The Top Ten Best Events for Women in Business 2022


top 10 best events for women in business 2022

Even in the precarious state of the world, women in business continue to inspire and motivate one another to shatter the glass ceiling. Now that in-person conferences and events are back, female leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives across industries are ready to share their insights and experiences in the same space once again. Here are some of the best conferences for women in business in 2022:

01. NHMC Women’s Event 2022

Jan 17, 2022 – Orlando, FL

The National Multifamily Housing Council welcomes all women in business, science, and technology to a day full of inspiring and informative panels and speakers in Orlando. The featured keynote speaker is Dr. Peggy Whitson, a NASA astronaut and biochemist, as well as the first woman to command the International Space Station twice. Women at all stages of their career are encouraged to attend this empowering event! More information is available HERE!

02. Women’s Leadership Conference 2022

Mar 18, 2022 – New Orleans, LA

Hosted by New Orleans Chamber & Fidelity Bank P.O.W.E.R. (Potential of Women Entrepreneurs Realized), the Women’s Leadership Conference is one of the best events for women to boost their confidence and advance their careers. Through a series of sessions and speakers, participants will learn how to overcome both internal and external obstacles in achieving their goals, attend sessions with world-renowned business leaders, and network with other women facing similar challenges in the business world. Learn more about the conference HERE!

03. Women of Power Summit 2022

March 24-26, 2022 – Las Vegas, NV

Held at the luxurious Bellagio Hotel, the 2022 Women of Power Summit is the ideal event for the “door openers and glass breakers” of the world. The event brings together leading female executives to educate and empower one another, and inspire a new generation of women in business. Find more information HERE!

04. Women in Retail Summit 2022

Apr 25 – 27, 2022 – Miami, FL

This three-day event is perfect for women who want to launch or continue their career in retail. Held at the upscale Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne hotel in Miami, the Women in Retail Summit offers women the opportunity to expand their skills in management, e-commerce, professional branding, and much more. Participants will discuss industry issues and strategies to approach challenges, opening the floor to an incredibly diverse community of women in retail. Further details are available HERE!

05. Women of Silicon Valley 2022

May 10 – 11, 2022 – San Francisco, CA

The Women of Silicon Valley Conference is “the central meeting place for women in tech.” The event is focused on building participants’ tech industry insight, advancing the careers of women in a male-dominated industry, and inspiring more young women to enter the tech field. From coding, to e-learning, to building a strong network of female tech professionals, the Women of Silicon Valley Conference is perfect for any women in the tech space. Learn more HERE

06. European Women In Tech 2022

Jun 8 – 9, 2022 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

The European Women in Tech Conference offers women a competitive edge in their field, as well as a space to speak openly and honestly about working as a woman in tech. Over 5,000 attendees will have opportunities to align themselves with iconic brands, market their products and services, and learn from top female executives at companies like Amazon and Microsoft. Check out more details HERE!

07. Women Lead Festival 2022

Sep 29 – 30, 2022 – New York, NY

Women Lead Festival 2022 is one of the best events for women to boost their careers in a supportive, encouraging environment. Through a series of sessions and speakers, participants will learn how to promote inclusivity in the workplace, build on their innovation and knowledge management skills, address payment equity, and bring more women into male-dominated spaces. Learn more about the conference HERE!

08. Empowering Women in Industry Conference 2022

Oct 13, 2022 – New Orleans, LA

The Empowering Women in Industry Conference promotes both the practical business skills that women need to succeed, as well as living intentionally and applying leadership principles outside of the workplace. Women in all facets of business are welcome to attend this professional and personal development event. Learn more about the conference HERE!

09. Women Lead Change Central Iowa Conference 2022

Oct 25 – 26, 2022 – Des Moines, IO

Women Lead Central Iowa Conference combines professional development and personal growth in this two-day event. Through keynotes and book signings with the authors of The Home Edit, and breakout sessions with diverse groups of women, this event promises an educational and fun experience for women in any stage of their business career.  More information can be found HERE!

10. Women in Leadership Institute 2022

Nov 1 – 4, 2022 – Orlando, FL

The Linkage Women in Leadership Institute is not your typical conference— it is a fully immersive four-day educational event. Focusing on both leadership skills and a personal growth mindset, the institute is designed for female business leaders or groups of business leaders who want to be part of an empowering and insightful community. The event is also available virtually for those who cannot attend in-person. Check out more details HERE!

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