Cloud Summit Recap

Cloud Summit is the premiere event for anyone who wants to build, buy or sell cloud and digital technology. This three day event is a unique opportunity to network and learn and analyze trends in an industry dedicated to commercializing technology. With the ability to engage with industry professionals and bright minds to collaborate on answering business questions, the potential for achieving success through cloud oriented solutions is virtually guaranteed. In its simplest terms, Cloud Summit is an imperative, industry specific, and innovative conference that can propel professionals forward to gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving and groundbreaking industry. 

Cloud Summit Quick Facts

  • WHO: 1500+ attendees and many booths with breakout sessions 
  • WHAT:  Preeminent cloud technology event, looking to get out ahead of industry trends and provide a forum for collaboration and networking. 
  • WHEN: May 18-19, 2022 
  • WHERE: Miami Beach Convention Center | Miami Beach, FL
  • More HERE


  • Despite large attendance, the event had more of a close-knit and smaller atmosphere and feel.
  • Frequent breakout sessions were a pleasure and had high energy levels at great attendance.
  • Large leading companies there, therefore if one deal closes, it would make the trip and experience be worthwhile. 
  • C suite executives and sales representatives were fairly accessible at booths and it was easy to engage with them in a productive manner. Very friendly and receptive discussions that had a good flow.
  • Quality leads include Trend Micro, Pluralsight, and Adobe. There was a good deal of interest in how Vendelux can provide data for events and how it works to track prospects. 
  • Increasing return on investment and ensuring that all was being done to maximize ROI in a way that is data and research driven at all stages of development was also a popular topic of discussion. 

Lessons Learned

  • Event was much smaller than expected, which was not necessarily a bad thing, however it is something to note. 
  • Attending a more marketing focused breakout may have been more beneficial instead of casting a wide net and  just trying to catch all the interested prospects.
  • The navigation of a heavy breakout session conference and developing strategist that best fit that sort of format was a good learning experience and will serve us in the future as we will be more prepared for similar situations. 
  • Resellers were primarily manning the booths and besides a few executives, the conference was light on marketing professionals.

Interested to see who attended the event?

Learn more HERE

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