Vendelux ( provides intelligence on the event marketing industry.

We are looking for a Data Operations Associate to help build out and manage our system that identifies all events in every business sector. As Vendelux’s first data operations analyst, you will spend your time ensuring the quality of quality of Vendelux’s event data, which involves independent research as well as managing our data partner relationships. 

This is a new position and reports to Vendelux’s CEO & co-founder.

What can you bring to the team:

  • Extremely detail-oriented – this is critical!
  • Hard working
  • Takes ownership of their job function and always suggests improvements
  • Works independently

What you’ll do:

  • Identify all events across a variety of industries industry (banking, retail, marketing, supply chain etc.) and use that information to build lists of the top events in each industry
  • Develop processes, in partnership with our data team, to compile info on these events (prices, venue locations etc.)
  • Mantain the quality of our product by manually updating data when necessary to ensure accurate results
  • Lead ad-hoc event research projects that guide client and product strategy

To apply, please send a brief cover letter and your resume to: [email protected]

Not all candidates will check all of the requirements listed above and we are open to great people from non-traditional backgrounds.