Collision 2022 Event Recap


Collision Event Recap 2022

The HuffPost deems Collision as a “gathering of provocative ideas, brilliance, and investment dollars.” Covering a wide range of topics from data science and content to autotech and environmental sustainability, Collision is the premiere conference for those interested in tech and how it can be leveraged for business purposes! With networking opportunities galore, this conference provided attendees with knowledge about latest industry trends, the ability to generate leads for business expansion, and exposure to perspectives from intelligent and experienced minds. 

Collision 2022 Quick Facts

  • Who: With over 35K+ in attendance, the energy and atmosphere was vibrant and bustling in a way that evoked a sense of being on the precipice of new and cutting edge ideas and technology . 
  • What: A paramount tech and networking conference delving into the intersection of tech and business,  with a wide range of speakers and booths.
  • When: June 20-23, 2022
  • Where: Enercare Centre | Toronto. Canada
  • More HERE


  • There were a large number of companies that encompassed a wide range of sizes, making the event feel accessible to those at any stage of business development ! 
  • It was very simple to engage with thought leaders and booth operators in a way that felt substantial, fun, and engaging.
  • From NBA players to actresses to C-suite level executives, there was a diverse selection of speakers that offered unique outlooks on tech and business and how the two intersect. 
  • Overall liveliness of the event was high and made the event feel very important and significant. 
  • Venue was state of the art and contributed to the enormity of the event. 

Lessons Learned

  • Many of the startups were relatively small and have not pierced through into the industry consciousness.
  • The lack of consistency in terms of which exhibits would be present on consecutive days made it difficult to properly schedule when and how to visit certain booths.
  • Keep in mind that many booths lacked marketing professionals, but rather sales and product marketing teams.
  • Schedule meetings beforehand with companies you’d like to speak with to maximize time and create a flow.
  • Large attendance made it difficult to engage with companies, without having to wait in line, which made it feel like time was being somewhat squandered. 

“Really large event at a great venue, would recommend. Plan your schedule meticulously and accordingly to make sure you’re able to speak with who you want.”

Jonathan Tam

Interested to see who attended the event?

Learn more HERE

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