Ecommerce Events: The Best Ecommerce & Retail Conferences Guide for 2023

Ecommerce Events


Online retail sales are expected to reach $6.51 trillion by 2023.

Now, let’s put that into perspective.

With the double-digital growth that ecommerce experiences every year, it’s supposed to hit the $8.5 trillion mark in 2025. That’s a 31 percent increase in two years alone and a massive market opportunity for retailers and ecommerce professionals.

So, where do events come into play?

Ecommerce events help you stay up-to-date with the latest technology advancements, learn from experts in your field, and connect with other industry professionals.

But, knowing which events to attend can pose a challenge. You need to allocate resources and justify the time and expense involved, otherwise, you risk wasting your time and money.

Here’s our guide to the best ecommerce events for 2023:

Introduction to Ecommerce Events

Trade shows, seminars, conferences – ecommerce events come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: to help you stay on top of industry trends and network with your peers.

Know the type of event you’re interested in, as some cater specifically to advanced practitioners while others are better for newcomers. All ecommerce events offer valuable opportunities to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and connect with others in your industry. They include:

  • Expo: A large-scale event where vendors or merchants showcase their latest products and technologies. These events typically attract a wide range of attendees, from industry professionals to consumers.
  • Seminar: A smaller, more focused event that involves a series of speakers or panels on a specific topic. Seminars can be in-person or online and are great for the more advanced ecommerce professional.
  • Conference: The most comprehensive type of ecommerce event, conferences typically span multiple days and may feature keynote speakers, workshops, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities.
  • Trade show: A large-scale, industry-specific conference that can last several days. Most trade shows are open to the public and create a great opportunity for merchants, vendors, and professionals in your field to meet potential customers or clients face-to-face.
  • Summit: Often more exclusive than other ecommerce events, summits are reserved for industry experts and VIPs. Summits may feature advanced topics or be invitation-only networking events.

Best Ecommerce Events and Retail Conferences

China holds the largest share of the global ecommerce market, followed by the United States. In 2023, retail ecommerce in China is expected to increase by 10 percent from 2022 to $3.167 trillion. In contrast, retail ecommerce revenue in the United States is expected to experience an increase of 22.8 percent over the same timeframe, reaching $1.1 trillion.

With ecommerce experiencing exponential growth every year, it’s tempting to attend any and every event related to your field. Focus on those that offer the best value for your time and budget. Consider these factors:

  • Location: Are you traveling to the event? What are the travel costs, time off work, and other expenses involved? Is the destination worth it?
  • Topic: Do you specialize in a certain area of ecommerce or are you interested in learning new things? Make sure your event aligns with your goals.
  • Level of expertise: Is your target audience made up of novice ecommerce professionals, or are you looking to connect with more advanced practitioners in your field?
  • Size: Large events may help brand your company, but smaller events can help you connect with others in your field and to an event.
  • Attendee profile: Are you looking to connect with other professionals in your field, industry experts, or customers/clients? Consider the event’s attendee profile and demographics.

Event Strategy for Retail Conferences & Ecommerce Events

It’s easy to head into an ecommerce event thinking you’ll be able to network and learn from others. You want to promote your products, but you also want to learn from and build a relationship with other industry experts.

Lack of a strategy can lead to missed opportunities, waste of time, and negative brand experiences. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan and prepare for your next ecommerce event:

Define your goals

Suppose your brand sells a groundbreaking glove that reduces injury during manual labor. You could set the following goals for an ecommerce event:

  • Build relationships with potential suppliers and distributors of related products such as protective gear, safety equipment, and industrial machinery.
  • Connect with notable speakers and industry experts on ergonomics in manual labor.
  • Promote your brand’s glove to potential customers and clients, especially other business owners that could benefit from using your product

Find out who’s attending

Review the event website, social media profiles, and press clippings to determine who will attend. Use event intelligence tools like Vendelux to find relevant contacts and create a list of potential individuals you want to connect with.

Continuing the example, you could reach out to potential safety gear suppliers, industrial machinery, and related products. Research and identify keynote speakers knowledgeable about ergonomics in manual labor and add them to your list.

Prepare your elevator pitch

You don’t need to prepare a long speech to talk about your brand’s products and services, but you should be able to explain what you offer in 30 seconds or less. This introductory pitch is the basis for connecting with others at the event. Practice it and include information on how you can help. At the event, talk to other attendees and business owners. Ask questions to learn more about their businesses and needs, and share information about your brand.

Use data to inform your decision making

A data-driven approach helps you make more informed decisions and improve your event experience. For example, use the event’s website to find out how many people attended in previous years, so you won’t be under or over-prepared.

Use data from your previous events to identify which topics and speakers attracted the most attendees and generated the most leads. Focus on the content that resonated most with your audience, and find out what they want to hear.

Focus on metrics that matter

While measuring engagement, conversion rates, and new business opportunities generated at the event is tempting, it’s more important to focus on metrics to improve your event strategy.

For example, plan to collect email addresses, review contact details, and set up one-on-one meetings. Consider form completion rates, email open and click-through rates, and how many attendees you connected with directly at the event.

Ecommerce Event Attendee Data: Event Intelligence

For your event marketing strategy to be successful, your prospects need to show up at the events you choose to attend. A return on investment (ROI) is difficult to achieve without accurate data and insights.

Event intelligence tools create a data-driven strategy informed by attendee demographics, event engagement, and topics that generate the most interest from your prospects. These insights help you target the right audience with the right message at the right time, use event marketing to build lasting relationships, and improve lead capture and customer retention.

Ecommerce Event Intelligence

With data-informed insights, give your marketing teams the information they need to get the most out of every event. For example, you could use event intelligence software to identify key contacts and track your ROI by evaluating leads, registrations, ticket purchases, and on-site engagement.

As an event marketer, you know that a data-driven approach is the key to success. Accurate insights dictate your choice of events, target audience, marketing strategy, and tactics. Ultimately, reach your marketing goals with data that informs your event marketing strategy.

Ecommerce Event Planning

Use a marketing event planner to build an event marketing strategy informed by data-driven insights and informed decision-making.

Ecommerce Events Event Planning

The event planner organizes events according to attendees, potential prospects, engagement and location so you can get an overview of your event marketing goals and plan your event marketing strategy.

A marketing event planner is a must-have tool for any successful event marketer. Use it to identify the right events and prospects, engage with attendees, track ROI, and deliver results that improve your marketing campaigns in the long term. A clear-cut plan that sifts through the noise and focuses on your company’s marketing goals ensures you’ve made the right choice in every event you attend.

Retail & Ecommerce Events to Attend in 2023

As an up-and-coming event marketer, staying on top of the latest trends in your industry is essential. You learn best by surrounding yourself with other like-minded professionals, and there’s no better way to do that than by attending some of the top retail and ecommerce events in 2023.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top ecommerce conferences and events to attend next year. A focus on digital transformation, cutting-edge AI technologies, and customer engagement make these events a must for any event marketer. Here are 100 events you shouldn’t miss out on next year:

Here’s a list of the best upcoming Ecommerce events:

Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
Outdoor Retailer Snow Show January 10-12, 2023, Salt Palace Convention Center | Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Outdoor Retailer Snow Show is one of the largest B2B trade events serving the outdoor industry in North America. The event gathers a community of brands, retailers, decision-makers, designers, and key stakeholders for business and discussion. Exhibitors will showcase outdoor products that influence the outdoor experience. Exhibitors will focus on Snowsports and general outdoor industries. Attendees will enjoy elevated education and industry engagement. Educational activities focus on topics like Snowsport consumer trends, inclusiveness for mountain towns, rethinking the sustainable experience, and more. view event attendee data
NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show January 15-17, 2023, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, USA NRF 2023 will host technology retail’s biggest marketplace event. There will be speakers and a Consumer Product Showcase. The showcase offers retail buyers and merchandisers an opportunity to meet small business owners to learn about and explore new products. Additionally, there will be educational programs like 100+ exhibitor big ideas and partner perspective networking. Previous event attendees have backgrounds in business development, IT, marketing, retail operations, eCommerce, consulting, analytics, strategic planning, merchandising, distribution, logistics, and more. Attendee professional levels include c-suite professionals, senior executives, VPs, directors, managers, and analysts. view event attendee data
Marca - Private Label Conference and Exhibition January 18-19, 2023, Bologna, Italy Marca - Private Label Conference and Exhibition is the only Italian fair dedicated to private labels, showcasing the largest exhibit of Italian products from distributors. The event provides a unique opportunity for attendees to get a first-hand overview of product availability and meet buyers and category managers from international chains. The 2022 event had 847 exhibitors and 10,112 visitors. Main food categories include pasta, dairy, produce, and seasonings. Non-food products, personal care, packaging, and home products. come back soon for attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
Smart Commerce February 1, 2023, Helsinki, Finland Smart Commerce brings retail and eCommerce players together to discuss common challenges, possibilities, and opportunities to accelerate digital change, create customer-central models, and more. Focus areas for business models include data, brand, and experience. There will be over 20 speakers and 700 participants. The hybrid event will have live shows, deep dive sessions, chats, polls, group networking activities, downloadable material, Q&A sessions, and more. Past speakers include Vaimo CSO Henrick Feld-Jakobsen. come back soon for attendee data
Los Angeles eCommerce Summit February 1, 2023, The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites, Los Angeles, California, USA Los Angeles eCommerce Summit gathers local eCommerce experts and decision-makers across retailers, brands, merchants, and solution providers. The event allows attendees to share ideas, educate, make high-impact impressions, and network. There will be panel discussions, presentations, and one-on-one meetings. Topic discussions include strategy, marketing, operations, customer experience, payment, shipping, loyalty, and more. Previous speakers include Ashley Newman from ZippyPaws and Chelsea Schulz from Ettitude. view event attendee data
The Delivery Conference 2023 February 7, 2023, Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, England The Delivery Conference 2023 is an annual event that brings experts from the logistics and delivery industry to discuss trends and developments in the field. The event provides a forum for networking and knowledge sharing among professionals in the industry. It typically attracts a wide range of people, including logistics managers, delivery drivers, and supply chain professionals. The event will feature speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Topics will include new technologies, innovations, challenges, and opportunities in the growing e-commerce market. The event will also address sustainability and safety in the industry. view event attendee data
eCommerce Fair Tokyo 2023 February 9-10, 2023, Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center, Tokyo, Japan eCommerce Fair Tokyo 2023 is an e-commerce fair for company owners, executive leadership, and professionals in the eCommerce industry to showcase or browse exhibits. The event’s theme is “creating added value and evolving the future of eCommerce.” The event aims to help attendees discover tools and solutions to overcome eCommerce competition and improve the customer experience. There will be ten focus themes: omnichannel, B2B eCommerce, mall operation, ethical sustainability, and more. The event will also highlight topics of mail-order business. come back soon for attendee data
eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo North February 11-12, 2023, Vellideio Conference Center Thessaloniki, Greece eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo North is the leading eCommerce and digital marketing event in Northern Greece. The conference will cover platforms and marketplaces, digital marketing, digital payments, and shipments and deliveries. Conference speakers include GRECA president Katerina Fraidaki. Attendees can expect networking, training opportunities, and exhibits showcasing products and services for collaborative purposes. The target audience for the event is executives, company owners, merchants, and other professionals established or emerging in eCommerce and digital marketing. Some discussion subtopics include design, usability, social media, marketing automation, and e-payments. come back soon for attendee data
eTail Australia February 14-16, 2023, Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park, Australia eTail Australia is an educational and networking event, including Australia’s leading eCommerce and digital marketing retail leaders. Attendees include leading founders, CEOs, CMOs, department heads, and other related field professionals. Covered event insights include overcoming inflation, the customer experience, new market expansion, product delivery, Web 3.0, and more. Guest speakers include Retravision CTO Wynn Setzinger. Attendees can also expect to learn campaign-building goals, including market research, webinars, roundtables, and content and advertising. view event attendee data
Savant eCommerce London 2023 February 21-22, 2023, London, England Savant eCommerce London 2023 is an exclusive conference for senior executives in eCommerce. Attendees can learn the latest industry trends, innovations, and forward-thinking. In attendance for networking, there will be over 130 eComm, CX, digital marketing, loyalty, and CRM leads from UK’s top brands and retailers. Event discussion topics include sustainability, pricing, new payment methods, mobile CX, and fraud reduction. There will be 120+ senior attendees, 35+ guest speakers, and a 60:40 vendor ratio. The event caters to all industry sectors, including luxury goods, homeware, food, travel, beauty, fashion, consumer electronics, and more. come back soon for attendee data
E-Commerce Berlin Expo  February 23, 2023, Berlin, Germany E-commerce Berlin Expo gathers on February 23rd, 2023, hosting a B2B expo and conference for e-commerce service providers in Station Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6. The expo is expected to host over eight-thousand participants. The top ten previous visitor industry branches include food, technology, fashion, travel, and electronics. Exhibitors can expect the expo to connect them with visitors for opportunities to find new clients, receive honest service and product feedback, strengthen preexisting relationships, and more. Some exhibitors include Mastercard, Wish, BigCommerce, and edrone. view event attendee data
Grow LA Spring February 23, 2023, City Market Social House, Los Angeles, California, USA Grow LA Spring brings hundreds of trendsetting founders, marketers, and growth experts together to share experiences in creating and scaling multi-million-dollar brands. The event will have interviews, panels, workshops, and more. Some topic discussions include networking across online sales channels and tactics to improve marketing campaign ROI. Previous speakers include Kim Kreuzberger from Cravings by Chrissy and Gabe Kennedy from Plant People. The 2022 event discussed paid advertising, store optimization, scaling your brand, social & marketplaces, eCommerce’s future, customer service, and more. view event attendee data
The NGA Show 2023 February 26-28, 2023, Caesars Forum convention center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA The NGA Show 2023 is an industry-leading conference program. It hosts the largest gathering of grocery retailers, wholesalers, food retail, industry executives, manufacturers, and suppliers. The event will have over 40 sessions and workshops and more than 300 exhibits. In addition to keynotes and networking opportunities, there will be a ‘best bagger’ competition and a student case study competition. The event’s education tracks include digital commerce, marketing, merchandising, people development, and more. view event attendee data
eTail Palm Springs 2023 February 27-March 2, 2023, JW Marriott Desert Springs, Palm Springs, California, USA eTail Palm Springs 2023 is a retreat designed to help attendees increase business profits. Attendees encompass seniority levels like specialists/analysts, VPs, heads, c-level, managers, directors, and more. The retreat will provide action-packed stories, disruptive strategies, strategic conversations, and connections with America’s most successful retailers. Previous speakers include Angela Hsu from and Deb Hannah from Shoe Carnival. Attendees will hear from founders, CEOs, VPs, and more. There will be over 30 hours of discussion groups that include sessions, roundtables, networking activities, and much more. view event attendee data
White Label Expo  February 28-March 1, 2023, ExCel London, England White Label Expo is an event for business leaders and entrepreneurs in online retail. It discovers the most trending and innovative products and provides networking opportunities with 500 white-label goods suppliers. There will be 7,000 visitors, 200 speakers, and 500 exhibitors. The event will have theatres and summits for keynotes, Amazon Pro, online strategy, and opportunities and investments. Exhibitor sectors include apparel, food and drink, marketplace, healthy and beauty, tech, pet supplies, and more. Keynote discussion topics include eCommerce conversion rate optimization, branding purpose, multi-channels, and more. come back soon for attendee data
eTail Connect Spring February 28-March 1, 2023, Silverstone Circuit Towcester, Northamptonshire, England eTail Connect Spring is an invitation-only forum for omnichannel, digital, and eCommerce leaders from UK’s top retailers. Attendees include senior eCommerce professionals and digital marketing executives. The event aims to provide senior-level learning, benchmarking, and networking to increase customer expectations and remain competitive. The event will have 1-1 meetings featuring hand-picked solution providers, open forum discussions, and networking breaks. Discussion topics include social commerce, customer journeys, and evolution strategies. Guest speakers include Paula Bobbett, Chief Digital Director of Boots. come back soon for attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
DX3 Canada March 1-2, 2023, Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, Canada DX3 Canada is Canada’s biggest retail, marketing, and technology event for anyone in the retail space. The event includes workshops, tech demos, innovative solutions, expert industry insight, international speakers, and more. There will be over 2,000 attendees, 150 speakers, and 15 exhibits. Attendees will also enjoy networking opportunities, case studies, and panel discussions. Discussion topics include consumer behavior after the pandemic, retail strategy, scaling influencing marketing, and more. view event attendee data
Future Stores March 5-7, 2023, JW Marriott Miami, Florida, USA Future Stores is the leading in-store innovation conference for senior retail executives in operations, design, digital, and technology. Approximately 61% of attendees are VPs, directors, and heads. Other attendees include c-level professionals, senior managers, and managers. Attendees will learn how leading retailers integrate a hybrid approach for in-store experiences. Participants can also enjoy a boutique experience, curated programming, immersive networking, discussion, workshops, roundtables, a live retail hub, and more. Guest speakers include Timo Raab, Global Head of eCommerce of L’Oréal. view event attendee data
E-Show Barcelona March 7-8, 2023, Barcelona, Spain E-Show Barcelona is an event discussing driving the future of eCommerce. The event brings together leading companies and service providers of eCommerce and digital marketing. More than 7,500 c-level professionals and managers are expected to attend and meet exhibiting companies. Attendees come from sectors like eCommerce, big data, AI, and digital marketing. The primary goal is to discuss the latest trends and establish new business relationships. In 2022, the event featured 120 exhibiting companies. There will also be over 150 speakers sharing success stories and hosting Tech Talks and discussion tables. come back soon for attendee data
D-Congress March 8-9, 2023, Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden D-Congress is the largest eCommerce event in Sweden. Participants comprise the entire digital commerce ecosystem. The event’s theme is profitable creativity - the ability to apply creative thinking to drive better results. Over 2,200 participants are expected, as well as 100 exhibitors and 100 speakers. Attendees can expect to listen to inspiring speakers, network, and do business. Discussion topics include creative sales channels, business model development, brand building, leadership, and more. The event will also have keynote guest speakers, including Brian Solis, VP of Salesforce. view event attendee data
Savant eCommerce Berlin March 9-10, 2023, Berlin, Germany Savant eCommerce Berlin is an exclusive boutique eCommerce conference in Europe for senior executives. The event provides learning and networking opportunities with early innovators, tech leaders, and VIP speakers and delegates. Discussion topics include AI-powered eCommerce, consumer behavior, competitive UX, innovative CX, data and privacy value, and more. Other focus areas include eCommerce’s CO2 footprint, omnichannel, robust business, supply chain issues, cookie-less tracking, and more. come back soon for attendee data
Prosper Show March 13-15, 2023, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Prosper Show is the established Amazon sellers' networking hub and educational authority. The event aims to help make Amazon businesses more profitable and scale them more efficiently. Experienced sellers, former Amazon insiders, and other experts share educational information and participate as solution providers. More than 100 service providers exhibit to share how partnering with them can help Amazon sellers grow. Attendees can get direct access to solution providers, network, and connect with the leading industry speakers. view event attendee data
The Retail Summit  March 14-15, 2023, Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai The Retail Summit unites retail leaders for a global, content-led event. Attendees include over 750 c-level executives from across retail. Approximately 67% of attendees are director-level or above. The event includes 35 individual content sessions, networking, 79 c-level speakers, and more. Key issue discussions include sustainability, customer engagement, and new technology (metaverse, AR, and AI). A dedicated reception will showcase three female business leaders discussing inspiration, glass-ceiling topics, and pivotal business values. Guest speakers include Rodney Lam, CEO of Daily Paper. come back soon for attendee data
eTail – Germany 2023 March 14-15, 2023, Hotel Palace, Berlin, Germany eTail – Germany 2023 is a retail conference for eCommerce, marketing, and digital leaders. The event aims to help retailers reimagine business strategies and digital capabilities. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from and network with eCommerce, marketing, and digital leaders from DACH’s top retailers and D2C brands. Discussion topics include improving the customer experience, the metaverse, creator strategies, social commerce, content creation, data management, and more. Guest speakers include Mars’ Global Digital Commercial Director Lucas Seiler. The event will include an agenda based on 60 research interviews, small working discussion groups, workshops, debates, leader connections, and more. view event attendee data
One to One Retail E-commerce March 14-16, 2023, Monaco One to One Retail e-Commerce is a key event in the sector part of the triptych: humanism, collaboration, and CSR. The 2022 event offered sector innovation and trend overviews with inspiring talks, keynote sessions, workshops, and tangible customer cases. There were over 6,000 qualitative one-to-one meetings, 830 retail decision-makers, 300 expert speakers, 130 workshops, 4 keynotes, and more. Attendees shared backgrounds in retail decision-making, marketing, retail eCommerce, startup companies, market leaders, digital marketing, and senior leadership. Some topics discussed at the 2022 event include retailer challenges in commerce, ecological impacts and solutions, consumer needs, and more. view event attendee data
Atlanta eCommerce Summit March 15, 2023, JW Marriott Buckhead Atlanta Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Atlanta eCommerce Summit is an event for local eCommerce experts and decision-makers for retailers, brands, merchants, and solution providers. The event program will have idea-sharing, education, and networking. There will be panel discussions, presentations, and one-on-one meetings. Some discussion topics include eCommerce strategy, marketing, operations, customer experience, payment, shipping, loyalty, and more. Participating speakers include Bryan Broscious from Aaron’s and Tonya Kirby from Boxercraft. view event attendee data
Global Retailing Ideas Summit March 16-17, 2023, InterContinental Hotel San Francisco, California, USA Global Retailing Ideas Summit is the destination for innovative ideas and thinking in retailing. Retail and brand leaders will unite to discuss leading-edge issues with community networking. Attendees will share perspectives on the most emerging global retailing and brand industry trends. The event also provides an app allowing attendees to communicate with each other before and after. Invited speakers include J.P. Morgan’s managing director, Matt Boss. come back soon for attendee data
Adobe Summit March 21-23, 2023, Virtual Event or attend in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Adobe Summit is an event to learn about Adobe cloud and digital marking. The event is for anyone interested in learning and using Adobe Cloud for their marketing and business needs. Adobe executives will be present to share how customer experiences are the currency of the digital economy. Discussion topics include customer journey analytics, delivering business value, B2B marketing, and more. Featured speakers include actress, philanthropist, and producer Kristen Bell. come back soon for attendee data
Emerce Retail March 23, 2023, Inn Style, Maarssen, The Netherlands Emerce Retail is an event to help retail, eCommerce, and brand decision-makers strengthen their retail strategies. Focus discussion areas include digital platforms, omnichannel retail, marketplaces, distinctive customer experiences, and innovation. The event will feature over 25 top speakers and 300 digital decision-makers in retail. Attendees can network and learn about online growth, digital transformation, and customer experiences. Emerce is a forefront destination for identifying emerging technologies and innovative business concepts. come back soon for attendee data
Mumbrella Retail Marketing Summit March 23, 2023, Sofitel Wentworth, Sydney, Australia Mumbrella Retail Marketing Summit is the retail industry’s most comprehensive marketing conference for top retail and FMCG marketers in Australia. Topic discussions include the impact of eCommerce on telephone sales, behavioral science of locked-on loyalty, and preparing for the future in a circular economy. Attendees can network with peers and discuss cut-through solutions and ideas about fundamental shifts in consumer communication. Guest speakers include the chief customer officer of The Iconic, Dean Chadwick. come back soon for attendee data
Shoptalk March 26-29, 2023, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Shoptalk hosts a speaker lineup and agenda for business enhancement across eCommerce, marketing, merchandising, physical stores, supply chain, payments, and more. Attendees include industry leaders, retailers, brands, startups, tech companies, investors, real estate operators, media, analysts, and more. The event will also hold an onsite Meetup for optimal networking and collaborating. There will be senior-level speakers, keynotes, workshops, tracks, meetups, exhibits, and more. Some discussion topics include eCommerce innovation, retail live streaming, marketing & data, payments, omnichannel, brand relationships, and more. view event attendee data
Retail Fest 2023 March 27-30, 2023, Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia Retail Fest 2023 is an annual gathering of experts from the retail industry to discuss the latest trends and developments. The event’s main purpose is to provide a forum for networking and knowledge sharing among professionals. The event typically attracts retail managers, store owners, and e-commerce professionals. The event will include speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. The topics and themes that will be addressed include the latest technologies and innovations in retail and the challenges and opportunities of the growing e-commerce market. view event attendee data
Retail Week Live March 28-29, 2023, Intercontinental Hotel O2 London, England Retail Week Live is an annual retail gathering to share ideas, debate strategies, and form solutions in the retail industry. The event is tailored for managers, coaches, established businesses or brands, startups, professional players, or anyone involved in retail. Attendees will have access to informative sessions, networking opportunities, demos, and more. Content zones will help attendees content and participate effectively. Zone examples include a VIP lounge for c-suite professionals, immersive walk-in shops, a talent development program, consumer trends, and more. The event anticipates 75% attendance to be retailers, over 50 hours of content, and to follow the 2022 event’s rate of 8,250 successful connections. view event attendee data
Leaders in Logistics Summit March 28-29, 2023, Business Design Centre, London, England Leaders in Logistics Summit is the leading logistics event uniting the international community. Carriers, postal operators, 3PLs, startups, and retail logistics professionals come together to share knowledge and best practices to thrive in the evolving world of parcel delivery. Hot event topics include international strategy, transforming the last mile, unlocking eCommerce fulfillment, the sustainability imperative, technology, and innovation. There will be keynotes, forums, sessions, and networking. The event anticipates over 450 attendees and 80 speakers from over 40 countries. view event attendee data
Internet Commerce Summit & Awards March 29, 2023, Hotel Conrad, Dubai  Internet Commerce Summit & Awards is the Middle East’s largest eCommerce intelligence event discussing eCommerce, D2C, omnichannel retail, mar-tech, fintech, and payments. The event expects over 1,000 attendees, with a 73% c-suite attendance rate. There will also be over 50 exhibitors, 4 conference tracks, 300 companies, and 100 speakers. Attending industry professionals and practitioners come from travel, hospitality, utilities, entertainment, omnichannel, beauty, automobiles, government, manufacturing, and other industries. The 2022 event agenda covers topics like accelerating eCommerce’s future, enhancing retail delivery, reshaping eCommerce retail, and more. come back soon for attendee data
Webshop Trade Days 2023 March 29-30, 2023, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands Webshop Trade Days 2023 is the central meeting platform for the entire eCommerce sector. The event will have over 250 digital commerce supplies and 200 speakers. Attendees include c-level managers and specialists who want to increase the returns on digital activities. Most attendees are scale-ups, enterprises, and digital newcomers. Thousands of professionals will network to share digital ambitions, knowledge, solutions, insights, and experiences. There will be keynotes, unique content, strategic insights, case studies, exhibitions, and more. Guest speakers include CEO John Beerens. come back soon for attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
Savant eCommerce Stockholm 2023 April 3-4, 2023, Stockholm, Sweden Savant eCommerce Stockholm 2023 is an exclusive conference for digital senior executives and leaders. Participants look to maintain record-breaking online sales made by the pandemic as the economy is reopening with uncertainty. The event will have 150 eComm leads from the Nordic region share insight and inspiring stories. Attendees can join the interactive discussions. Some discussion topics include loyalty driven by customer-centric CX, customer engagement with personalized messaging, streamlining checkout processes, social media bottom-line value, and using logistics to gain a competitive edge. come back soon for attendee data
Ecommerce Warsaw Expo April 6, 2023, Warsaw, Poland Ecommerce Warsaw Expo is Poland’s most important event for online sellers, joining leaders of the eCommerce industry. There will be over 125 exhibitors showcasing their online services and goods. Additionally, there will be four stage areas and a networking cafe. Some featured exhibitors include InPost, PrestaShop, Upblue, and Idea Commerce. There will also be various presentation topics related to the eCommerce industry. eCommerce industry leaders are welcome to come for networking and business collaborations. come back soon for attendee data
Modern Retail Commerce Summit April 11-13, 2023, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Modern Retail Commerce Summit brings together the best and most innovative minds in retail to discuss immersion in technology platforms, advertising networks, fulfillment centers, and more. The event further examines ways online companies are expanding into brick-and-mortar. As well as how traditional retail is figuring out the digital environment. Some discussion topics include marketing strategies in large ecosystems, eCommerce tech stacks, and new commerce strategies influenced by technology. Topics themes include the Amazon effect, a new DTC toolkit, and future stores. come back soon for attendee data
ECOM'21 April 12-13, 2023, Riga, Latvia ECOM21 is an international conference for ecommerce and fintech experts, co-organized by MasterCard and KPMG. This event brings together these industry leaders to speak about the latest trends and challenges and offers a great opportunity for networking. come back soon for attendee data
eCommerce North Summit April 18, 2023, The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, England eCommerce North Summit Manchester is a boutique live event gathering local eCommerce experts and decision-makers across retailers, brands, merchants, and solutions providers. The event is designed for high-impact impressions, sharing ideas, education, and networking. There will be panel discussions, presentations, one-on-one meetings, and more. Some discussion topics include eCommerce strategies, marketing, operations, consumer experiences, payment, shipping, loyalty, and more. Participating speakers are retailers and vendors who are industry leaders and innovators from cross-section companies. view attendee data
eCommerce Africa 2023 April 18-19, 2023, International Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa ECOM Africa brings together the biggest African minds in retail, Fintech, cybersecurity, fulfillment & logistics, and marketing. The event will have over 2,500 delegates, 60 speakers, 5 tracks, live Q&As, matchmaking, networking opportunities, lead generation, and more. Some topics include malware attacks, cybersecurity culture, Fintech & banking infrastructure, merging online and in-store experiences, first-party data, the Metaverse, video marketing, cookieless tracking, 3pl logistics, smart contracts, and more. Attendees include business owners/retailers, senior leadership, industry professionals, solution providers, marketers, and more. view attendee data
eTail UK April 25-26, 2023, QEII Conference Centre, London, England eTail UK is an eCommerce and omnichannel conference for European retailers. The event aims to help retailers increase profits for online businesses. There will be interactive, action-packed strategies, peer-to-peer conversations, and connections with top minds from UK’s most successful and innovative retailers. Attendee positions include eCommerce and digital marking specialists, directors, department heads, executives, c-level professionals, senior management, and more. Guest speakers include Kiehl’s global eCommerce director, Timo Raab. There will be over 14 hours of networking that include workshops, breakouts, discussion groups, and more. Attendees will also participate in or learn from small group roundtables, speaker Q&A sessions, creative think tanks, and more. view event attendee data
World Retail Congress April 25-27, 2023, Hotel Arts, Barcelona, Spain World Retail Congress is an event to be inspired by and provided with the tools to adjust to extraordinary and unpredictable times and evolve for success. The program will cover four key areas: resilient retail, transformational retrial, purposeful retail, and customer-focused retail. The event will provide in-depth research, insightful content, discussions with knowledgeable speakers, networking opportunities, and more. Attendees are senior retail leadership from around the globe. A confirmed guest speaker is one of the world’s best business professors and serial entrepreneur, Professor Scott Galloway. view event attendee data
eComm Live Conference 2023 April 26-27, 2023, Assembly Buildings Conference Centre, Belfast UK eComm Live Conference 2023 is Ireland’s leading eCommerce conference dedicated to eCommerce entrepreneurs, professionals, retailers, and agencies working with eCommerce clients. The event will have over 400 attendees, speakers, and training courses. Guest speaker brands include Google, TikTok, Shopify, and Klarna. The events training courses cover eCommerce SEO, email marketing, Google shopping advertising, selling on Amazon, digital analytics, and more. In addition to educational training and insightful speaker discussion, attendees will also have networking opportunities. come back soon for attendee data
Evolve 2023 April 26-27, 2023, The Gaylord Rockies Resort, Denver, Colorado, USA Evolve 2023 is the digital marketing event of the year for retailers. The event brings together the industry’s top digital marketing, retail, and business experts to help attendees broaden their marketing and business efforts. Attendees include retail entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners, professionals, and more. Attendee field backgrounds include boutiques, florists, furniture stores, pet shops, jewelers, craft stores, and toy stores. The event will include keynote sessions, breakout sessions, and networking. Some topic discussions include digital marketing, revenue-generating strategies, business growth, industry challenges and opportunities, and more. come back soon for attendee data
Minneapolis eCommerce Summit April 27, 2023, The Loews Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Minneapolis eCommerce Summit is a boutique gathering of local eCommerce experts and decision-makers across retailers, brands, merchants, and solution providers. The event includes high-impact impressions, idea sharing, education, networking, one-on-one meetings, panel discussions, presentations, and more. Attendees come from backgrounds involving eCommerce strategy, marketing, operations, customer experience, payment, shipping, loyalty, and more. A participating guest speaker includes General Mills’ global eCommerce innovation planner, Alice Peterson. view event attendee data
ECommerce Summit Brussels TBD, Brussels, Belgium ECommerce Summit Brussels aims to help participants discover trends dominating the eCommerce landscape and meet industry leaders. Event participants include eCommerce brands, agencies, service providers, merchants, tech companies, senior management, entrepreneurs, startups, eCommerce professionals, and more. The event anticipates 24 speakers and more than 240 attendees. Confirmed speakers include Sofie Geeroms, managing director of BeCommerce. There will also be keynote and networking opportunities. Some keynote discussion topics include digital omnichannel brands, marketplace growth, and personalized commerce for digital businesses. come back soon for attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
White Label Expo May 3-4, 2023, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA White Label Expo is an online retail sourcing show that teaches attendees how to sell online, source new products, and master being an online entrepreneur. There will be 300 speakers, 10,000 attendees, and 400 suppliers. Attendees include online retail business owners, decision-makers, managers, and c-level professionals. The show will include an Amazon Pro sellers summit, industry awards, startup masterclasses, a networking area, and speaker timetables. The masterclasses are hands-on courses that provide practical and applicable knowledge for attendees to apply the latest solutions to real-world industry scenarios. Come back soon for attendee data
Go eCommerce Summit May 4, 2023, Tel Aviv, Israel Go eCommerce Summit will deal with the aspects of the eCommerce industry in Israel. The event will showcase the latest trends, forecasts, innovative solutions, and breakthrough technologies. Over 1,000 senior managers, executives, directors, entrepreneurs, investors, decision-makers, and more will attend. Attendee fields include eCommerce, trade, retail, marketing, sales, technology, SMB, and more. The event will comprise professional panel discussions, keynote speakers, 3 content tracks, an exhibition hall, and an innovation zone hosting technology startups and companies. Come back soon for attendee data
Shoptalk Europe May 9-11, 2023, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain Shoptalk Europe is Europe’s greatest retail show, highlighting Europe’s retail and grocery ecosystem. There will be over 3,500 attending decision makers, 175 speakers, and 20,000 network meetings (27% c-level retailer and brand attendance). The program insights focus on business areas across eCommerce, marketing, merchandising, physical stores, supply chain, payments, and more. There will be fore tracks and professional guest speakers. The tracks include meeting heightened consumer expectations and thriving in a challenging global economy. Global retailers and brands can attend for free. view event attendee data
Emerce B2B Digital May 11, 2023, Inn Style, Maarssen, The Netherlands Experience FinXTech by Bank Director is an annual conference designed to help banks and FinTechs develop strategic connections, explore cutting-edge financial technologies, and learn more about the partnership process. Participants include banking and FinTech leaders such as founders, chief executive officers, chairs of the board, presidents, and C-level executives. The event will feature interactive technology sessions, growth and strategy-focused presentations, group discussions, and networking opportunities. Attendees can expect to uncover partnerships, collaborations, and strategic investments leading to top and bottom-line profits. Come back soon for attendee data
FUTR Europe Summit 2023 May 17, 2023, London, England FUTR Europe Summit 2023 is Europe’s only summit focused on fresh thinking and progressive change in the future of retail, marketing, and commerce. The event brings together brands, retailers, corporates, marketplaces, and D2C. Attendee fields include digital, marketing, eCommerce, retail, innovation, and customer experience. Approximately 61% of attendees are head/director level or above. Event discussion topics include video, data, AI, retail, payments, eCommerce, advertising, and more. The agenda includes fireside chats, presentations, panels, networking, and 1:1 meetings. Come back soon for attendee data
netcomm Forum May 17-18, 2023, Milan Congress Fair, Milan, Italy Netcomm Forum is a digital commerce and retail event with over 340 speakers, 250 exhibitors, 180 workshops, 26,000 digital and physical attendees, and 3 plenary sessions. The previous event discussed trends and characterization of eCommerce and digital retail (focusing on the Italian sector). Previous discussion topics include the influence of consumer behavior, winning business models, innovative ways for customer interaction, and more. The event aims to help Italian Digital Commerce thrive, expand, and adapt for success. The event comprises research and analysis, workshops, working groups, networking, training, educational speakers, and more. It is open to all industry leaders, providers, entrepreneurs, and more. view event attendee data
Seattle eCommerce Summit May 18, 2023, Grand Hyatt, Seattle, Washington, USA Seattle eCommerce Summit boutique-style live event gathers local eCommerce experts and decision-makers across retailers, brands, merchants, and solution providers. The event will feature high-impact impressions, panel discussions, networking, 1:1 meetings, idea sharing, presentations, and more. Focus areas for strategy highlights include operations, marketing, payment, shipping, customer experience, and more. Guest speakers include WILDFANG’s director of operations, Abra Buffalo. come back soon for attendee data
Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Expo May 20-21, 2023, Athens, Greece Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Expo is the biggest eCommerce and digital marketing exhibition in Southeastern Europe and expects more than 150 exhibitors. Attendees can discover the latest eCommerce and digital marketing trends and information. Attendees of the event are eCommerce and digital marketing executives. There will be exceptional networking, in-person meetings, knowledgeable training, conferences, exhibitors, business collaborations, and more. The event anticipates over 5,200 eShopes, 150 exhibitors, 80 speakers, digital agency roundtables and awards, and 100 conference hours. view event attendee data
Seamless Middle East 2023 May 23-24, 2023, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai Seamless Middle East 2023 is a meeting place for the brightest and most innovative minds across retail and eCommerce industries. The event anticipates over 500 speakers, 500 exhibitors, and 15,000 attendees. The agenda includes keynotes, 9 tracks, panels, interviews, networking, exhibits, and more. Content topics include eCommerce, home delivery, digital transformation, loyalty, marketing, in-store, data analytics, retail, and more. Additionally, the event’s networking opportunities include a conversing lounge, guest buyer program, and a networking app. view event attendee data
Savant eCommerce Amsterdam 2023 May 23-24, 2023, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Savant eCommerce Amsterdam 2023 is an exclusive conference for retail senior executives. The event brings together leading members of the Netherlands eCommerce industry to focus on dominating issues and challenges in the industry. It features roundtables, interactive discussions, presentations, speakers, networking, and more. Discussion topics include omnichannel strategies, industry challenges, solutions, data restrictions, the customer journey, and more. come back soon for attendee data
Sellers Summit 2023 May 23-25, 2023, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA Sellers Summit 2023 is the ultimate learning conference with eCommerce brands. The purpose is to create purposeful relationships with other entrepreneurs while learning the latest growth strategies for eCommerce brands. Discussion topics include building a lasting brand, importing goods, domestically sourced products, Amazon sales, advertising campaigns, creating email funnels, high-converting websites, and more. There will be keynotes, 2 main tracks, demos, case studies, workshops, and networking opportunities with around 200 attendees. The conference is for anyone who wants to start a physical products-based eCommerce business or wants to grow. Come back soon for attendee data
Score Conference 2023 May 24, 2023, StageOne Event & Convention Hall, Zurich, Switzerland Score Conference 2023 is a Swiss conference for retail and eCommerce. The event’s program includes expert keynote panels, masterclasses, networking opportunities, and more. The 2022 masterclasses followed concepts of successful selling, efficiency and sustainability, and finance and technology. Mainstage guest speakers also discussed topics surrounding B2B and social commerce content. Past attendees include industry c-suite professionals, department heads, founders, investors, entrepreneurs, directors, VPs, and more. Come back soon for attendee data
Internet Retailing Events – IRX & eDX 2023 May 24-25, 2023, NEC, Birmingham, England Internet Retailing Events – IRX & eDX 2023 are co-located educational and networking retail events. IRX 2023 gathers over 3,500 eCommerce professionals to network, participate in workshops, and listen to over 100 speakers. The event aims to help retail leaders rethink their business strategies and find solutions from exhibiting suppliers. The 2022 event discussed customer service and the future of selling products and services. eDx 2023 focuses on the industry needs of retailers, 3PLs, warehouse operators, fulfillment houses, and delivery networks. The event provides workshops, guest speakers, and networking activities with senior-level retailers and delivery experts. There will also be leading supplier exhibitions. The combined events anticipate seeing over 4,000 retail professionals for a multi-channel program helping UK’s retail industry connect, resolve challenges, and prepare for the future. view event attendee data
EHI Connect May 24-25, 2023, Düsseldorf, Germany EHI Connect is an event designed to break patterns, reinvent solutions, brainstorm, and examine the world of eCommerce and retail. Event attendees include retail and eCommerce decision-makers, managers, and related professionals (i.e., omnichannel, fulfillment, logistics, IT, and marketing managers). Some discussion topics include social commerce, women in eCommerce, platforms and marketplaces, new business models, CX, eCommerce software, fulfillment, logistics, and more. The event features insightful speakers, discussions, networking, and more. come back soon for attendee data
Shopware Community Day May 25, 2023, Tobit Campus, Ahaus, Germany Shopware Community Day is a hybrid event that inspires attendees with the latest tech innovations, meaningful market developments, and business ideas. Shopware is an open-source community platform for digital commerce merchants. The event anticipates over 6,000 attendees (including 1,000 onsite guests), 40 speakers, 30 talks, panel discussions, and interviews. Guest speakers include former Twitch COO and current Blackstone senior advisor Sara Clemens. The event brings together CEO merchants in the Shopware community to connect and celebrate. view event attendee data
ICEMEC 2023  May 26-28, 2023, Seoul, South Korea ICEMEC 2023 is an international eBusiness and mobile commerce conference. The event invites scholars, researchers, and practitioners to discuss interdisciplinary research and practices in eBusiness and mobile commerce. It also provides a platform for policymakers, top managers, and educators to discuss recent innovations, trends, concerns, challenges, and solutions. The three event tracks are an agent for eBusiness, eCommerce trading technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT). There will be keynotes, networking sessions, awards, and more. Come back soon for attendee data
The International Conference on E-business and Mobile Commerce (ICEMC) May 26-28, 2023, Taizhou, China The International Conference on E-business and Mobile Commerce (ICEMC) is a research-based event focusing on eBusiness and mobile conferences. There will be keynote speakers, networking, awards, and more activities. Attendees include researchers, educators, scholars, and practitioners. Platforms will also be given to industry managers and policymakers. Subtopics from the three main tracks include agent-based web mining, blockchain applications, smart manufacturing, and industrial IoT. Conference proceedings will be available to update the discussed research. Come back soon for attendee data
Retail Tech 2023 May 31-June 1, 2023, Stockholm, Sweden Retail Tech 2023 is the Nordic region’s largest trade fair. The event is also arranged in parallel with E-Commerce Expo 2023 (the Nordic region’s leading eCommerce trade fair). Retail Tech 2023 anticipates over 250 exhibitors and brands, 5,500 decision-maker attendees, and 800 conference participants. The event provides hundreds of free innovative activities, including open seminars, startup pavilions, networking, matchmaking, workshops, and more. Guest speakers include Lego’s senior strategic planner, Maurya Patnaik. Event discussion topics include future technology driving sales, buying behavior, and future innovations adapted for retail. Come back soon for attendee data
E-Commerce Expo 2023 May 31-June 1, 2023, Stockholm, Sweden E-Commerce Expo 2023 is the Nordic region’s largest eCommerce trade show. The event anticipates over 5,500 decision-making attendees, 250 exhibitors, and 800 conference participants. The event is parallel to the eCommerce expo, Retail Technology. Attendees can expect to hear about the latest developments, trends, and ideas in trade. The exhibits will feature hundreds of high-quality suppliers and innovators. There will also be inspirational speakers, networking, open seminars, workshops, awards, and more. Discussion topics include digital marketing, mobile marketing, eCommerce, secure and innovative payment, and more. come back soon for attendee data
SubSummit May 31-June 2, 2023, Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Dallas, Texas, USA SubSummit is the largest meetup of DTC subscription businesses in the world. The event aims to help subscription businesses optimize business models, develop long-lasting business relationships, understand the industry’s evolution, learn from insightful data, and discover the latest industry strategies. The program includes workshops, exhibitions, pitch competitions, keynotes, track sessions, networking, awards, and more. There will be over 2,000 attendees, 125 exhibit suppliers, 100 speakers, and 5 program tracks. view event attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
New York eCommerce Summit June 1, 2023, The Westin Times Square, New York, United States New York eCommerce Summit is a boutique-style live event that gathers local eCommerce experts and decision-makers across retailers, brands, merchants, and solution providers. The program includes high-impact impressions, sharing ideas, educational opportunities, and networking. There will also be 1:1 meetings, panel discussions, and presentations. Discussion topics include eCommerce strategy, marketing, operations, CX, shipping, payments, and more retail-related topics. Guest speakers include Bloomingdale’s director of technology selling, Wilberto Feliberty. Come back for attendee data
eTail – Asia 2023 June 6-8, 2023, Equarius Hotel, Sentosa, Singapore eTail Asia is Asia’s premier eCommerce and digital marketing retail summit. Agenda topics include navigating inflation, web 3.0, new customer outreach, customer retention, streamlining the buying experience across channels, leveraging tech solutions, providing context-sensitive experiences, and more. Attendees include retailers from the full value chain, heads of eCommerce and digital marketing, and other professionals in retail and digital marketing. The event had over 40 solution-focused sessions, 25 networking hours, market research, webinars & podcasts, roundtables, and more. view event attendee data
Emerce E-Commerce Live! June 7, 2023, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Emerce E-Commerce Live examines what is new and next in eCommerce. It is the largest and all-encompassing eCommerce day for enthusiastic professionals and decision-makers in digital business. Over 50 speakers from leading brands will give strategic lessons, trend talks, and practical cases. The event focuses on various topics, including eCommerce strategies, marketplaces, customer experience, tech, conversion, cross-border and fulfillment, and logistics. Attendees will enjoy networking activities, panel discussions, round tables, keynotes, and more. The event anticipates over 50 speakers and 1,7000 attendees. Attendees include professionals and managers working in eCommerce, marketing, sales, startups, pure players, brands, and agencies. view event attendee data
World Ecommerce Forum June 7-10, 2023, Istanbul, Turkey World Ecommerce Forum is a large-scale event highlighting discussions, trends, challenges, solutions, and more in eCommerce and cross-border eCommerce. The event anticipates over 100,000 participants, 260 service providers, 650 B2B table discussions, 300 exhibit stands, 30,000 Amazon sellers, 40,000 Etsy sellers, 486 speakers, and more. Event goals include promoting B2B matches, international business expansion, educating Turkey’s eCommerce potential, developing global business networks, and expanding visions. Attendees include senior professionals, startups, investors, retailers, and sellers in eCommerce. eCommerce. come back soon for attendee data
European Seller Conference June 8-9, 2023, Grandior Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic European Seller Conference is the leading Amazon seller event in Europe. Attendees (Amazon sellers) will network with peers, learn from industry experts, get actionable steps for business growth, participate in workshops, enjoy conferences, get insights from Q&As, and more. The 2020 event covered topics like Amazon PPC, keyword ranks, conversion optimization, brand registry, selling more, brand awareness, and more. Previous event speakers include Howard Thai, founder and CEO of United Integral Inc. Come back for attendee data
Savant eCommerce Toronto 2023 June 13-14, 2023, Toronto, Canada Savant eCommerce Toronto 2023 is an exclusive conference for senior executives focusing on affordable and sustainable strategies that engage customers and inspire loyalty. The event gathers Comm, CX, digital marketing, loyalty, and CRM leads from Canada’s top brands and retailers. There will be inspirational keynotes, curated roundtables, practical takeaways, networking sessions, and twelve hours of packed content. The event expects over 90 retailers, brands, and over 170 senior eCommerce professionals. Discussions include optimizing omnichannel strategies, innovative marketing campaigns, checkout flow, data management, footprint reduction, and innovative business. Come back for attendee data
Retail Innovation Conference & Expo June 13-15, 2023, Mccormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, USA IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference & Expo) is a connecting point for eCommerce innovators and digital professionals. The event brings peers in eCommerce, digital, marketing, and social media together. Attendees include executives in retail, digital, marketing, and innovation. Agenda topics include solving the new customer acquisition equation, omnichannel expansion, retail media networks, VC events, social communities to join, and more. The 2022 guest speakers included Lisa Perlmuttter from Brilliant Earth and Ekta Chopra from E.L.F. Beauty. view event attendee data
ICICMT 2023: International Conference on Internet, E-Commerce and Multimedia Technology June 15-16, 2023, Tokyo, Japan ICICMT 2023: International Conference on Internet, E-Commerce, and Multimedia Technology is an international research conference for academic scientists, researchers, and scholars. The event’s focus areas include eCommerce, multimedia technology, and all aspects of the Internet. Premier interdisciplinary platforms are also provided for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss ideas on the most recent innovations, trends, concerns, practical challenges, and solutions. Come back for attendee data
Malaga Econgress June 17, 2023, Palace of Fairs and Congresses of Malaga, Malaga, Spain Malaga Econgress is the largest eCommerce, social media, and digital marketing congress in southern Europe. Attendees comprise leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, founders, and more in the above industries. The event will include networking activities, 5 training workshops, 11 conferences, and more. Attendees will hear from 12 leading speakers about the latest industry trends and best digital marketing. Some discussion topics include getting the most out of metrics, digital marketing, competitive techniques, and more. There will also be a stand area showcasing learning and discount services by sponsoring and exhibiting companies like Hive Technologies. Come back for attendee data
Outdoor Retailer Summer Show June 19-21, 2023, Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Outdoor Retailer Summer Show is one of the largest global B2B trade events serving the outdoor industry and is the largest outdoor industry tradeshow in North America. The event’s purpose is to launch the summer outdoor season, influence buying decisions, connect brands and retailers early, and celebrate the outdoor community. The event gathers industry brands, retailers, suppliers, leaders, reps, decision-makers, designers, and key stakeholders for influential business and conversations. Attendees will network and enjoy exhibitors launching new brands and products for implementing new business. view event attendee data
K5 Conference June 20-21, 2023, Berlin Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany K5 Conference gathers digital retail players for eCommerce corporate strategy insight, speaker presentations, masterclasses, networking opportunities, and more. The 2022 event say 4000 attendees, 150 speakers, 200 partners and exhibitors, and 50 masterclasses. Most attendees are eCommerce decision-makers, leaders, professionals, startups, founders, investors, technology experts, students, and more. Previous speakers include Julia Bosch, CEO and co-found of Outfittery. There will also be a Female in Retail Forum. view event attendee data
CommerceNext 2023 June 20-21, 2023, New York Hilton Midtown, New York, USA CommerceNext is a community event series and conference designed for retail and direct-to-consumer retail brands. The event includes speakers from leading retailers, original merchant and consumer research, peer-to-peer networking, and marketing strategy and tactical content. Previous speakers have come from leading companies like Macy’s, Walmart, Casper, and more. Attendees come from various industries like apparel & accessories, grocery, pet supplies, health & beauty, health, jewelry, sporting goods, digital products, books, and more. Titles of attendees include manager, c-suite, founder, director, VP, EVP, and more. view event attendee data
Shoptalk Meetup for Women June 20-22, 2023, Online Shoptalk Meetup for Women is a one-of-a-kind online meeting and collaboration event. It brings a large group within the retail industry together for double opt-in meetings and small group discussions. The event format has two ways to participate: 15-minute speed date meetings and interactive table talks. Attendees include retail ecosystem brands, retailers, disruptive startups, investors, and more. The speed date meetings are video meetings pairing attendees, and the interactive table talks are 55-minute group discussions of 5-8 participants. The meetings share insights, address issues, and generate actionable takeaways. Several event goals include finding the hottest startups, successful business matches, building social and network capital, launching products, employment, and more. Come back for attendee data
Retail CIO Connect June 21-22, 2023, Sopwell House, St Albans, England Retail CIO Connect 2023 is an invitation-only forum for IT leaders from UK’s top retailers. The event will meet in St Albans, UK, on June 21st-22nd, 2023. Invitees consist of senior-level decision makers profiled on their interests. The event will host senior-level learning, benchmarking IT strategies, meeting handpicked solution providers, and more. Additionally, there will be small-group sessions and open networking. Some network participants include H&M, Starbucks Coffee, and Arcadia. view event attendee data
Mexico eCommerce Summit June 29, 2023, The Hyatt Regency Polanco, Mexico Mexico eCommerce Summit is a boutique style of live event gathering local eCommerce experts and decision-makers across retailers, brands, merchants, and solutions providers. Discussion topics include marketing, operations, eCommerce strategy, customer experience, shipping, loyalty, payment, and more. Guest speakers include David Vazquez, director of eCommerce and omnichannel for Apple Cosmetics. Attendees can expect 1:1 meetings, panel discussions, presentations, networking, educational opportunities, high-impact impressions, and idea sharing. Come back for attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
NRF Nexus 2023 July 10-12, 2023, Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA NRF Nexus 2023 is where technology, marketing, and digital innovators intersect. The event gathers the brightest retail minds and senior-level experts. Attendees will experience educational and networking opportunities to learn about the retail industry’s latest innovations and deliver best-in-class consumer experiences. Future-focused discussion topics include MarTech innovation, AI automation, omnichannel technologies, hyper-personalization, CRM, and more. The previous event had 19 sessions, 40 speakers, and 300 attendees. The event highlights specialized content, no pitches, senior-level expertise, and effortless networking. view event attendee data
GROW NY July 11, 2023, Center415, Manhattan, New York, USA GROW NY gathers hundreds of trendsetting founders, marketers, and online experts to share their experiences creating and scaling multi-million dollar brands. Approximately 20% of attendees are CEOs and founders, and the majority range in senior management and c-suite positions. Their industries include digital retail, apparel & accessories, furniture, electronics, health & wellness, and more. The event is free for retail brands to attend and comprises growth talks, interviews, panels, workshops, networking, and more. The 2022 event covered brand awareness, converting cold audiences, creative ad formulas, paid advertising, community building, manufacturing, customer service, and more. view event attendee data
Denver eCommerce Summit July 13, 2023, The Curtis Hotel, Denver, Colorado, USA Denver eCommerce Summit is a gathering of local eCommerce experts and decision-makers for retailers, brands, merchants, and solution providers. Attendees include enterprises, SMBs, independent retailers, consultants, expert solution providers, and more. There will be idea-sharing, education, networking, panel discussions, presentations, one-on-one meetings, and more. Topics include strategy, marketing, operations, customer experience, payment, shipping, loyalty, and more. view event attendee data
Online Retailer Conference & Expo – Sydney July 19-20, 2023, ICC Sydney, Australia Online Retailer Conference & Expo is the top meeting destination for the eCommerce industry to access relevant strategical insights, solutions, technologies, and networking opportunities in Australia. Attendees include digital, retail, technology, marketing, and eCommerce professionals. Industry backgrounds of attendees include fashion, personal & recreational goods, B2B services, media, IT, finance, variety stores, and more. In addition to networking activities, there will be case studies, panel discussions, featured insights, and more. The expo includes tailored education and solution providers. view event attendee data
Midwest E-Com Conference 2023 July 19-21, 2023, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Midwest E-Com Conference 2023 is an event that helps sellers on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more, learn what’s changing in the world of eCommerce. Such as new tactics to market their businesses, rules of selling through these different platforms, and how to grow their business. There will be speaker discussions, networking breakouts, and more. Attendees can network with sellers, vendors, experts, and more. Guest speakers include transformational expert Marshal Gillen. The event is a top ten event for Amazon sellers. come back soon for attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
eTail Boston August 14-16, 2023, The Sheraton, Boston, Massachusetts, USA eTail Boston will transform retail by helping business owners increase their profits with learning experiences that include learning disruptive strategies, strategic conversations, and networking with America’s most successful retailers. The event consists of over 30 hours of discussion groups, creative think-tanks, sessions, roundtables, and other networking activities. Most attendees are seniority-level leaders in c-suite, VP, head, director, manager, and specialist positions. Background job functions include digital, product, marketing, and eCommerce fields. view event attendee data
ECPAKLOG E-Commerce Packaging & Supply Chain Expo August 15-17, 2023, Shanghai, China ECPAKLOG E-Commerce Packaging & Supply Chain Expo focuses on minimalizing and simplifying in support of green and recyclable packaging solutions. The event also promotes leaning on supply chain for eCommerce packaging. Other discussion topics include low-use high-quality packaging, channel layout adaptations, eCommerce lean operation, improving the building system, and more. The event keeps close to the development trend of the online economy, creating a grand exchange event for the whole industry chain of eCommerce. The 2022 event saw 206 exhibitors and over 15,300 visitors. There were exhibits, networking, and workshops for event participants. Additionally, there were 873 successful business matching. Attendees come from the eCommerce community, focusing on packaging and the supply chain. Come back soon for attendee data
White Label Expo August 29-30, 2023, Javits Center, New York, USA White Label Expo is an online retail sourcing show that educates how to sell online, source new products, and master being an online entrepreneur. The event anticipates 200 speakers, 10,000 attendees, and 400 suppliers. Some of the event highlights include startup masterclasses, a networking area, booking meetings, industry awards, and expert speaker insight. Some of the masterclass topics include social commerce, retail trends, conversational AI, customer loyalty, and more. Attendees include eCommerce leaders, entrepreneurs, online sellers, retailers, startups, business owners, distributors, and more. Come back soon for attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
Savant eCommerce Copenhagen 2023 September 5-6, 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark Savant eCommerce is an exclusive conference for senior executives regarding online shopping. Attendees will discuss customer-centric CX, seamless omnichannel strategies, scalable D2C strategies, personalized messaging, leveraging social media, collaboration, app development, new fulfillment models, and more. Attendees can expect to stay on top of the latest trends, benchmarks, and best practices. There will be keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and more. view event attendee data
Paris Retail Week September 19-21, 2023, Paris Porte de Versailles, Paris, France Paris Retail Week is a meeting event for all of the retailing ecosystem. The 2021 event saw over 15,500 participants, 60 speakers, 100 solution workshops, and 330 exhibitors. The 2022 conference program is comprised of conferences, workshops, and keynotes. The program covered disruptive topics like the agile customer experience, new payments experience, marketing, omnichannel commerce, and more. The workshops cover omnichannel business, marketing, CSR, new payments, agile customer pathway, data, and more. Attendees include CEOs, managers, c-suite professionals, directors, department heads, and more. Come back for attendee data
The Business Show September 20-21, 2023, Los Angeles Convention Centre, Los Angeles, California, USA The Business Show provides a platform for entrepreneurs looking to start a business or SMEs looking to grow and develop their businesses. The event has over 500 exhibitors, 200 educational masterclasses, seminars, panel debates, keynotes, networking, and more. Masterclass discussion topics include financing, trademarks, locating properties, marketing, and more. Exhibitor services and products focus on helping attendees build and grow businesses. There will also be a franchise, future working, and sustainability zones. Come back for attendee data
Chicago eCommerce Summit September 26, 2023, Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA Chicago eCommerce Summit is a live event hosted with a boutique-style theme. It gathers local eCommerce experts and decision-makers across retailers, merchants, solution providers, and brands. Attendees will participate in 1:1 meetings, presentations, panel discussions, and networking activities. The event is designed to provide high-impact impressions, idea-sharing, and educational content. Participating guest speakers are industry leaders and innovators from a broad cross-section of companies, including retailers and eCommerce experts. Come back soon for attendee data
Ecommerce Expo London September 27-28, 2023, ExCel, London, England / Online eCommerce Expo London is driving the future of eCommerce with over 10,000 retailers, brands, and 300 industry-leading solution providers. The event is the UK’s largest event in the field of eCommerce. Attendees include retailers, agencies, media owners, emerging eCommerce professionals, and more. There will be programs, one-to-one meetings, panel debates, multi-track conferences, networking opportunities, and more. Some conference topics include purpose-driven marketing, driving growth with marketplace technology, the future of CRM, automatically improving core web vitals, omnichannel, digital commerce, and more. view event attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
Consumer Returns October 1-3, 2023, TBD Consumer Returns is the only peer-led forum for returns management leaders from top retailers, brands, reverse logistics, remanufacturers, returns management, CX, asset protection, and operations. The event aims to help brands and businesses reduce returns prevent fraud and unleash profitability. Participant professional roles include c-suite, president/VP, manager, director/head, and more. Attendee focuses drive revenue through improved post-purchase CX, reverse logistics optimization, and fraud prevention. The 2022 event featured over 20 sessions, discussion groups, creative think tanks, networking activities, and more. view event attendee data
Savant eCommerce Munich 2023 October 10-11, 2023, Munich, Germany Savant eCommerce Munich 2023 is an exclusive conference for senior executives in leading retails and eCommerce surrounding Bavaria and DACH areas. The event focuses on dominating industry issues and challenges like rises in inflation and distribution costs. The event provides high-level presentations, networking, case study presentations, interactive panel discussions, and roundtables. Discussions include D2C marketing, omnichannel strategies, customer journey personalization, data restrictions, and more. Come back for attendee data
eTail Nordic October 10-11, 2023, Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark eTail Nordic is the leading Nordic retail and eCommerce event designed to help participant businesses and brands maintain momentum and growth. The event brings hundreds of retailers and brands together to network, learn from inspirational keynotes, participate in small interactive groups, and more. Discussion topics include optimizing omnichannel strategies, super-charging customer experiences, leveraging the latest fulfillment strategies, digital innovations, and more. The event’s benchmark goals include maintaining, transforming, creating, driving, and meeting business and customer expectations. Come back for attendee data
White Label Expo October 11-12, 2023, Messe Frankfurt, Germany White Label Expo is a sourcing show of the online retail industry. Attendees and vendors will learn how to sell online, be an online entrepreneur, and source new products. The event expects 200 speakers and 350 exhibitors. There will be online strategy keynotes, keynote theaters, a networking area, networking opportunities, investment theaters, and Amazon Pro seller keynotes. Some keynote theater discussion topics include the future of retail, customer knowledge for online pivoting, eCommerce ethics, post omnichannel, and more. Attendees include every online seller, retailer, and entrepreneur. Attendee roles include senior managers, department heads, c-level professionals, and more. view event attendee data
eCommerce Expo Asia 2023 October 11-12, 2023, Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore eCommerce Expo Asia 2023 brings together Asia’s leading technology providers, innovators, and the brightest marketing minds to discover the emerging trends and most pertinent issues in eCommerce, retail, and marketing technology. The event is co-located with Technology for Marketing Asia. Attendees include founders, leaders, decision-makers, VPs, directors, suppliers, analysts, chiefs, managers, specialists, and more. Attendee backgrounds include eCommerce retail, logistics, supply chain, cross-borders, marketing, and more. The 2022 guest speakers include digital campaign analyst Benjienen Toledo. Come back soon for attendee data
Grow LA Fall October 18, 2023, City Market Social House, Los Angeles, California, USA Grow LA Fall brings together founders, marketers, VCs, agencies, tech and service providers, and more. The event allows attendees to network and learns from expert speakers, informative panels, workshops, and more. Attendee demographics include CEOs, founders, CMOs, department heads, VPs, directors, managers, and more. Industry fields of attendee companies include digital retailers, furniture, apparel and accessories, health and wellness, electronics, brands, technology, and more. Event vendors and community partners can connect attendees with tools like paid ads, email personalization, shipping, packaging, mobile strategy, live streaming, and more. Come back soon for attendee data
Shoptalk Fall Meetup October 24-26, 2023, Online Shoptalk Fall Meetup is an online meeting and collaboration event that brings a large group within the retail industry together for double opt-in meetings and small group discussions. Attendees include brands, retailers, media analysts, startups, tech companies, solution providers, experts, investors, agencies, firms, and more associated with retail. Many attendees include VP, c-level, manager, and director professionals. The 2023 event anticipates 10,000 retail executives participating in over 50,000 onsite meetings. Participation includes 15-minute speed date meetings and 55-minute interactive table talks of 5-8 participants. Attendees can meet potential customers and solution providers, discover new technology, uncover startups, launch products, meet potential investors, and more. Come back soon for attendee data
Richmond E-Commerce Forum Autumn October 25-27, 2023, Rimini, Italy Richmond E-Commerce Forum Autumn is a forum dedicated to business matching in the eCommerce sector. The event is aimed at eCommerce professionals (top managers) in Italy to bring together supply and demand and bring new ideas, solutions, and innovation to the sector. The event includes conferences, seminars, meetings, networking, exhibitions, and more. The appointment system is based on the indication of interest by the participants. Confirmed event attendees comprise CEOs, founders, department heads, coordinators, and more. Attendees can expect the event to help them grow their professional network, learn through training sessions, and understand market opportunities. Come back soon for attendee data
Advanced E-commerce & Retail Expo October 25-27, 2023, Chiba, Japan Advanced E-commerce & Retail Expo is Japan’s largest IT trade show in autumn. The event features a range of products, including store operation solutions, customer attraction, customer service solutions, online-offline store connection solutions, and more. Event attendees come from retail, EC, food and service, manufacturers, marketing, logistics, and systems. Attendees and exhibitors can conduct business meetings, generate sales, make connections and purchases, and more. Exhibitors can provide attendees services like website design, development, promotion, store operation solutions, logistics, call centers, database marketing, and more. The previous event seminars covered DX, cloud-native, security, management strategy, Metaverse, Web 3.0, and more. Come back soon for attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
Savant eCommerce Barcelona 2023 November 7-8, 2023, Barcelona, Spain Savant eCommerce Barcelona 2023 facilitates a high-level strategic gathering for senior executives from the world’s most innovative and influential companies. The event discusses key issues facing today’s professionals. Specifically, the event covers CX, digital transformation, and data-driven digital commerce topics. There will be guest speakers and networking opportunities. Attendees include senior managers, leaders, decision-makers, c-suite professionals, leads, and more. The event’s content is reviewed to be entertaining and informative and give concrete takeaways - not sales pitches. Some discussion topics include digital brands, transformation, customer-centricity, big data, and more. Come back for attendee data
The Business Show November 22-23, 2023, ExCel London, England The Business Show helps attendees start or grow their dream business at Europe’s biggest business event. The event anticipates 750 exhibitors, 200 speakers, 150 masterclasses, and 30,000 visitors. Attendees include business owners, SMEs, startups, senior professionals, and more in retail. In addition to the exhibits and masterclasses, there will be seminars, panel debates, keynotes, and networking opportunities. From website building to business advertisement, participating exhibitors will help attendees take their business to the next level. Featured speakers include director Mark Write from Climb Online. Come back for attendee data
Customer Engagement Summit November 28, 2023, The Brewery, London, England Customer Engagement Summit is Europe’s largest customer engagement event. The event’s theme is ‘the role of human experience and technology in transforming the customer experience.’ Attendance is open to leadership, businesses, professionals, agencies, and players in CX. The event will feature 4 stages, over 100 presentations, roundtable sessions, focus groups, networking, case study presentations, 1:1 meetings, and more. Some discussion topics include customer engagement transformation, the future of CX, CX strategies for the customer journey, combining CX strategy with culture, AI and robotics, innovative and disruptive CX strategies, and more. Come back for attendee data
Event Name Event Date & Location Event Summary Event Attendee Data
Nashville eCommerce Summit December 12, 2023, The Westin Downtown | Nashville, Unite States Nashville eCommerce Summit is a boutique live event gathering local eCommerce experts and decision-makers across retailers, brands, merchants, and solutions providers. The program is designed for high-impact impressions, sharing ideas, education, and networking. There will be panel discussions, presentations, and one-on-one meetings across eCommerce strategy, marketing, operations, customer experience, payment, shipping, loyalty, and more. Attending speakers are industry leaders and innovators from a broad cross-section of companies, including established retailers and eCommerce experts. Some panel discussions include digital payments and fraud strategies. view event attendee data

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