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upcoming events las vegas

As the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’, events in Las Vegas are sure to be memorable. These events include expos and conventions. Las Vegas attracts an uncountable amount of companies every year to their world class expos in their modern, state of the art facilities. Here are some upcoming events in Las Vegas across various industries that you do not want to miss.

Las Vegas Market (Furniture)

July 24 – 28

Directed towards the consumer goods industry, this event is great for anyone in the retail, consumer facing furniture industry. There are over 4,000 exhibitors in the more than 5.4 million square foot exposition space. Coupled with planned events focused on topics such as values-based sourcing and trends, this event is a can’t-miss for buyers. An added plus- registered buyers and media personnel attend for free. Click for more information HERE

NACS Show 2022

Conference: October 1-4, 2022 Expo: October 2-4, 2022

Bringing things back to in-person interaction and brick and mortar store fronts, this expo focuses on the industry and world of the class convenience store. All the working parts that this expo pays attention to, such as snack and beverage display and trends, the rise of ecommerce, facility management and development and store operations, are aspects of a business that apply to much more than just convenience stores. Find out more about this event HERE

Money 20/20

OCT. 23 – OCT. 26

Calling itself “Fintech’s biggest conversation” this event lends itself to being a place where the finance and technology industries meet. The upcoming programs include ‘RiseUp’, promoting women in leadership roles, ‘Amplify’, about increasing visibility and creating opportunities for connection between people of color, as well as programs created to support startups. This event includes speakers such as the Chief Diversity Officer at U.S. Bank and the Chief Strategic Business Development Officer at Safe Harbor Financial. This event is a must do for any company involved in fintech. Check out more HERE

Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent

NOV. 28 – DEC. 2

This event is tightly connected with Amazon partners, and specifically involves exhibiting these collaborators in their expo hall. AWS’s re:Invent event also provides the over 50,000 attendees with keynote speakers from Amazon’s own executive board. Advertising to people in technology, software, research, and telecommunication industries, this event is marketed as one for those who are looking for hands-on learning and solutions. Learn more about how you can attend HERE

CES: Consumer Technology Association

JAN 5-8, 2023

This is the expo to be at for any industry, because of the sheer amount of innovation that this conference covers. Virtual reality, crypto currency, the metaverse, tourism, digital health, self-driving cars, and these are just the tip of the iceberg for what is exhibited and presented at this expo. Learn more about the future of technological innovation-and this event, HERE

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