Education Conferences: The Best Education Events Guide for 2023

Education Conferences


Best Education Conferences to Attend in 2023

Here are a list of the best upcoming education events:

Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
2023 MLA Annual Convention January 5-8, 2023, San Francisco, CA | United States Experience the MLA 2023 Convention, where the exceptional teaching and research of our members take center stage. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that our working conditions require improvement. The convention's presidential theme urges us to contemplate how our teaching and research can pave the way for transforming these conditions. Let's envision a future where our work supports and empowers us, enabling us to fulfill our professional aspirations. view event attendee data
33rd Ann Ferren Conference January 12-13, 2023, Hybrid | Washington D.C. The Ann Ferren Conference provides a platform for the AU community to collaborate and exchange insights on enhancing teaching and research at American University. Members can share their valuable experiences and expertise, fostering a collective effort towards advancing educational practices and academic exploration within the university. NA
Get Your Teach On Las Vegas 2023 January 18-20, 2023, Las Vegas, NV, USA Get Your Teach On is dedicated to creating and delivering exceptional professional development opportunities for educators. Our District Alignment Guide showcases how our conference aligns with school, district, and state standards, as well as professional development objectives. Download the guide to see how attending our event can help educators meet their specific goals and requirements. NA
AAC&U Annual Meeting 2023 January 18-20, 2023, San Francisco, CA, USA Connect with fellow educators from colleges and universities worldwide at our event. Engage in discussions with thought leaders in higher education. Explore the important connection between liberal education and democracy. Stay updated on the latest advancements in contemporary liberal education practices. Develop effective strategies to advocate for liberal education within your campus and beyond. NA
Future of Education Technology Conference January 23-26, 2023, New Orleans, LA, USA For more than four decades, the National Future of Education Technology® Conference has brought together education leaders and professionals from around the globe to delve into new technologies, share best practices, and address critical issues. FETC® is renowned among educators and technologists as the ultimate platform to connect with thought leaders and pioneers who are spearheading advancements in classrooms, schools, and districts. NA
League: Executive Leadership Institute January 24-26, 2023, Virtual ELI offers a unique opportunity for aspiring community college presidents or those in transition to assess their abilities, reflect on their interests, enhance their skills, and participate in leadership discussions with a distinguished faculty comprising community college leaders from across North America. It provides a platform to learn from experienced professionals and engage in valuable conversations about leadership in the community college sector. NA
Heads Conference 2023 January 26-27, 2023, Chicago, IL, USA Calling all Heads of Schools! Come together and join your fellow leaders to rejuvenate, reconnect, and strengthen your leadership skills. Embrace the power of collaboration and learn from expert speakers handpicked for your benefit. Discover the exciting opportunities that await you! NA
LitCon: Literacy Conference January 28-31, 2023, Columbus, OH, USA Embark on an extraordinary journey at LitCon, the largest K-8 literacy conference in North America, marking its remarkable 38th year! Hosted by the esteemed Reading Recovery Council of North America (RRCNA), this event is tailored to the diverse literacy education community. Immerse yourself in a transformative gathering that will deepen your understanding and ignite your enthusiasm for literacy education. NA
2023 TCEA Convention & Exposition January 30 - February 2, 2023, Henry B. González Convention Center | San Antonio, United States Experience the pinnacle of innovation and learning at the 2023 TCEA Convention & Exposition, where passion meets possibility, curiosity fuels discovery, and education seamlessly integrates with technology. Prepare for a transformative educational journey that will rewrite the narrative of education as we know it. view event attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
2023 National ESEA Conference February 1-4, 2023, Indiana Convention Center | Indianapolis, United States Immerse yourself in the expertise of renowned education leaders and experts, with exclusive content found nowhere else. Choose from over 130 sessions led by top education professionals, delivering timely and impactful information, enhanced by engaging interactions with attendees and presenters. Don't miss the opportunity to hear from four exceptional keynote speakers who will inspire and inform your educational journey. view event attendee data
2023 European Learning & Teaching Forum February 2-3, 2023, University of Deusto | Bilbao, Spain The European Learning & Teaching Forum, organized by EUA, offers a platform for participants to gather and exchange ideas about the latest advancements in learning and teaching within European universities. This event leverages EUA's collaboration with member universities and combines a grassroots approach with EUA's comprehensive policy work in European higher education. Join us to contribute to the future of learning and teaching in Europe. view event attendee data
WISE Conference February 2-4, 2023, Wake Forest University | Winston-Salem, United States WISE (Worldwide Intercultural Student Experience) is the premier conference for faculty leaders, program coordinators, and administrators seeking to enhance students' intercultural skills and awareness during their study abroad programs and beyond. Join us to gain valuable knowledge and skills that will empower you to support students in their global learning journey and promote a more interconnected world. view event attendee data
UnboundEd Winter 2023 February 6-10, 2023, Anaheim, CA, USA The Standards Institute offers a dynamic and immersive five-day in-person learning experience designed for teachers, coaches, and leaders. Dive deep into the essential components of grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful (GLEAM™) instruction through interactive sessions and activities. Join us to develop the mindsets, planning skills, and instructional strategies needed to successfully implement GLEAM™ instruction and create impactful learning environments. NA
CIES 2023: Improving Education for a More Equitable World February 14-22. 2023, Washington, D.C., USA The CIES 2023 conference focuses on the theme of "Improving Education for a More Equitable World" by addressing the pressing issues of social and economic inequalities across various systems. Through a critical lens, we aim to challenge and redefine the role of education and educational research in fostering greater equity and inclusivity. Join us as we explore dynamic approaches to create positive change in education for a more equitable society. NA
AAC&U 2023 Conference on General Education, Pedagogy, and Assessment February 15 - March 1, 2023, New Orleans, LA, USA Join us at the 2023 Conference on General Education, Pedagogy, and Assessment, where we recognize and empower the dedicated individuals who drive positive change in undergraduate education. Together, we celebrate their invaluable contributions in upholding the vitality and excellence of the undergraduate learning experience. Through collaborative exploration and the sharing of innovative insights, we aim to enhance and elevate undergraduate education for the benefit of all students. NA
15th Annual Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy February 15-17, 2023, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA Experience the pinnacle of pedagogical excellence and cutting-edge research in higher education at our prestigious conference. Explore a wide range of sessions that delve into disciplinary and interdisciplinary instructional strategies, outcomes, and research. Join over 500 passionate faculty and instructors committed to teaching excellence as we gather to advance the frontiers of higher education. Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired and collaborate with the best in the field. NA
2023 ITEC IT Conference February 17, 2023, Nevada, IA, USA Experience the pinnacle of educational technology innovation at ITEC's IT Conference. Join us for an unparalleled gathering of K-12 information technology administrators and professionals. Immerse yourself in sessions that delve into the intricate world of leveraging technology for educational purposes in schools. Stay at the forefront of advancements with tailored insights and strategies to enhance IT practices in education. Don't let this opportunity pass you by to network, learn, and transform your school's IT landscape. NA
Teaching Behaved Brains Conference 2023 February 17-19, 2023, Hotel Fairmont San Francisco | San Francisco, United States Immerse yourself in the world of brain science at this conference as we delve into the underlying causes of disruptive behaviors, executive deficits, emotional dysregulation, and learning disorders. Discover evidence-based strategies to effectively address challenging behaviors, ADHD, autism, LD, and bullying. Gain insights on improving emotional self-regulation, executive skills, classroom management, discipline, and fostering a positive school climate. Join us to unlock the power of neuroscience in promoting a supportive and thriving learning environment. view event attendee data
2023 AIEA Annual Conference February 19-22, 2023, Washington, D.C., USA In a departure from tradition, the 2023 Annual Conference adopts an open approach with no predefined theme. The Conference Committee invites submissions that align with the overarching goal of exploring the wide-ranging issues, challenges, and opportunities that confront leaders in higher education institutions in 2023 and the future. Embrace this unique opportunity to contribute ideas and insights that shape the future of IHE leadership and make a meaningful impact in the evolving landscape of higher education. NA
Conference on Meaningful Living and Learning in a Digital World 2023 February 20-22, 2023, Savannah, GA, USA Join us at our sixty-annual meeting as we delve into one of the pivotal concerns of our time: the harmonious integration of technology into our lives and learning, while nurturing genuine value for ourselves and society. Embracing the advantages of emerging technologies in classrooms and beyond, we will explore how to leverage them with a human-centric focus, emphasizing balance, compassion, well-being, mindfulness, and relationships. Together, let's shape a future where technology enhances our lives authentically and meaningfully. NA
Innovative Schools Summit | New York February 22-25, 2023, Summit Hotel & Conference Center | New York, United States Come and be part of a vibrant community of educators, where you can connect with colleagues, build valuable networks, and gain insights from renowned speakers. Discover the firsthand experiences and proven strategies shared by national experts, empowering you to thrive both in the classroom and in your professional journey. Join us for an enriching opportunity to enhance your teaching skills and advance your career. view event attendee data
Educational Justice Now! February 23, 2023, Virtual If you're a school leader seeking to invigorate your school culture and instructional leadership, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Unlike others who may postpone change, you're ready to take immediate action and make a lasting impact on students and families. You understand that creating safe and thriving schools is a sacred duty as a leader. Join us now and be part of the movement for radical change in education. NA
Crisis Leadership in High Education February 27, 2023, Virtual Tap into the collective knowledge of Harvard Kennedy School's crisis management and Harvard Graduate School of Education's higher education experts. This program equips college administrators with the skills to effectively handle crises, establish protocols to mitigate future risks, and instill confidence in the safety, security, and prosperity of their institutions. Don't miss your chance to attend this conference on leadership in higher education. NA
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
National Youth Advocacy and Resilience Conference March 5-8, 2023, Hyatt Regency in Downtown Savannah | Savannah, United States Join us at the conference designed to empower adults working with youth to cultivate safe, healthy, nurturing, and intellectually stimulating educational settings that prioritize the well-being of children and adolescents. With over 100 presentations by esteemed national and international experts, this event brings together 1,400+ conference participants from around the world. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and make a positive impact on the lives of young people. view event attendee data
SXSW EDU 2023 March 6-9, 2023, Austin, Texas, USA Immerse yourself in the transformative world of education at the SXSW EDU Conference & Festival, a four-day event packed with captivating sessions, interactive workshops, enriching learning experiences, mentorship opportunities, film screenings, visionary competitions, an expo, and valuable networking moments. Join learners, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and visionaries as they share groundbreaking stories, address complex challenges, and forge innovative paths towards the future of education. Prepare to be inspired and discover new horizons at this unparalleled event. view event attendee data
Innovations 2023 March 11-14, 2023, Tempe, AZ, USA Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the 26th annual Innovations Conference, the leading event for professionals dedicated to enhancing teaching, learning, leadership, and the community college experience. This international gathering fosters collaboration among academic experts and thought leaders, providing a platform to share innovative ideas and showcase inspiring programs from community colleges across the globe. Join us to connect, learn, and be inspired by the forefront of community college excellence. NA
20th Washington International Education Conference March 16-17, 2023, Washington, DC, USA Join our flagship event, an immersive experience designed to connect you with influential embassy personnel and offer valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of international student recruitment, admissions, and campus life. Participate in interactive sessions to gain practical knowledge and actionable strategies that will instantly boost your enrollment efforts and elevate the support you provide to international students. NA
Utah Early Childhood Conference 2023 March 17-18, 2023, UNIVERSITY OF UTAH | Salt Lake City, United States Immerse yourself in a captivating annual conference that ignites passion and inspiration among participants. Delve into exceptional training sessions led by esteemed local and national early childhood experts, seize valuable networking opportunities, and explore the latest innovations showcased by early childhood exhibitors. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will enhance your knowledge, ignite your creativity, and empower you in the field of early childhood education. view event attendee data
25th Annual Impacting Student Learning Conference March 18, 2023, Augusta University, Augusta, GA, USA Immerse yourself in the ISL Conference, a dynamic event dedicated to practical strategies that enhance student learning from P-12 education. With tailored concurrent sessions for teacher candidates, new and experienced teachers, and professors, this conference offers valuable insights for all levels of educators. Engage in networking opportunities with fellow educators, and gain techniques that can be implemented immediately in P-12 or higher education classrooms. Join us to transform your teaching practices and make a direct impact on student success. NA
International Conference on Education, Research and Innovation March 20-21, 2023, Prague, Czechia The International Conference on Education, Research, and Innovation brings together renowned academic scientists, researchers, and scholars to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and research findings in the fields of education, research, and innovation. This interdisciplinary conference offers a platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the latest advancements, trends, challenges, and solutions in these areas. Join us to engage in meaningful discussions, explore groundbreaking ideas, and stay updated with the forefront of education, research, and innovation. NA
World Education Summit March 20-23, 2023, Virtual Don't miss the opportunity to join the World Education Summit, the largest virtual conference in the education field. With a lineup of more than 400 speakers and sessions spanning over four days, this summit promises a wealth of knowledge and insights. Engage with leading experts, educators, and thought leaders as they share their expertise and innovative ideas to shape the future of education. Expand your horizons and stay at the forefront of educational advancements by attending this premier virtual event. NA
The Forum's Annual Conference 2023 March 22-24, 2023, Sheraton Grand Seattle | Seattle, United States Join us for the Annual Conference of The Forum, a platform dedicated to fostering discussions on crucial topics in the field of education abroad. In 2023, we're breaking away from a specific theme and embracing a "themeless in Seattle" approach. This means that the content and discussions will be driven by you, allowing for a diverse range of themes and topics that are personally meaningful and relevant to your interests. Take part in shaping the conference narrative and engage in dynamic conversations that matter to you. Don't miss this unique opportunity to contribute to the dialogue and connect with fellow education professionals. view event attendee data
2023 Atlanta National Conference March 22-25, 2023, Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, United States Join us for a dynamic three-day event focused on science and STEM education. Educators from across the globe will come together to share experiences, collaborate with peers, reconnect with colleagues, and forge new friendships. Engaging presentations will highlight strategies for fostering scientific literacy in the STEM classroom. Explore the vibrant Exhibit Hall showcasing the latest teaching tools and materials, and discover a wealth of resources to enhance your teaching practice. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge, network with fellow educators, and be inspired by the possibilities of science and STEM education. NA
Higher Learning Commission Annual Conference 2023 March 24-28, 2023, Hyatt Regency Chicago | Chicago, United States Experience the HLC Annual Conference, a collaborative gathering of administrators, faculty, staff, and HLC Peer Corps members, dedicated to sharing knowledge and best practices. Immerse yourself in a unique learning environment where you can gain valuable insights from fellow practitioners and HLC staff. Engage with distinguished speakers who are influential thought leaders, researchers, and advocates in higher education. Expand your professional network, foster collaborations with peers, and stay ahead of the curve in advancements within the field. Don't miss this transformative conference that empowers you to elevate your institution and shape the future of higher education. view event attendee data
Bett UK 2023 March 29-31, 2023, ExCeL London | London, United Kingdom Join us at Bett, the largest Education Technology exhibition in the world. At this extraordinary event, we unite educators from every corner of the education landscape with over 600 innovative EdTech and resource solution providers. Explore a vast array of cutting-edge products and services that are making a significant impact in the field of education. Discover the latest advancements and engage with industry leaders to transform your teaching and learning experiences. view event attendee data
Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy March 30-31, 2023, Virtual Join us at the Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy (GICOIL), where K-12 and higher education faculty and staff, librarians, media professionals, writing instructors, teachers, and graduate students come together to share research and best practices in teaching and learning information literacy. This conference offers a unique platform to engage with fellow participants and explore the most effective methods for imparting these crucial skills to students. Gain valuable insights and discover practical strategies to apply information literacy in your own educational settings. NA
Innovative Schools Summit | Orlando March 30 - April 2, 2023, Orlando, FL, USA Connect with a vibrant community of educators and engage in valuable networking opportunities at our event. Learn from renowned speakers who have garnered national recognition, as they share their experiences and proven strategies to support your success both in the classroom and throughout your career. Benefit from their expertise, gain practical insights, and discover effective approaches to enhance your teaching practice. Don't miss this chance to connect, learn, and grow alongside fellow educators who are dedicated to making a positive impact in education. NA
2023 ASCD Annual Conference 2023 March 31 - April 3, 2023, Denver | Denver, United States Experience a dynamic and inspiring event where learning, celebration, and connection take center stage. Join hundreds of influential educators, change agents, and thought leaders in an action-packed gathering. Immerse yourself in a transformative environment that empowers you to supercharge your skills and knowledge, positioning you to shape the future of education. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to be part of an exciting community dedicated to driving positive change in the field of education. view event attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
NSBA 2023 Annual Conference and Exposition April 1-3, 2023, Orlando, FL, USA Join us at the NSBA 2023 Annual Conference and Exposition, the premier national event that unites education leaders in a transformative learning experience. Discover best practices in governance, deepen your understanding of child development, and explore innovative programs and technologies that enhance student learning. This conference is your gateway to gaining valuable insights, expanding your knowledge, and connecting with like-minded professionals who are dedicated to advancing education. NA
NCEA 2023 April 11-13, 2023, Dallas, TX, USA Join us at NCEA 2023, the leading conference for Catholic and religious educators from the United States, Canada, and beyond. As one of the largest private-education association conferences in the country, this event is held in partnership with the Diocese of Dallas. Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment where ideas flourish, groundbreaking research is unveiled, and the latest educational technologies are showcased. Expand your horizons, enrich your understanding, and build meaningful connections with fellow educators. NA
NPEA National Conference April 12-14, 2023, Hyatt Regency Boston | Boston, USA Join us at the annual NPEA conference as we emphasize the significance of unity in supporting underserved students on their journey to college and career achievement. Throughout the event, we will foster meaningful discussions on advancing together as partners, sustaining momentum, and maintaining a sense of urgency as individuals, organizations, and as a collective community. Let's come together, collaborate, and pave the way for equitable opportunities and success for all students. view event attendee data
Southeast Coastal Conference on Languages & Literatures April 13-14, 2023, Savannah, GA, USA SECCLL is a distinguished higher education conference that draws scholars from the local area and beyond. With a focus on both public and private institutions, SECCLL provides a collegial and inclusive platform for scholars to engage in rigorous and fruitful academic discussions. The conference cultivates an informal yet respectful environment that fosters meaningful exchanges and encourages productive collaborations among academics. NA
ACE's Annual Meeting 2023 April 13-15, 2023, The Marriott Marquis | Washington, DC, United States Join us at ACE2023, where visionary leaders gather to shape the future of higher education. This conference is a platform for building strong networks, exchanging innovative ideas, and exploring sustainable strategies that propel institutions forward. With thought-provoking content, inspiring plenaries, and new connection opportunities, ACE2023 empowers you to become an architect of your institution's future. view event attendee data
Teaching Social Brains 2023 April 21-23, 2023, Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel | New York, United States Join us at this conference as we delve into the fascinating field of the "Science of the Social Brain." Explore the profound effects of isolation, the powerful influences of peers, and the crucial role of social connections in our lives. Discover practical strategies to foster cooperative and collaborative classrooms, mitigate school conflicts, enhance students' sense of belonging and identity, teach essential social and friendship skills, incorporate peer groups and social learning, and cultivate prosocial behaviors for increased success in school and beyond. view event attendee data
On Course National Conference April 28, 2023, Virtual Join us as we come together to share and celebrate the best practices in student success. From practical instructional and counselling strategies to campus-wide programs that promote retention and academic achievement, this event offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Learn from dedicated educators who are making a difference in the lives of their students and transforming their colleges into vibrant, learner-centered institutions. Discover innovative approaches that you can immediately implement to enhance student success and create a supportive and engaging learning environment. NA
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
BETT Brasil 2023 May 9-12, 2023, Transamerica Expo Center | São Paulo, Brazil Experience the most extraordinary edition of Bett Brasil! Brace yourself for the largest and most impressive educational community show to date. We are revolutionizing the way our community connects and collaborates, fostering even greater engagement and innovation. Join us for an unforgettable event where educators, thought leaders, and industry experts come together to shape the future of education. view event attendee data
Transformative Education 2023 May 26-28, 2023, Virtual Experience the power of connection and collaboration at a remarkable global conference, uniting education stakeholders from over 70 countries. Join thousands of passionate individuals in an event that is celebrated for its extraordinary blend of diversity, vibrancy, and influence. Embrace the opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge of the community, exchange groundbreaking ideas, and form meaningful connections with fellow professionals who share your vision. NA
The 75th NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo May 30 - June 2, 2023, Washington, DC, USA Join us in celebrating the momentous 75th anniversary of NAFSA's commitment to advancing international education and exchange at the 2023 conference. While the majority of attendees come from college campuses, K-12 schools with a strong dedication to foreign exchange programs or international education will also find great value in participating. This year's gathering is centered around the theme of "Inspiring an Inclusive Future," embracing the vision of fostering an equitable and diverse world. NA
NCORE 2023 May 30 - June 3, 2023, New Orleans, LA, USA Join us for the 35th Annual National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in Higher Education. Prepare for an unforgettable five-day event filled with engaging conference sessions, networking opportunities, community outreach initiatives, and plenty of fun. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of NOLA while expanding your knowledge and perspective through enlightening NCORE sessions. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn, connect, and embrace the spirit of higher education in the Big Easy! NA
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
Southeast Conference on School Climate June 5, 2023, Savannah, GA, USA Join us at the Southeast Conference on School Climate (SeCSC), a comprehensive two and a half day event dedicated to enhancing school culture, climate, and safety. Designed for administrators, counselors, and teachers, this conference offers a wealth of research-based resources and practical strategies to create positive learning environments that foster the well-being and success of every student. Discover evidence-based approaches to improve mental health, behavior, and academic performance, and gain valuable insights to transform your school into a thriving hub of learning and support. NA
Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association Annual Conference June 6-10, 2023, St. Louis, MO, USA Join us for a dynamic lineup of educational sessions, engaging plenaries, thought-provoking group discussions, and informal networking events. This year's conference is carefully crafted to inspire new ideas, foster knowledge-sharing, uncover best practices, and facilitate connections with like-minded professionals in your field. Be prepared to return with a wealth of great ideas, actionable takeaways, and a rejuvenated sense of energy to propel yourself and your institution to new heights. NA
inspirED Europe 2023 June 8, 2023, Amsterdam, Netherlands Experience the pinnacle of teaching and learning at inspirED Europe 2023, a flagship conference dedicated to innovation and sustainability. Join us as we delve into cutting-edge approaches for fostering personalized learning, implementing alternative assessment methods, nurturing lifelong skills, and much more. Gain valuable insights, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and discover practical strategies to revolutionize your educational practices. NA
UnboundEd Summer 2023 June 12-14, 2023, Denver, CO, USA Immerse yourself in an extraordinary five-day in-person learning experience at the Standards Institute. Designed for teachers, coaches, and leaders, this transformative event will empower you with the knowledge and skills to implement grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful (GLEAM™) instruction. Through highly interactive sessions, you will explore the essential mindsets, effective planning strategies, and instructional actions necessary for creating impactful learning environments. NA
Learning Summit 2023 June 13-14, 2023, Gilbert, AZ, USA The Learning Summit offers a unique opportunity for college teams and individuals to come together in a focused and collaborative environment. This working retreat is dedicated to enhancing and expanding learning initiatives and student success at their respective institutions. Through engaging sessions and workshops, participants will gain valuable insights, innovative strategies, and practical tools to accelerate progress in these areas. Join us at the Learning Summit and take a proactive step towards improving learning outcomes and fostering student success in your institution. NA
The National Charter Schools Conference 2023 June 18-21, 2023, Austin Convention Center | Austin, United States NCSC23 is a gathering that unites voices from across the country, representing diverse interests within the education movement. It is a unique opportunity to come together and address the varied needs of students. At this event, you will experience something unparalleled, with exclusive insights and perspectives that cannot be found anywhere else. Join us at NCSC23 to engage in meaningful discussions, forge connections, and collaborate with like-minded individuals dedicated to improving education for all students. view event attendee data
Education 2.0 Conference 2023 June 19-21, 2023, InterContinental, Dubai Festival City, UAE | Dubai, United Arab Emirates Experience the Education 2.0 Conference, a three-day immersion in knowledge and innovation. Engage with dynamic education leaders who will empower, inspire, and enrich the global learning community. Discover fresh insights, explore new possibilities, and participate in meaningful discussions that will shape the future of education. Join us in this transformative gathering and be part of the movement to revolutionize learning. view event attendee data
The Learning-Focused Framework Trainers Institut June 19-23, 2023, Asheville, NC, USA The Learning-Focused Training of Trainers Institute offers a pathway to deepen your understanding of exemplary practices and strategies. Through a comprehensive planning process, this institute empowers you to take implementation to the next level. Whether you are a coach, trainer, administrator, or simply seeking to advance your knowledge, this institute is designed to elevate the quality of implementation and enhance teaching effectiveness. NA
Innovative Schools Summit Atlanta 2023 June 20-24, 2023, Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center | Atlanta, United States Experience the transformative power of the Innovation Schools Summit Atlanta, where educators come together to ignite innovation in education. Connect with like-minded professionals, engage in meaningful conversations, and gain invaluable insights from renowned speakers who will share their experiences and proven strategies for success in the classroom and beyond. view event attendee data
Online Teaching Conference June 21-23, 2023, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center | Long Beach, United States Join the Online Teaching Conference, the leading event for innovative online education. Enhance curriculum, pedagogy, and technology for improved learning outcomes. Connect with colleagues, exchange knowledge, and gain insights. Expand your expertise, contribute to online teaching advancement. Don't miss this professional development opportunity! view event attendee data
Exeter For Educators Summer Conferences June 25-30, 2023, La Jolla, CA, USA Join our intensive five-day workshops, attracting teachers from diverse schools worldwide. Based on Harkness learning concepts, these conferences specialize in subjects such as math, science, technology, writing, environmental literature, and diversity. Scholarships are available to support your participation and professional development. Expand your teaching skills and network with educators from private, parochial, and public schools. NA
ISTELive 2023 June 25-28, 2023, Pennsylvania Convention Center | Philadelphia, United States Experience the transformative ISTE conference, a prestigious global education event with a rich history spanning over four decades. Engage in interactive learning, share best practices, and glean insights from renowned education luminaries. Embrace this chance to expand your knowledge, forge meaningful connections, and stay at the forefront of educational innovation. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity for professional growth and advancement in the field of education. view event attendee data
The Annual Model Schools Conference June 25-28, 2023, Orlando World Center | Florida, United States Join us at the Model Schools Conference, an immersive experience that highlights the significance of purposeful actions guided by a student-centered approach. By making gradual changes in our daily practices, we have the power to shape school systems and enhance student achievement. Delve into strategies, gain valuable insights, and be inspired to drive positive change and make a lasting impact on student success. view event attendee data
Get Your Teach On Dallas National Conference June 25-28, 2023, Gaylord Texan Resort | Grapevine, TX, USA Experience Get Your Teach On, a premier event empowering educators with high-quality strategies. Attend immersive research-based workshops to create rigorous and captivating lessons. Gain inspiration from influential educators and motivational speakers, igniting your passion for educational magic. Benefit from specialized training led by top experts, tailored to your role. Elevate your teaching with tools and knowledge to make a lasting impact on student success. NA
10th World Congress on Education (WCE-2023) June 26-28, 2023, Toronto, Canada Join us at WCE-2023, the World Congress on Education, focused on Global Issues in Education. This event brings together academicians and professionals from diverse educational fields to bridge knowledge gaps, promote research, and advance pedagogy. Explore interdisciplinary interests, exchange ideas, and contribute to the evolution of education. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your expertise and be part of a global community driving educational innovation. NA
Canada International Conference on Education (CICE) June 26-28, 2023, Toronto, Canada Experience the 13th Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2023), a renowned global event dedicated to pushing the boundaries of education theory and practices. Engage in collaborative discussions and showcase your expertise alongside esteemed academicians and professionals. Join a dynamic community committed to fostering knowledge exchange, innovation, and continuous improvement in the field of education. Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to the future of education. NA
PBL World 2023 June 26-29, 2023, American Canyon High School | Napa Valley, United States Experience the power of Project Based Learning (PBL) at our exclusive teacher conference. Engage in an immersive, multi-day event designed for K-12 educators, instructional coaches, and school leaders committed to implementing and enhancing PBL in their classrooms. Connect with a dynamic community of passionate professionals, exchange best practices, and expand your expertise in effective PBL strategies. Embrace this chance to revolutionize your teaching approach and forge valuable connections within a supportive network of peers. view event attendee data
Educate & Rejuvenate June 27-28, 2023, Virtual Join us at Educate & Rejuvenate, a virtual conference specifically designed for elementary teachers seeking to work smarter and live their best lives. This conference offers a wide range of sessions featuring inspiring insights, unique teaching tips, innovative educational strategies, and mindset hacks shared by seasoned teachers, children's book authors, professional motivational speakers, homeschool moms, and life coaches. NA
The Future of Education June 29-30, 2023, Grand Hotel Mediterraneo | Florence, Italy Join The Conference, a global gathering uniting educators, researchers, practitioners, and project managers worldwide. Share insights, expertise, and experiences on innovative teaching and learning methods through oral presentations, poster sessions, and networking events. Expand your knowledge, exchange ideas, and contribute to advancing education. Connect with like-minded professionals and engage in collaborative discussions at this dynamic conference. NA
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
Innovative Schools Summit | Las Vegas July 5-9, 2023, Las Vegas, NV, USA Join us at the Innovative Schools Summit, where you can connect with fellow educators and gain valuable insights from nationally recognized speakers. Discover their firsthand experiences and proven strategies that will empower you to excel both in the classroom and in your career. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your network, enhance your professional growth, and stay at the forefront of educational innovation. NA
Science on the Grand July 10-11, 2023, Van Andel Institute | Grand Rapids, MI, USA We recognize that teachers have the most vital role in the world, which is why we prioritize the well-being of the whole teacher. Our conference, created by experts and current classroom teachers, offers research-based, classroom-tested, and inquiry-oriented content tailored to support your classroom expectations, content standards, and personal growth. Join us to gain valuable insights and resources that will empower you both professionally and personally. NA
Education 2.0 Conference USA July 10-12, 2023, Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, USA Join the Education 2.0 Conference, where renowned educationists, EdTech innovators, policymakers, and researchers converge to reimagine education and find innovative solutions to global learning challenges. Be inspired by education leaders sharing their stories, experiences, and perspectives. Network and collaborate with like-minded peers to shape the future of education and foster transformative change in teaching and learning worldwide. NA
2023 WFATE Conference July 12-14, 2023, University of Victoria | BC, Canada Join us at WFATE 2023, where we focus on transforming educational systems through inclusive pedagogies and global collaboration. Explore innovative practices, theories, and pedagogies to promote equity and mobilize action. This conference brings together K-12 and postsecondary stakeholders to foster cross-sector learning, share global perspectives, and inform teacher education transformation for equity-focused actions. NA
Accelerate Learning with Previewing July 17-19, 2023, Asheville, NC, USA Join us at the Accelerate Learning with Previewing Training of Trainers Institute, a rigorous program dedicated to equipping educators with strategies and practices to engage all students and drive academic achievement. This intensive institute focuses on systematic implementation, ensuring that every student's unique academic needs are met. Gain valuable insights and tools to dramatically enhance student achievement and create an inclusive learning environment. NA
UnboundEd East 2023 July 17-21, 2023, Washington, D.C., USA Experience the transformative Standards Institute, a five-day in-person learning event for teachers, coaches, and leaders. Dive into an interactive environment that emphasizes essential mindsets, planning, and instructional actions for implementing engaging and meaningful (GLEAM™) instruction at the grade level. Unleash your teaching potential, explore innovative strategies, and empower yourself to make a lasting impact on student learning and achievement. NA
4th International Conference on Integrating Technology in Education (ITE 2023) July 22-23, 2023, Toronto, Canada Experience the 4th International Conference on Integrating Technology in Education (ITE 2023), a platform to explore emerging trends in educational technology. Share your insights through research articles, projects, surveys, and industry experiences that highlight noteworthy advancements in Computer Science and Information Technology. Let's collaborate, inspire innovation, and shape the future of technology integration in education. NA
ICICLE Learning Engineering Conference 2023 July 24-26, 2023, Pittsburgh, PA, USA Experience a one-of-a-kind conference that blends theory and practice in learning engineering. Delve into the convergence of learning sciences, learning analytics, leadership, teamwork, technology, and human-centered learning. Engage in interactive sessions, including active learning, technology showcases, and rapid-fire show-and-share presentations. Join a diverse community of around 200 participants and be part of this dynamic event shaping the future of learning engineering. NA
64th London International Youth Science Forum 2023 July 26 - August 9, 2023, Imperial College London and The Royal Geographical Society | London, United Kingdom Join us at LIYSF, a prestigious two-week residential student event in central London. Each year, we bring together 500 of the world's top young scientists, aged 16-21, from over 70 countries. Held at renowned institutions like Imperial College London and The Royal Geographical Society, LIYSF offers unique opportunities for interaction with leading UK research centers and universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. Expand your horizons and connect with fellow young scientists at this exceptional global gathering. view event attendee data
EDUGATE SUMMER 2023 July 30 - August 1, 2023, Kempinski Royal Maxim | New Cairo, Egypt EDUGATE, Egypt's largest authorized fair and one of the biggest in the MENA region, attracts over 15,000 students pursuing their dream of studying abroad. This event provides universities with an excellent opportunity to connect with qualified students and recruit them for their programs. Don't miss the chance to showcase your institution and engage with prospective students at this influential educational fair. NA
SCUP 2023 Annual Conference July 30 - August 1, 2023, Cleveland, OH, USA Join us at SCUP's Annual Conference, a platform for higher education leaders to share inspiring stories of boundary spanning, cross-functional teams, and resource alignment. Be motivated, connected, and inspired by these stories that ignite new ideas, helping higher education institutions prepare for the future. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights, foster connections, and drive innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of higher education. Come back soon for attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
SEL Summer Institute August 2-4, 2023, THE SHERATON COMMANDER HOTEL | Cambridge, MA, USA Join us at our annual SEL Summer Institute, a comprehensive and scaffolded learning experience designed to cultivate an SEL culture within your team. This institute provides the necessary tools and guidance for leaders and practitioners to develop effective SEL strategies that foster student growth. Prepare to enhance your skills and create a unique SEL roadmap tailored to your specific needs and goals. come back soon for event attendee data
SUNY Learning with Innovative Technology Conference August 10, 2023, Virtual Join us at this inclusive conference tailored for educators of all levels, ranging from K-12 teachers to higher education faculty, students, technologists, librarians, and anyone passionate about educational technologies. Immerse yourself in a rich program filled with insightful presentations from fellow educators who are eager to share their experiences and expertise in the field. Come back soon for attendee data
EDuTech August 24-25, 2023, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre | Melbourne, Australia Join us at the EduTECH conference, the premier gathering of the most brilliant minds in education. This highly anticipated event brings together the entire education community to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and propel learning, teaching, and training to new heights. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative experience where innovation and inspiration thrive. Together, let's shape the future of education. Come back soon for attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
Asia Education Technology Symposium 2023 September 5-7, 2023, Fukuoka | Japan Join us at AETS, a leading conference dedicated to education technology. Engage in insightful discussions and knowledge sharing among researchers, practitioners, professionals, and enthusiasts from academia, industry, and government sectors. We invite researchers, engineers, students, investors, and individuals interested in education technology to share their experiences, lessons, and explore opportunities for collaboration. view event attendee data
TEFMA Conference 2023 September 11-13, 2023, International Convention Centre | Sydney, Australia Join us at the TEFMA conference, a premier event in the tertiary sector, covering all aspects of institutional functions. Connect with global professionals, build valuable networks, and exchange insights and best practices. This conference fosters collaboration and advancements in tertiary education. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your network and stay at the forefront of the industry. come back soon for event attendee data
QS Higher Ed Summit: Americas 2023 September 13-14, 2023, JW Marriott Hotel Santo Domingo | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Join us at the QS Higher Ed Summit, a dynamic event that explores crucial topics in higher education. Engage in insightful discussions, panels, and workshops focused on advancing global engagement, fostering student mobility, enhancing research and discovery, and envisioning the future of higher education. Be a part of this transformative gathering and play a role in shaping the future of higher education in the Americas. view event attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
ICEF Higher Education October 2-4, 2023, Amsterdam, Netherlands Join us at ICEF Higher Education, the renowned networking event that connects educators and pre-screened student recruitment agents, with a shared goal of recruiting students to the international higher education sector. Engage in live seminars, presentations, and panel discussions led by industry experts. Taking place on the opening day, seize this unique opportunity to stay informed about current market trends, issues, and opportunities shaping the international higher education landscape. view event attendee data
Bett Asia October 4-5, 2023, The Athenee Hotel | Bangkok, Thailand Bett Asia's content revolves around the overarching theme of "Education as a catalyst for change" and is structured around six key themes. These themes provide a framework for addressing the pressing challenges and priorities faced by education stakeholders. Attendees can expect insightful discussions and solutions-focused content that will empower them to tackle the most important issues in education. view event attendee data
HighEdWeb Annual Conference 2023 October 8-11, 2023, Buffalo Niagara Convention Center | Buffalo, USA Join us at the HighEdWeb Annual Conference, the premier event organized by the Higher Education Web Professionals Association. This conference is specifically designed for professionals working in higher education, encompassing all departments and divisions. Whether you're in marketing, technology, communications, or any other area, this conference provides valuable insights and networking opportunities to enhance your skills and advance your career in the higher education web industry. view event attendee data
The Teaching Learning Coaching Conference October 16-18, 2023, Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld | Orlando, USA Join us at the Teaching Learning Coaching Conference (TLC), the foremost global gathering for instructional coaching and instructional practice. This annual event brings together education experts and practitioners who deliver engaging keynote presentations and learning sessions. Dive into high-impact teaching strategies, explore proven instructional coaching practices, and discover system-change strategies that promote high performance schools. view event attendee data
International Education Show 2023 October 18-21, 2023, Expo Centre Sharjah | Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Don't miss the highly anticipated International Education Show, the premier higher education event in the country and region. Discover the immense opportunities in higher education, a key driver of economic competitiveness in our knowledge-driven economy. This platform brings together reputable educational institutions from around the world to connect with bright talents seeking higher studies in various specializations. view event attendee data
NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition October 25-28, 2023, Washington, DC, USA Join us at the NCTM Annual Meeting, the ultimate conference for math teachers. Known as the "Super Bowl Event of the Year," this gathering brings together thousands of mathematics educators from around the globe. Collaborate, network, and be inspired by the diverse community of educators. With hundreds of education sessions available, you'll gain valuable knowledge and inspiration to enhance your teaching and bring new ideas to your classrooms. come back soon for attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
Conference of the Americas on International Education (CAEI) November 6-8, 2023, Las Vegas, NV, USA Join us at the Conference of the Americas on International Education (CAEI), the premier continental forum dedicated to advancing higher education internationalization in the Americas. This esteemed event brings together key stakeholders and decision-makers to foster connections, share experiences, and shape the future of academic cooperation in the region. Engage in meaningful discussions, forge valuable partnerships, and contribute to the growth and development of international education. come back soon for attendee data
QS Higher Ed Summit: Asia Pacific 2023 November 7-9, 2023, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia Join us in the exploration of the intersection between universities and the future of work in the Asia Pacific region. With the ever-present disruptors like automation and the gig economy, universities are committed to equipping graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge for success. Discover how institutions can create meaningful outcomes for students by adopting a creative and thoughtful approach to education, ensuring they thrive in the evolving workplace. come back soon for attendee data
Education People Show 2023 November 8, 2023, The Kent Event Centre | Maidstone, United Kingdom Experience the South-East's premier event, The Education People Show, dedicated to promoting and advancing effective school leadership, management, and teaching practices. Discover a high-level conference, inspiring workshops, and an extensive exhibition showcasing top suppliers of educational services. Developed to meet the evolving needs of schools and academies, this event offers comprehensive education support services in one convenient location. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your educational journey. view event attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
Bachelor Education Fair Hamburg 2023 December 2, 2023, Edel Optics Arena | Hamburg, Germany Join us at the Bachelor Education Fairs Germany, a unique recruitment tour that connects prospective bachelor students with local and international colleges and universities. Engage in informative presentations by exhibitors and higher education experts, covering a range of topics including undergraduate programs, studying abroad, university rankings, student accommodation, and more. The exhibition program also features academic and expert presentations on subjects such as master degrees abroad, application processes, funding opportunities, starting salaries, and much more. view event attendee data

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