Virtual Events: The Best Virtual Conferences Guide for 2023

Virtual Events


Virtual events provide an opportunity to connect with experts and like-minded individuals and gain knowledge in a safe and convenient environment. Businesses can learn about new trends in their industry, discover potential partners and customers, and generate B2B leads through these events.

It can be tempting to attend every virtual event. However, ensuring the particular event is well-suited for achieving your desired outcome is important. Taking advantage of the right events can lead to successful business outcomes and positively impact your bottom line.

Our guide to virtual events will provide types of virtual events, a list of the most popular virtual events, how to use attendee data to maximize ROI, and marketing strategy tips to build your brand.

Types of Virtual Events

Before beginning your planning process, it’s important to understand the types of virtual events. Not all events are the same, and selecting the right type of event to suit your goals is the first step in creating a successful experience. Here are different events that can be held online:


Webinars are one-way presentations that provide viewers with helpful content through lectures and demos. They are a great way to share knowledge with an audience in a live setting. They can help generate leads and allow attendees to engage with your brand.

Online Meetups

Online meetups are smaller-scale events that provide an intimate setting to discuss topics, network with peers, and exchange ideas.


Conferences are multi-day events that provide attendees with the opportunity to learn and interact with industry leaders. These events often include keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops.


Summits are similar to conferences but offer more of an intimate setting for attendees. These events often involve more in-depth conversations and can be more interactive.

Networking Events

Networking events provide an opportunity for attendees to connect and build meaningful relationships. These events often feature ice-breakers, speed networking sessions, and other activities to facilitate conversation.

Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual trade shows are like traditional in-person trade shows but are conducted online. These events provide an opportunity to connect with potential partners and customers while showcasing products and services.

Virtual Events Marketing Strategy

Event marketing can be a powerful tool to build your brand and reach new customers. To get the most out of virtual events, it’s important to focus on a data-driven approach and leverage technology to engage with attendees. With this approach, you can minimize potential risks and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Virtual Events Marketing Strategy


Do thorough research before deciding which virtual event to attend. Ask yourself what your goals are, who your target audience is, and how you can use the event to reach them. Ensure the virtual event aligns with your business objectives and you make the most of each event; otherwise, you just waste resources and time.

Once you have a list of events that meet your requirements, event intelligence can help gain insights into attendees’ demographics and interests. This data will help you select the event that most effectively supports your B2B marketing strategy.

You can utilize attendee data to maximize the reach of your event. Event analytics can provide valuable insights into who attended, what they were interested in, and how they interacted with your brand. These insights can help personalize your message and increase engagement with potential customers.

To make the most of virtual events:

      • Focus on building relationships with attendees and creating an engaging experience.

      • Use technology to deliver personalized messages, offer interactive content, and measure engagement.

      • Invest in event marketing tools that can help you automate processes and improve communication.

    Virtual Event Attendee Data

    Attendee data provides valuable insights into the success of virtual events. It helps you measure your event’s effectiveness and understand attendees’ behavior, interests, and preferences.

    Event intelligence platforms, like Vendelux, leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to capture data from virtual events and provide insights into attendee behavior. It provides detailed information such as the number of attendees, how long they spent at the event, and what topics or sessions were most popular. You can use this data to create a tailored marketing strategy and optimize future virtual events.

    By utilizing real-data monitoring, AI, and historical data, Vendelux can make precise predictions about event attendees, which can help eliminate worries regarding meeting objectives. With this B2B data, marketers can formulate their virtual event strategy and ensure their message resonates with their target audience.

    Empower your marketing teams with insights based on data, which enables them to maximize the benefits of virtual events. For example, use the data to craft personalized campaigns and target sponsors with similar audiences. This way, you can build lasting relationships with sponsors that can help you reach new customers and drive business growth.

    Virtual Events Intelligence

    Best Virtual Events

    2023 is set to be a big year for virtual events, with many interesting opportunities and options. From immersive virtual conferences and summits to engaging networking events, there are plenty of virtual events to choose from.

    As an event marketer, staying up-to-date with the latest trends is essential to stay ahead of the competition. You can learn about innovative virtual experiences, upcoming events, and the latest technologies being used in event marketing.

    Keep an eye out for new virtual experiences and use the data to create a tailor-made marketing strategy to maximize the impact of your virtual events.

    2023 is sure to be a year full of opportunities for event marketers, and with the right data-driven approach, you can ensure your virtual events are an outstanding success. We’ve put together some of the best virtual events to give you an idea of what’s out there.

    Come back soon for January 2024 information.

    Event Name Event Date Event Summary Event Attendee Data
    Inbox Expo 2023 February 26 - March 10, 2023 Inbox Expo 2023 brings together the top email marketers, service providers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and innovators in the messaging industry. Attendees will be able to learn the latest strategies, tools, and trends in CRM, email, and marketing. There will be keynote presentations, panels, and sessions. Attendees can also network with experts and peers and discover new technologies. Event topics include eliminating campaign killers, social lead generation, deliverability data and dashboards, and strategic growth. view event attendee data
    LevelUp by ClickUp February 28, 2023 (Americas) and March 1, 2023 (Europe. Middle-east, Africa, Asia-Pacific) LevelUp by ClickUp is the ultimate productivity conference helping attendees gain creative ideas to save time, improve team collaboration, and increase workflow. There will be keynotes, learning opportunities, deep dives, networking, and more. Discussion areas include product development, strategic vision, time-saving tips, boosting collaboration, using ClickUp, best practices, and more. Specific agenda topics include reimagined productivity, investing in ongoing success, and ClickUp's new partner ecosystem. Attendance is open to anyone looking to use ClickUp for efficiency and productivity. NA
    HR Tech Conference & Exposition February 28 - March 2, 2023 HR Tech Conference & Exposition unites thousands of forward-thinking HR leaders to discuss current trends and best practices for using technology. The event will have keynotes from leading HR experts, data and tactic-rich case studies, fast-moving talks, networking, and more. The online event is free to qualified HR professionals. The virtual platform will also include an exhibition of HR solution providers. There will also be free recertification credits and AI-powered peer-to-peer matchmaking. view event attendee data
    eCom Design Summit February 28, 2023 eCom Design Summit invites experts, leaders, owners, and those in retail to share and learn about the latest methods for optimizing eCommerce products. There will be networking, sessions, live chats, speaker polls, and more. Topic discussions include web3 technology, customer understanding, product maturity, risk management, and more. The event content is available on demand. Event presenters include Jess Dale, group product design manager from Etsy, and Benas Skripka, senior product designer from Expedia. NA
    Event Name Event Date Event Summary Event Attendee Data
    SAP Concur Fusion March 1 - 2, 2023 SAP Concur Fusion invites investors and those interested in investing in SAP Concur to learn more about solutions and empowerment to influence organizational change. Attendees can access educational and training opportunities, engage with and expand their community, and get inspired for the future. There will be keynote sessions, Q&As, networking, breakout sessions, a reporting hub, and more. The virtual agenda includes mitigating risk, controlling travel spend, AP automation, and more. NA
    California Conference for Women March 2, 2023 California Conference for Women is a virtual event that helps attendees learn practical leadership and career advancement strategies, ask questions, network, and more. Attendees can expect to maximize access, inclusivity, and flexibility through global connection and professional development. There will be keynotes, breakout sessions, networking, and more. Guest speakers include the first African American female principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, Mistry Copeland. Everyone is welcome to attend. NA
    Tech Lead Conf March9-10, 2023 Tech Lead Conf anticipates having over 5,000 lead engineers and techs gather to discuss career growth, leadership, and seniority in tech. There will be 2 tracks and 20 engineers, managers, and HR representatives from leading companies to talk on related topics about careers and soft skills. Attendees will learn how to rise in senior levels and get more influence in the company. Some covered topics include mastering interviews, full-stack growth, and team/tech leadership. There will be discussions, Q&As, and networking opportunities. NA
    DTCx5 March 11, 2023 DTCx5 is the largest virtual eCommerce event, inviting attendees to discuss and learn efficiency and how to do more with less. The event emphasizes that most success is leveraging tools that help with the customer experience and logistics to streamline processes and decrease costs. Focus areas in the event include omnichannel, robust strategies, innovative technologies and trends, and industry peer networking. Discussion topics include the power of storytelling, inventory management, customer loyalty techniques, and AI influence. Attendees include eCommerce founders, senior leadership, experts, technologists, marketers, managers, customer support specialists, and more. NA
    Measure Camp North America March 11, 2023 Measure Camp North America is an open, free-to-attend digital analytics conference. The event will host engaging sessions, presentations, discussions, workshops, networking opportunities, and game shows. A 'first-timer workshop' is available to help newcomers understand the event's format with an overview, simulated platform, session and agenda information, and Q&As. Additionally, the event terms itself as an "unconference," providing a unique and different approach to typical event structures. NA
    Python Web Conf March 13-17, 2023 Python Web Conf is the most in-depth conference for rising Python experts, with sessions for mid-level and advanced developers alike. International experts will share leading-edge presentations on AI/ML, Big Data, CI/CD, serverless, security, containers, and more. The event will feature discussions, interactive open spaces, lightning talks, end-of-day socials, and networking opportunities. Presentations and post-event recordings will be available. The event anticipates approximately 400 attendees and 50 live discussions. NA
    The Forum's Annual Conference March 14-15 The Forum's Annual Conference is "themeless in Seattle" to bring together international education thought leaders of today and tomorrow. Attendees will discuss emerging trends and hot topics and network with peers. There will be over 60 sessions. The sessions focus on 10 topics, including global online learning, research and data collection, student learning and development, and professional development and training. In-person attendees will have access to workshops. Guest speakers include bestselling author Monique Gray Smith and award-winning speaker Dr. Anu Taranath. NA
    Check Point CPX 360 2023 March 20-23 Check Point CPX 360 2023 is the industry's premier cyber security summit and expo. The event brings together the cyber security industry to explore the latest solutions and strategies that protect organizations against cyber security threats. Attendees will receive help in increasing the cyber resiliency of valuable assets, people, and data - fortifying digital transformation. The event will have keynote presentations, in-depth sessions, workshops, expert predictions, and networking opportunities. Discussion topics include using a consultative approach, cloud security, hacking, and network and data security. Event tracks include cyber talks, cloud-native security, zero trust security for the hybrid workforce, and customer case studies. NA
    World Education Summit March 20-23 World Education Summit unites over 85,000 educators from over 87 countries to learn from 461 sessions and 443 speakers. The event offers high-impact, cost-effective professional learning and content access post-event for a whole year. There will be seven themes that include leadership, assessment & curriculum, human potential, and future of learning. Some discussion topics include the future classroom, school environment and leadership, successful inclusion of gifted learners, and leading transformational change. There will be 11 virtual stages, including paradigm shifters, brave leaders, legacy, training, passionate practitioners, and research bites. NA
    MarTech Conference Spring March 28-29 MarTech Conference Spring strives to help over 60,000 marketers drive sales, improve lead quality, and boost conversions with privacy-first personalization. There will be keynotes, live Q&As, expert-led sessions, data-rich case studies, and dozens of marketing technologies that streamline operations and boost profits. Some discussion topics include data management solutions, automated execution, AI, satisfying privacy requirements, and delivering highly personalized experiences. The event is free, online, and offers instant on-demand access. NA
    Ad World March 29-30 Ad World is the world's largest advertising event and anticipates over 20,000 attendees, 60 speakers, and 7 tracks. The event tracks include content marketing, media buying, brand building, ad creatives, conversation optimization, and SMS marketing. In addition to the tracks, the event will have hyper-focused speeches, panels, networking opportunities, and live Q&As to help advertising professionals lead marketers and brands for business enhancement. Scheduled guest speakers include TikTok's Sofia Hernandez and Darshan Kantak from Google. view event attendee data
    Event Name Event Date Event Summary Event Attendee Data
    Social Media Strategies Summit - First Responders 2023 April 12-13, 2023 Social Media Strategies Summit - First Responders 2023 is a premier social media event for public safety professionals and first responders. Attendees will learn from a mix of industry leaders who will share the proven social media strategies they use to grow their agency's online communities. The event will offer peer networking, experience sharing, strategy learning, live chats, Q&As, and more. Attendees include first responders, command staff, and professionals who manage social media, such as individuals in community affairs, media relations, communications, administrative support, digital engagement, and more. Guest speakers include Austin McDaniel, communications director of Alaska State Troopers. NA
    OnCon Executive Leadership Virtual Summit 2023 April 24-25, 2023 OnCon Executive Leadership Virtual Summit 2023 is for top executives to participate in 10 tracks that accommodate 100 participants in an intimate environment tailored for c-level and executive leadership individuals. Some tracks include CMO, CHRO, CFO, COO, CIO/CTO, data and analytics, and general counsel. Track discussion topics include leadership mindset in the new normal, brand refreshes, recruitment initiatives, data ethics, and maximizing ROI on a budget. Awards will be given to recognize the top executives voted by peers. view attendee data
    Trust Enablement Summit April 25-27, 2023 Trust Enablement Summit is a sales enablement event offering a global enablement workshop series. In addition to the workshops, the event will also feature sessions and roundtables about real challenges and solutions. The event features interactive capability, global and time-zone-friendly structures, affordability, diversity, and inclusivity. Presently, the sessions and details speakers are coming soon. The 2022 event covered topics like performance under pressure, partner enablement, supporting more than 1,000 sellers, customer success enablement, and fixing content credibility and revenue impact. NA
    Developer Week Europe April 26-27, 2023 Developer Week Europe is Europe's largest developer and engineering conference. The 2-track summit is for executives and managers to discover technical leadership best practices and peer-to-peer education and thought management on technological management. The 2022 event included keynotes, workshops, open talks, networking opportunities, and more. Previous discussion topics include full software development lifecycle, technical debt, storing and processing data, security for ASP.NET developers, and quantum computing. NA
    Event Name Event Date Event Summary Event Attendee Data
    BrightonSEO May 4-5, 2023 BrightonSEO is an event for search marketers that is free for the online version. The live-event recordings can be downloaded on-demand, covering over 500 SEO talks. Search marketers can meet, learn, and enhance their job performance through the event. The recorded event will have in-depth discussions, training workshops, networking, and more. Thousands are expected to attend and use the virtual resources. One confirmed guest speaker is Poppy Court from StrategiQ, who discusses troubleshooting WordPress. The training courses cover topics like in-depth analytics, PPC, and SEO training. NA
    Developer Week Global May 9-10, 2023 Developer Week Global joins over 2,000 developers, architects, and executives for a fully immersive education and innovative experience. Attendees include engineering managers, dev team leads, and technical executives (VP, director, CTO, CXO). The event will have over 6 tracks, 40 speakers, and 7 technical keynotes. There will also be a virtual expo with over 15 technologies and tools, product demos, and 1:1 topic-focused networking. Attendees will learn and gain insights from top engineering leaders about team management, best practices, developer tools, and technology decision-making. The 2022 agenda covered topics like managing growth pains, lucid software, and essential strategies for managing distributed teams. NA
    Girls In Tech Australia Conference May 10, 2023 Girls In Tech Australia Conference welcomes everyone - software engineers, product marketers, human resource pros, investors, uni students, data scientists, digital marketers, startup founders, and more. The event will have motivational keynotes, workshops, panel discussions, presentations, and networking. Attendees can expect community-driven activities with important career learnings, new friendships, role model insights, and tactical skill-building. Part of the 2022 agenda topics include Web 3.0, the future of commerce, brand and product design, and algorithms. NA
    DigiMarCon Canada West May 11-12, 2023 DigiMarCon Canada West is western Canada's premier digital marketing, media, and advertising conference and exhibition. The event covers topics like the best digital marketing practices, the latest trends, practical solutions, strategy and networking, and the next generation of technology and innovation (Internet, mobile, AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS tech). There will be over 30 featured topics, including omnichannel marketing, social commerce, data science, web analytics, growth hacking, conversion rate optimization, and UI/UX design. Attendees will enjoy keynotes, expert panels, networking opportunities, and more. view attendee data
    Social Media Strategies Summit - Government 2023 May 17-18, 2023 Social Media Strategies Summit - Government 2023 is a government social media conference that will help attendees leverage social media to humanize their agency and engage in their communities. Discussion topics include social media and crisis communication, improving agency reputation, building community relationships, and transparency. Industry leaders will share proven social media strategies they use to grow their brands. Attendees will network with government employee peers and participate in Q&As, live chats, discussions, and more. The event is for professionals who manage a government or public agency's special media channels. NA
    The Virtual MarTech Summit May 25, 2023 The Virtual MarTech Summit gathers the best minds in modern marketing technology to illustrate unique company pain points, breakthroughs, and triumphs. The event anticipates over 600 attendees, 20 speakers, and 8 sessions. There will be fireside chats, panel discussions, and expert talks. Discussion topics include community marketing, gamification, social media and influencer marketing, CX, personalization, UGC, and digital acceleration. Guest speakers work in a cross-section of industries. NA
    Transformative Education 2023 May 26-28, 2023 Transformative Education 2023 joins thousands of education stakeholders from more than 70 countries at one of the largest, diverse influential global conferences to transform education. The event welcomes entrepreneurs, policymakers, academics, education professionals, researchers, education leaders, and educators. The agenda's topic discussions include education for sustainable development, transformative education, neuroscience, global citizenship education, and transformative pedagogy. NA
    The Change Leadership Conference May 31, 2023 The Change Leadership Conference is committed to helping professionals and organizations lead and respond to change. The event is Canada's premier learning and networking event on leading change. The event's topic discussions include diversity and inclusion, the future of change, sustainability, mental health and wellness, and workplace disruption. The event anticipates over 300 attendees, 18 speakers, and 25 organizations. Attendees include leaders, managers, change practitioners, professionals, and change leaders. There will also be virtual exhibition areas. NA
    Event Name Event Date Event Summary Event Attendee Data
    B2B Summit North America June 5-7, 2023 B2B Summit North America is a B2B event helping companies navigate the B2B landscape with purpose and skill. Ensuring that sales, marketing, and product all work together towards shared goals and objectives. The event will consist of over 100 role-based sessions, case studies, keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats, networking opportunities, and more. Attendees include marketing, sales, product leaders, and other B2B professionals. Event content themes include lifecycle revenue marketing, B2B digital marketing, buyer experience research, and revenue engine alignment. Key topics include account-based marketing, content strategy, marketing operations, sales enablement, and customer advocacy. view event attendee data
    Platform Con 2023 June 8-9, 2023 Platform Con 2023 celebrates its community of over 15,000 platform engineers. There will be 78 talks, over 20 hours of recordings, and 6,000 attendees. The talks include platform stories, design, tech, and culture. Event discussion topics include the platform journey, key design considerations, product management, and c-level perspectives. Attendees will join thousands of platform engineers, discuss new trends and tooling with over 8,000 platform practitioners, and engage with more than 200 speakers in dedicated channels or direct DMs. NA
    SMX Advanced - Online June 13-14, 2023 SMX Advanced - Online provides expert-level search marketing that is advanced, actionable, and free. It is a part of the largest, most effective digital marketing channel, helping marketers attract new customers, outperform competitors, and grow businesses. The event will explore critical issues like customer expectations, user experience, AI, BERT, machine learning, passage rank, and more. Attendees can expect to learn sophisticated, brand-safe, actionable tactics to deliver more qualified traffic, drive revenue, and stay above the competition. There will be tactic-rich sessions, live Q&As, keynotes, and more. NA
    Social Media Staregies Summit June 14-15, 2023 Social Media Strategies Summit is the number one social media event for senior-level marketing professionals. Attendees can expect to learn from a mix of industry leaders who will share proven social media strategies they used to grow their brands. Guest speakers come from renowned companies like Ocean Spray, Papa John's, ESPN, and Auntie Anne's. The event will include discussions, workshops, roundtables, cross-industry case studies, and networking. Discussion topics include consumer trends, emerging platforms, driving engagement, driving analytics, and developing internal influencers with creative social videos. NA
    ContentTECH Summit June 20-22, 2023 ContentTECH Summit is an event helping attendees to create, manage, and scale epic content experiences. Attendees will learn about the most meaningful tech tools and strategies for content programs and how to use them to their fullest potential. The event is free and is for anyone working at the convergence point of content, technology, and strategy. Common attendee positions include digital marketing, marketing innovation, demand generation, eCommerce, c-suite professionals, and more. Discussion topics include using the right content and marketing technology innovations, sorting through available opportunities, and creating epic customer experiences. Keynotes, breakout sessions, a main conference, networking, and more will be there. NA
    Event Name Event Date Event Summary Event Attendee Data
    DigiMarCon America 2023 July 6-7, 2023 DigiMarCon America 2023 is the premier digital marketing, media, and advertising conference and exhibition in America. Attendees gather to hear from thought provoking speakers, gain insight in emerging strategies and technology, and network with leaders and peers. Featured topics include social commerce, mobile marketing, behavioral and neuromarketing, web analytics, visual and voice search, UI/UX design, SEO, predictive analytics, and CRO. Attendees include innovators, senior marketers and branders, entrepreneurs, digital executives and professionals, web and mobile strategists, web project managers, business leadders, agency executives and teams, and anyone else who operates in the digital community. There will be keynote presentations, breakout sessions, workshops, hands-on product demonstrations, and more. NA
    DigiMarCon Latin America 2023 July 7-8, 2023 DigiMarCon Latin America 2023 is Latin America's premier digital marketing, media, and advertising conference and exhibition. The event aims to inspire, challenge, and transform attendees and their businesses. There will be keynotes, presentations, networking, workshops, interactive breakout sessions, hands-on product demos, and more. Discussion topics include user-generated content, web analytics, omnichannel, personalization and privacy, and various marketing strategies. Attendees include anyone operating in the digital community: executives, professionals, web and mobile strategists, web project managers, entrepreneurs, senior marketers and branders, and more. NA
    DigiMarCon Hawaii July 13-14, 2023 DigiMarCon Hawaii is a premier digital marketing, media, and advertising conference in Hawaii. The event aims to discuss and teach the best practices in digital marketing, the latest trends, practical solutions, strategy, and networking. Additionally, attendees can check out the next generation of technology and innovation like internet, mobile, AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS technology. There will be keynotes, case studies, strategy sessions, networking, and more. Some featured topics include content marketing, UI/UX design, user-generated content, programmatic advertising, smarketing and customer experience, and big data. Attendees include entrepreneurs, digital executives, web and mobile strategists, senior marketers, innovators, business developers, and anyone who operates in the digital community. NA
    WITS Virtual Summit July 18-20, 2023 WITS Virtual Summit is a technical conference focusing on women and underrepresented minorities who work in, or with, tech in technical and non-technical roles. The event focuses on the concepts of positive and forward-looking viewpoints, actionable messages, and demonstrating what working in tech is. The three program tracks are innovation, tech trends, and hands-on workshops. Attendees will enjoy panel discussions, workshops, networking opportunities, and more. Anyone who finds the event's programming educational or inspirational and wants to connect with women working in diverse fields in tech, is welcome. NA
    #Product Con July 20, 2023 #Product Con is a cutting-edge virtual event covering the hottest topics in product management and highlighting product leaders from diverse backgrounds and leaders of color. Guest speakers include inspirational heads of products, VPs, and CPOs from tech giants like Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify. The event provides 16 sessions to over 20,000 viewers between four yearly conferences. There will be presentations, accessible slides, interactive features, networking, and virtual booths. Discussion topics include scaling beyond accommodation at speed, automated product management, and product innovation. Event attendees include product managers, directors, senior leaders, heads, VPs, and CPOs. NA
    Trust Enablement Summit July 25-27, 2023 Trust Enablement Summit is an interactive virtual event on sales enablement themed "enabling the enablers." The event features the global enablement workshop series. It delivers best practices, tips, and insights on got-to-market teams' strategies, tactics, and tools. Attendees can expect to participate in sessions, workshops, roundtables, and networking opportunities that cover real challenges and solutions. Affordability and diversity inclusion is promoted for the event. The 2022 event discussed topics like performance under pressure, enablement job hunting, growing and scaling, and enablement specialist insights. NA
    Event Name Event Date Event Summary Event Attendee Data
    Moz Con August 7-8, 2023 Moz Con gathers a lineup of extraordinary speakers who are ready to share their top tips to help attendees navigate the obstacles challenging marketers today. The content covers next-level tactics, from ranking higher in today's search landscape to making data-driven marketing decisions. Attendees include SEO professionals, marketers, executives, business leaders and owners, and others associated with the marketing industry. There will be expert discussions, networking opportunities, and live-stream access. Some discussion topics include ChatGPT, the latest ranking factors, algorithm updates, and E-E-A-T. view event attendee data
    Event Name Event Date Event Summary Event Attendee Data
    MarTech Conference Fall September 26-27, 2023 MarTech Conference Fall is an event to discover market-defining solutions with the tools, technologies, and tactics needed to organize critical marketing. The free event offers tactics-rich sessions led by real-world marketers and successful brands. Attendees can expect to discover cutting-edge marketing technologies that save time, streamline operations, and boost profits. Some discussion topics include B2B marketing, digital transformation, GA4, marketing automation, identity resolution, and customer data platform (CDP). Attendees include marketing specialists, professionals, executives, managers, directors, c-level and presidential staff, and more. view attendee data
    Event Name Event Date Event Summary Event Attendee Data
    Mining Summit Minerals of the Future October 5-6, 2023 Mining Summit Minerals of the Future will attract leading companies and stakeholders in the mining and "mineral security" industry to debate the community's hottest topics and issues. The event will have over 65 speakers, 20 sessions, 450 attendees, and 45 represented countries. Key themes and discussions include bulls vs. bears, building resilient supply chains, the circular mining economy, and mobility. Attendees include c-suit miners, key investors, senior policymakers, strategic experts, commodities traders, and decision-makers in the mining sector. In addition to expert sessions, the event highlights influential networking opportunities with over 200 key stakeholders for business and deal-making. In 2022, approximately 62% of attendees held the " Head of " job title and above. view event attendee data
    HighEdWeb 2023 Annual Conference October 8-11, 2023 HighEdWeb 2023 Annual Conference is an event for higher ed professionals across all departments and divisions who want to explore the web and digital roles in their organization. There will be over 100 sessions consisting of programming, marketing, content, design, social, and development information. Attendees will also enjoy networking opportunities and an expo hall to discover products and services to help advance learning institutions. The event will also consist of keynotes and group discussions. come back soon for attendee data
    Trust Enablement Summit October 24-26, 2023 Trust Enablement Summit will 'enable the enablers' with a sales enablement event featuring the global enablement workshop series. The event will host sessions, workshops, and roundtables about real challenges and solutions in a highly interactive virtual setting. In addition to affordability, the event highlights different faces and voices to represent diversity and inclusion. The event delivers the best practices, tips, tactics, tools, and strategy insights used by go-to-market teams. The 2022 event discussed topics like performing while under pressure, fixing content credibility and revenue impact, and launching enablement. There were nearly 40 sessions available for enablement professionals. NA
    2023 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference October 24-27, 2023 The 2023 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference is a marketing event focused on helping attendees and exhibitors connect with peers from businesses, large and small, to expand personal networks and spheres of influence. Attendees can also advance marketing knowledge to drive sustained growth for brands and companies. The virtual event allows for remote participation that is AI-powered for a matchmaking service using natural language processing, advanced algorithms, and deep neural networks to learn about personal goals and interests. There will also be sessions and awards. Attendees include marketing specialists, professionals, senior executives, and others associated with the marketing industry. view event attendee data
    Energy Transition Summit October 31 - November 2, 2023 Energy Transition Summit is an event to focus on accelerating the transition to clean, secure, and affordable energy. The event anticipates over 25 sessions, 75 speakers, 450 attendees, and 50 represented countries. Attendees include senior energy, finance, government figures, and business leaders navigating the transition to clean, secure, and affordable energy. In the 2022 event, approximately 62% of attendees held the job title of 'Head of.' The event included discussions, keynote interviews, roundtables, networking opportunities, and 1-to-1 meetings. view event attendee data
    Event Name Event Date Event Summary Event Attendee Data
    GURU Conference 2023 November 8-9, 2023 GURU Conference 2023 is the world's largest virtual email marketing conference that is free and anticipates gathering over 13,000 marketers. The conference is designed to help attendees exceed current strategies with actionable advice that can be deployed same day, supported by a deep pool of real-time user data. Additionally, attendees will share the latest digital trends, email best practices, and emerging tools to enhance marketing performance. The event tracks include email deliverability, design trends, B2B, avoiding pitfalls, quick tips, B2C, emerging tools, and platforms. NA
    Podcasting for Business Conference November 13-15, 2023 Podcasting for Business Conference is a conference for when podcasting is part of the job. The event brings together experts from across the podcast and content marketing industries to provide training and support to people podcasting as part of their work. Overall, the event aims to help attendees learn from top podcasting experts about creating a show that makes a meaningful difference in business. The 2022 event discussed topics like increasing accessibility, podcast newsletters, creating a stand-out podcast brand in a competitive marketplace, and effective ways to improve show notes for discoverability. view event attendee data
    SMX Next November 14-15, 2023 SMX Next is an expert-led search marking training event. The event is for search marketing experts, professionals, leads, executives, entrepreneurs, and more. The event discusses topics like algorithm updates, SERP feature changes, automation, the death of third-party cookies, and Google analytics 4. The program includes keynotes, tactic-rich sessions, and live Q&As. Event themes include future-forward strategies, deliver ROI, drive SEO, and PPC success. Guest speakers include Ashley Fletcher, VP of marketing of Adthena, and Owen Ray, the director of content marketing for Invoca. NA

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