event promises an unparalleled experience, complete with networking opportunities, exhibitions, and sessions, making it a cornerstone for anyone aiming to thrive in eCommerce.

When and Where is Ecommerce Expo 2023 Taking Place?

Ecommerce Expo 2023 is set to take place from September 27-28, 2023, at the ExCeL London in London, United Kingdom.

ExCeL London is renowned for hosting significant events and boasts an expansive, modern space perfect for significant events. Located in the heart of London, this venue is a leading convention and exhibition center in the UK. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and versatile spaces to cater to events of various scales. With its strategic location, ExCeL London consistently attracts many global and local events yearly.

Who’s Coming to Ecommerce Expo 2023?

Ecommerce Expo 2023 aims to be the meeting point for industry giants, visionaries, and newcomers in online sales and technology.

A Closer Look at the Attendees:

Volume and Versatility: The Ecommerce Expo 2023 is set to attract over 11,000 top online business professionals. They’ll come together for two days to share ideas and learn from each other. Additionally, over 300 leading eCommerce companies and agencies will be there, eager to showcase their skills and products.

The Spectrum of Attendees: The Expo will feature many attendees, highlighting its importance in the online business world. Here’s a quick look at the kinds of professionals you’ll likely meet:

  • Senior Leaders spearheading business strategies
  • B2B Professionals catering to business-to-business needs
  • B2C/D2C Professionals focusing on direct-to-consumer services
  • Experts in eCommerce Operations & Logistics
  • Cross-Border Commerce Specialists, mastering international sales
  • Checkout & Payment Specialists, ensuring smooth transaction experiences

Purpose and Passion: The appeal of Ecommerce Expo goes beyond just the number of attendees. It’s about the knowledge and enthusiasm each person brings. The event will feature experts, leaders, tech providers, and creative minds, all aiming to improve their online business, build strong relationships, and guide the direction of online sales.

Who Will be Speaking at Ecommerce Expo 2023?

Ecommerce Expo 2023 will feature a range of expert speakers from the dynamic world of online shopping and business.

Let’s shine a light on some of the esteemed speakers ready to take the stage:

  • Lois Richards, Logistics and Operations Lead, Astrid and Miyu
  • Stephanie Sosa, Group Manager, Product Marketing, Airtable
  • Emma Jones, Lead – Strategic Partnerships and Alliances for Digital Commerce, Department for Business & Trade
  • Greg Landon, Head of Marketing, Leadoo
  • Jarred Young, VP of Sales, Maropost
  • Danielle Diliberti, CEO & Co-Founder and MACH Alliance Ambassador, Sommsation
  • Julie Austin, Chief Digital Officer, Wunderman Thompson Commerce
  • Paul Wilkinson, Group Product Manager – Grocery Partners and Hop, Deliveroo
  • Dan Saunders, Head of Performance Marketing, Evergreen Finance London
  • Jessica Hall, Chief Product Officer, Just Eat Takeaway
  • Jason Cort, Director Of Product Planning and Marketing, Sharp
  • Chris Kelly, Head of Marketing, John D Wood & Co.

This is just a preview of the many speakers coming to Ecommerce Expo 2023. More updates are coming, so the event will be full of learning, new ideas, and networking. Stay tuned for more news!

What Kind of Sponsors and Exhibitions Will There Be at Ecommerce Expo 2023?

With the collaborative power of its elite sponsors and a roster of innovative exhibitors, the Expo promises to provide attendees with a comprehensive view of the e-commerce landscape’s future.

Let’s unravel the list of influential exhibitors and sponsors eager to shape this year’s event:


  • Ayko Digital: A rising force in the digital world, leads the way
  • Active Ants: Known for their dynamic approach to e-commerce
  • Absolute Design: Providing tailor-made e-commerce solutions 
  • Amazon Shipping: Redefining logistics in e-commerce 
  • Canon UK: Bridging the gap between technology and e-commerce 
  • eComOne: Experts in maximizing online visibility 
  • Klaviyo: The wizards of email marketing 
  • Trustpilot: The name synonymous with genuine product reviews 
  • Vimeo: Shaping the future of video in online retail

And many others set to inspire and impress.

Partners and Sponsors:

  • Headline Association Partner: imrg: Their partnership solidifies the Expo’s commitment to providing unparalleled insights into e-commerce trends and strategies.
  • VIP Sponsor: Shopify: Representing a top e-commerce platform, their support highlights the Expo’s importance in the industry.
  • Networking Bar Sponsor: Barclaycard Payments: Ensuring attendees can network in style and luxury, their sponsorship brings a touch of elegance to the event.
  • Other notable sponsors like Bloomreach, Klaviyo, Intuit Mailchimp, and CDP Institute, among many, are set to contribute to the event’s richness.

With many industry leaders attending, Ecommerce Expo 2023 is set to be a center for new ideas, networking, and progress in e-commerce. Don’t miss out on seeing what’s next!

What Kind of Sessions Are There at Ecommerce Expo 2023?

Ecommerce Expo 2023 offers carefully planned sessions about important issues and what’s next for e-commerce. Here’s a quick look at what guests can expect:

Keynote Extravaganza:

Join sessions led by top industry experts and leaders. Learn new insights, discover innovative strategies, and discuss the future of e-commerce through these main presentations.

Explorative Panels:

  • Future of Digital Commerce: Chart the trajectory of where digital commerce is headed with field pioneers.
  • Omnichannel: Understand the seamless integration of all sales and communication platforms and how they will define the future of shopping experiences.
  • Cross-border Commerce: Navigate the complexities and opportunities of a global marketplace in the digital age.
  • Future of CX: Discover how customer experience is transforming and what businesses need to do to stay ahead of the curve.
  • The Digital Customer: Delve deep into understanding the digital consumer’s evolving needs, aspirations, and habits.
  • Data, Analytics and Personalisation: Unearth the power of data in crafting personalized customer journeys and enhancing business decisions.

Interactive Workshops:

These hands-on workshops offer direct learning experiences. Connect with industry experts, learn new skills, and get practical tips you can use in real business situations.

Tech Insights:

For those with their fingers on the tech pulse, these sessions promise a deep dive into emerging technologies, tools, and platforms shaping the e-commerce landscape. Expect cutting-edge discussions, demos, and forward-looking predictions.

Networking Spaces:

Beyond the structured sessions, the Expo offers abundant opportunities for professionals to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on future endeavors.

Innovation Showcases:

Witness the unveiling of novel solutions, platforms, and tools that could redefine how e-commerce functions. Get a firsthand look at what’s brewing in the industry’s innovation labs.

What To Expect From Ecommerce Expo 2023 – Is the Event Worth It?

Ecommerce Expo 2023 is becoming the touchstone for professionals in the e-commerce and retail space. As the dynamics of the industry change and evolve, this event stands as a testament to innovation, evolution, and rampant growth.

Joining Ecommerce Expo 2023 is more than just going to an event. It’s a chance to deeply engage with important changes, new plans, and fresh ideas in e-commerce. The event is designed to strengthen the industry, speed up digital use, and encourage meaningful discussions.

Here’s a snapshot of what key industry players are saying:

  • “The content, people and footfall have been amazing. Every single year it gets bigger and better.” – Klarna
  • “It’s a buzzing event. It’s the who’s who in the retail industry” – Oracle NetSuite
  • “We are super satisfied. We’ve been able to actually meet our customer and potential customers, and the target group is spot on” – DS Smith ePack

By attending Ecommerce Expo 2023, professionals get the golden opportunity to learn from the best, network with peers, and get firsthand experience of innovations shaping the industry. The event promises to seamlessly blend the creative, technological, and business aspects of e-commerce, fostering collaborations and unveiling new avenues.

With over 200 hours of insightful sessions across 12 theatres, Ecommerce Expo 2023 promises a content-rich experience unparalleled in the UK. Attendees will be at the forefront of understanding shifts in consumer behavior, technological advancements, and effective strategies for market dominance.

Taking place at Excel, London’s biggest event space, the large number of commerce and marketing experts attending highlights how crucial this event is in the industry schedule.

If you play a key role in e-commerce or retail, skipping Ecommerce Expo 2023 could mean missing out on important knowledge, valuable networking, and business-boosting innovations.

Why Should You Attend Ecommerce Expo 2023?

Choosing to join Ecommerce Expo 2023 means more than just going to another industry event. It’s about diving deep into the heart of e-commerce innovation, learning, and making connections. Here’s a quick look at the valuable experiences and chances you’ll get:

Comprehensive Learning Across Theatres With 12 conference rooms, Ecommerce Expo 2023 offers a wide range of sessions. You can learn about new trends, get advice from experts, and understand the changing ways people are shopping online. With many hours set aside just for conferences, you’re sure to stay informed and keep ahead in the industry.

A Congregation of Solutions and Innovations Over 300 leading solution providers will showcase their offerings, ensuring attendees are armed with the right tools, technologies, and strategies to meet their 2023 objectives. From scaling operations and enhancing customer experiences to driving sales – find solutions for every e-commerce challenge under one roof.

Network Like Never Before Special chances for networking are spread throughout the event to help you have important conversations. You can share thoughts, talk about the future of the industry, and create partnerships that could change the direction of your online business.

For B2B Professionals: Gauge your brand’s position in the competitive UK market. Harness exclusive market data from independent industry bodies to understand where you stand among e-commerce B2B peers and strategize your next moves.

For Cross-Border Commerce Specialists: Global expansion is within reach! Connect with providers equipped with the latest technologies and innovations tailored to help your business grow and capture international customers.

For Senior Leaders: Be a part of an exclusive leadership program held away from the bustling show floor. It’s a haven for C-level professionals and industry torchbearers to converge, share pain points, and crystallize strategies for continued success.

Attendance is not just about the now but about shaping the future. Being a free-to-attend event, Ecommerce Expo 2023 removes barriers to entry, ensuring that knowledge, innovation, and opportunities are accessible to all.

Considering the magnitude of experiences, insights, and opportunities, the real question is, can you afford to miss out? With Ecommerce Expo 2023, you’re not just attending an event; you’re investing in the future of your business. Don’t miss the chance to join the UK’s leading e-commerce event.

Leverage Attendee Insights: Discover Who’s Attending Ecommerce Expo 2023 And Prepare For It

Knowing the audience landscape is vital as you gear up for this event. With targeted insights, you can navigate the expo floor confidently, strike relevant conversations, and extract maximum value from your participation.

By assessing attendee insights for Ecommerce Expo, you set yourself up for better networking. This allows for meaningful conversations that could change the course of your online business.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of Ecommerce Expo 2023 attendees, based on recent data: Ecommerce Expo 2023 Audience Composition: Industry Representation:

  • Software: 36%
  • Management Consulting: 9%
  • Retail: 7%

Job Descriptions:

  • Professional Roles: 37%
  • Sales and Marketing: 30%
  • Founders and Management: 13%

Leadership Tiers:

  • Professionals: 56%
  • VP and Director: 30%
  • C-Suite Executives: 14%

This diverse attendee profile spells opportunities for insightful collaborations and connections. Here’s a strategic approach to harness these:

Tuning Into the Software Spectrum: With over a third of the attendees hailing from the software industry, be prepared with demos, use cases, and stories that resonate with this audience. Interactions centered around software applications in e-commerce could be particularly fruitful.

Engagement Strategies for Founders and Managers: 13% of attendees occupy pivotal roles as founders or managers. When engaging this group, conversations should be elevated to touch upon long-term visions, scalability, and industry pain points.

Leadership Outreach: The presence of VP, Directors, and C-Suite executives cannot be overlooked. Your dialogue should align with their strategic objectives and industry foresight. Focus on solutions, value propositions, and long-term benefits in your pitches to this demographic.

Perfecting the Pitch: As you traverse the expo floor, be equipped with a concise yet compelling pitch. Given the attendee mix, your message should appeal to professionals seeking actionable solutions and leaders seeking industry overviews.

Equip with Essentials: Beyond verbal interactions, always have collaterals like business cards, brochures, or even digital QR codes. These assets can make post-event follow-ups easier and more effective.

Foster Learning and Partnerships: Ecommerce Expo is not just about business pitches; it’s a learning ground. Attend varied sessions, engage in panels, and open up to cross-industry collaborations. Sometimes, the most insightful learnings come from the most unexpected quarters.

Post-event, it’s vital to retrospect. Identify the interactions that carry forward potential and structure your follow-ups. Every event is a learning curve, and Ecommerce Expo 2023 is the perfect platform to elevate your industry stature.

Things to Consider When Registering for Ecommerce Expo 2023

Given its significance, it’s crucial to approach the registration process with a clear understanding of what the event offers and how it aligns with your goals.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the registration benefits:

Free Registration Pass: Cost: €0 (Pre-registration required) Validity: Entire duration of the Ecommerce Expo 2023 Benefits:

  • Full access to the Ecommerce Expo exhibition floor, where the pulse of e-commerce innovation beats.
  • Ideal for professionals seeking an overview of the industry’s latest advancements.
  • Engage with leading e-commerce brands showcasing their innovations and solutions.
  • Attend insightful sessions across the 12 conference theatres, diving deep into e-commerce trends and consumer behaviors.
  • Network with over 300 solution providers and thought leaders that can propel your 2023 e-commerce objectives.
  • Unique networking opportunities are designed to help you foster valuable contacts and delve into best practices.
  • Opportunity for B2B professionals to gauge their brand positioning through exclusive market data.
  • Cross-border commerce specialists can meet and interact with providers with the latest global expansion strategies.

When considering your registration for the Ecommerce Expo 2023, it’s pivotal to understand your main objectives. Are you attending primarily to discover new technologies? Or are your goals more inclined toward networking and forging new partnerships? Perhaps you are there as a senior leader, keen on discussing high-level strategies with your peers.

Even though the registration is free, the value derived from this event could be immense. Hence, it’s essential to plan your visit meticulously. Understand the various sessions and exhibitions, and strategize your visit accordingly. Engage in relevant discussions, ensure you earmark sessions that align with your interests, and make the most of the networking opportunities.

While the Ecommerce Expo 2023 offers abundant opportunities, maximizing its potential rests with you. Approach the event with clarity and purpose; it promises to be an invaluable experience.

Plan Your Visit to Ecommerce Expo 2023 and What To Do During After Hours

Prepping for Ecommerce Expo 2023: As you gear up for the Ecommerce Expo 2023 at ExCeL London, here’s a guide to ensure your trip is both productive and enjoyable:

Set Clear Objectives: Whether it’s about knowledge absorption, scouting new tech tools, or building vital business relationships, having well-defined goals ensures you get the most out of the Expo.

London Transit Tips: Plan your transportation well ahead. Given ExCeL London’s accessibility, consider London’s public transport system, especially the DLR (Docklands Light Railway). Check the timetables and routes to ensure timely arrivals and departures.

Delve into Ecommerce Expo Details: Familiarize yourself with the event’s schedule and the exhibitors list. Knowing what sessions to attend and which booths to visit beforehand ensures a maximized experience.

Stock Up on Marketing Tools: Ready your marketing collateral. Business cards, brochures, and any branded materials can help make a lasting impression amid the bustle of the Expo.

Dress to Impress: Ecommerce Expo, while professional, also demands comfort. Opt for attire that strikes a balance between being business-appropriate and being comfortable for long hours.

Meeting Spots: London boasts many iconic spots, perfect for formal meetings and casual discussions. Scout nearby venues, perhaps along the River Thames, to add a touch of London charm to your meetings.

Harness Event Intel: Utilizing platforms like Vendelux can offer valuable insights about the attendees’ dynamics. This intelligence can elevate your networking strategy at the Expo.

After Hours in London: Once the Expo’s day winds down, the vibrancy of London awaits:

Ecommerce Expo Side Events: Dive deeper into professional networking with side events, often hosted in some of London’s most renowned venues, seamlessly merging business with the city’s rich heritage.

London’s Nightlife: The city’s nightlife is legendary. From historic pubs like The Mayflower to modern rooftop bars with panoramic views, such as Sky Garden, London promises a memorable evening.

Tune into London’s Music Scene: The West End theatres, iconic music venues like The O2, and intimate jazz clubs like Ronnie Scott’s offer a range of musical delights to cap off your evening.

Navigating through the Ecommerce Expo 2023 at ExCeL London and the subsequent city adventures provides a unique blend of professional growth and cultural enrichment. As you delve into the Expo and the streets of London, each interaction holds the promise of insights, partnerships, and memories that linger.

Tips When Traveling to Ecommerce Expo 2023 + Hotels

Exploring London Beyond Ecommerce Expo 2023: London, with its iconic landmarks, rich history, and vibrant cultural scene, awaits your exploration:

  • Marvel at the architectural splendor of the Tower of London and the British Parliament.
  • Experience the panoramic views from the London Eye.
  • Stroll through Hyde Park, one of the city’s eight Royal Parks.
  • Explore world-class museums like the British Museum and the Tate Modern.
  • Indulge in traditional British dishes like Fish & Chips, Beef Wellington, and the classic Afternoon Tea at quintessential British eateries.

The allure of London provides a delightful backdrop to your Ecommerce Expo 2023 experience.

Travel Tips for Ecommerce Expo Attendees: London in September is typically mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging between 13°C to 20°C. As the capital city buzzes with activity, especially during major events like Ecommerce Expo, the following tips might come in handy:

Advance Planning: With London being a top global destination and the Ecommerce Expo drawing in attendees, ensure your travel arrangements and accommodations are secured in advance.

Booking Portal: Avail the benefits of Ecommerce Expo’s partner site for exclusive hotel deals. Not only does this offer reduced rates, but it also ensures flexibility with cancellation policies.

Hotel Collaborations Through Ecommerce Expo: Attendees, be it exhibitors or visitors, get access to a curated list of hotel rooms at preferential rates via the Expo’s partner site. Booking through this channel guarantees a balance between comfort, cost, and proximity to ExCeL London.

Special Travel Offers: Although specifics weren’t provided, always keep an eye on the Ecommerce Expo’s official site for potential collaborations with airlines or rail services that could provide attendees with discounted fares.

London’s harmonious blend of old-world charm and contemporary dynamism promises a memorable stay. While attending Ecommerce Expo 2023, take full advantage of the city’s offerings and the event’s collaborative benefits to ensure a comprehensive and hassle-free experience.

Summary: Strategic Planning Can Make a Big Difference When You Go to Ecommerce Expo 2023

Ecommerce Expo 2023 is more than just another industry event; it’s a dynamic platform designed for entrepreneurs, marketers, and innovators in the e-commerce sector. This year’s Expo promises to be a fruitful ground for new collaborations, unexpected encounters, and transformative insights that could propel your business into the future of e-commerce technology and innovation.

However, attending the event without a proper plan is like sailing without a compass—you’ll move, but not necessarily in the direction you want. Investment in terms of money and resources is a given, but ensuring that you achieve a satisfactory ROI requires strategic planning.

It’s not enough to simply register and attend. You need a game plan to truly leverage what Ecommerce Expo 2023 has to offer. That involves researching sessions that align with your business goals, identifying all potential networking avenues, and having a clear list of people and companies you aim to connect with. Equally important is to gather data about the attendees to better understand who you’ll be sharing the space with – and reach out to them before the event even starts! Vendelux customers have been able to book 5-10x meetings with their ICP contacts by simply using our event intelligence. 

In today’s competitive environment, “event intelligence” is not a buzzword but a necessity. Utilizing data and analytics from the event can offer you a laser-focused understanding of your target demographic. This, in turn, enables you to tailor your marketing strategies for effective lead generation and client engagement.

Discover the Attendees & Sponsors Who Will be at Ecommerce Expo 2023


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