Upcoming Events in Boston


upcoming events Boston

Upcoming events in Boston

eTail Boston 2022

August 8-10, 2022

It is eTail’s goal to improve the retail industry as a whole, starting with your company. This event is taking place at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, from August 8th to 10th. Focused on ‘cutting out the fluff and egos’, this conference is designed to pack as much information about market trends and strategies to increase profitably as possible. With speakers such as the SVP, Enterprise Brand and Marketing of Party City, the Creative Director at The Lego Group, and the Head of Global Digital Commerce of Crocs, it is clear eTails wants their attendees to learn from the best. Click for more information on the August event HERE.

Usenix Security Symposium 2022

August 10-12, 2022

The 31st annual Usenix Security Symposium will be taking place at the Boston Marriott Copley Place from August 10th to 12th. This event attracts anyone and everyone who is interested in or in a business that depends on security and digital privacy. Virtual security is an increasingly important component to any company using computers, especially with sensitive information. Programmers, administrations, and researchers will come together for three days to learn about the newest strategies to combat bots, web cache, and adapt to an increasingly complex digital age. Learn more about this security event HERE:

The Bioprocessing Summit 2022

August 15-18, 2022

Hosted at the Sheraton Boston, the 14th annual Bioprocessing Summit will be occurring August 15th to 18th. This event strives to be a leader in sharing innovation and research in bioprocess R&D, and analytics. Speakers will be touching on vaccine formulation and stability, new information in cell and gene therapy, platforms for modalities, and lessons accrued from the pandemic. The last subject being present by Nicholas Warne, PHD, VP of Pharmaceutical Research and Development, BioTherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences, at Pfizer inc. To attend this event or learn more, click HERE:

InBound 2022

September 6-9, 2022

From September 6th to 9th, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center will be filled with software and marketing professionals. With lectures on sales techniques and eCommerce integration, this event is a great source of information about the newest trends in marketing.There is also a specific speaker series focused on ‘building your business’. Not only is this digital marketing event helpful for established companies, but up and coming groups as well. Learn more about InBound 2022 HERE:

Discovery on Target 2022

October 17-20, 2022

Discovery on Target is a conference dedicated to sharing advances in new therapeutic drugs and molecules. This event, held at the Sheraton Boston from October 17th to 20th, attracts those in the biotech, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. This conference includes walk throughs of the discovery and development of new drugs, and promotes dialogues between attendees. There are optional courses to increase your understanding of different subjects, as well as additional networking opportunities you can choose to attend. To learn more about this extremely informational conference, click HERE.

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