Product Update: Fusion On-Demand, Prospect List Sharing, Team Breakout & Planner Sneak Peek


Our number one KPI is your success. We’re constantly working to improve to give you the best tools you need to make the biggest impact to your business. Here are some of the product updates we’ve launched and one we’re working on!

Fusion On-Demand

Fusion On-demand

Don’t see all the information you’re looking for? Fusion offers a data-on-demand solution to provide higher frequency event monitoring and deliver even deeper attendee-level insights. With one click within Vendelux, you can gain access to the best event intelligence out there for all your high priority events.

Our Fusion On-Demand solution can find on average 1,500 additional registered attendees per large conference and 100+ attendees for smaller events. Receive actionable updates whenever new attendees are added to a conference. As events get closer to the start date, additional attendees are often added daily! (In beta)

Prospect List Sharing

prospect list sharing

Now with the ability to quickly share prospect lists with the rest of your team. Allow any team member the ability to see your prospect lists – make them viewer only, editors or owners of any prospect lists.

Team Breakout

Team breakout

With the My Team view you can quickly see which of your team members have the most prospects attending events. Strategically plan which team members to send to events to create more relationships.

Sneak Peek: Planner


Our planner is getting a big upgrade! Soon you’ll be able to do all of your event marketing planning right in Vendelux. Easily Add events, see which events your team is interested in, attending or have declined. Soon the whole team will be on the same page!

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