Introducing Vendelux Fusion, our AI-powered event intelligence


When planning the perfect event strategy for your business, there is one major factor that determines whether an event will be high ROI.

Does this event actually have enough of your prospects in attendance?

If the answer is yes, event marketers can expect plenty of event qualified leads, meetings, pipeline and ultimately, event-sourced revenue to justify the sponsorship and attendance costs. But if the attendee profile of the event is unclear, then your return on event spend (ROES) will be challenging.

Until now, event marketers often had to take million dollar bets on events before there was enough data on the attendees. The result was wasted time and spend. Thankfully there is finally a better way.

Introducing Vendelux Fusion, our revolutionary platform that can help event marketers forecast which sponsors and attendees will be at future trade shows, conferences and even smaller networking events.

Fusion combines first-party data directly from Vendelux’s growing network of thousands of event organizers and partners. We then enrich our data from 35,000+ sources, including websites, social media and networking apps. The final step uses proprietary AI to predict attendees for future events based on years of historical data.

Event marketers gain all the data they need to decide which events to attend and sponsor in advance, and all the confirmed attendee info they need to help their teams generate more meetings and ROI before, during and after the event.

To take things one step further, Vendelux is also announcing Fusion On Demand, our newest offering that provides even deeper research and more frequent attendee list updates for the priority events that matter most. With Fusion On Demand, clients can expect on average 1,500+ confirmed attendees for larger conferences, and at least 100 registered attendee insights for smaller events.

Check out the full feature set of Fusion.

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