The Top 10 Best Cannes Lions Parties 2023


Cannes Lions Parties

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is an annual celebration of the most innovative minds and creatives, but it’s not just about the various workshops, awards, or speeches, it’s also a rare networking opportunity. This year, Cannes Lions is set to host some of the most incredible and unforgettable parties.

Without further delay, here are the top 10 best Cannes Lions parties for the 2023 festival.

Wine & Tech Mixer At Cannes Lions 2023

  • When: Tue, June 20 @ 19:00 CEST
  • Where: 7 Rue des Gabres

The Wine & Tech Mixer, hosted by King Street Ventures, is an intimate gathering of tech enthusiasts and creative minds. This party is ideal for networking with venture capitalists, founders, and agency executives. The limited number of tickets ensures a conducive setting for forging meaningful connections and effective networking with everyone present. 

Engage in stimulating discussions around tech innovations, marketing trends, and customer experience strategies in an ambiance that marries relaxation and invigoration. Look out for a complimentary charcuterie spread and delicious French wines. In this curated setting, mingle amongst the brightest creatives, tech innovators, and venture capitalists, and celebrate the fusion of creativity and technology in advertising.

FirstPartyCapital Drinks

  • When: Tue, June 20 @ 16:00 CEST
  • Where: Cannes 6 Rue Buttura

The FirstPartyCapital Drinks party, set in the charming and authentic ambiance of Ma Nolan’s Irish Pub, offers an informal setting to facilitate lively conversations and seed potential partnerships. FPC, known for its dynamic events, will host this mixer right off La Croisette. They’ve exclusively hired the pub’s first floor, which now boasts newly installed air conditioning for maximum comfort amidst the summer heat. 

Last year’s event attracted more than 100 guests, and this year aims to exceed those numbers. Anticipate mingling with a diverse group of attendees, from portfolio company founders to investors. This mix provides a robust platform for finding B2B opportunities in the finance, tech, and startup industries. Enjoy a relaxed evening sipping on high-quality drinks and creating connections that might be the start of your next business endeavor.

Dinner With KSV

  • When: Thu, June 22 @ 20:00 CEST
  • Where: 5 Rue Notre Dame

With King Street Ventures having such a large role in the festival, the KSV private dinner is a unique and exclusive opportunity to meet and engage with an impressive roster of key individuals. From industry leaders to promising startups to bold investors, the dinner presents a rich gathering of individuals centered around marketing, advertising, and customer experience innovation. The intimate setting offers a conducive atmosphere for C-level executives to network. 

The event has a sharing menu, priced at 95€ per person, which includes a variety of starters, a selection of fish, pasta, and meats for the main course, and the iconic Italian dessert – tiramisu. Access to the dinner is exclusive to C-level marketing executives of major brands. Secure your ticket by reaching out to [email protected]. Make the most of your time at Cannes by attending KSV’s other event, the Wine & Tech Mixer, which is open to all.

CMO Cocktail Lunch at Cannes

  • When: Thu, June 22 @ 12:00 CEST
  • Where: 65 Boulevard de la Croisette

King Street Ventures invites you to a tranquil beachside event tailored to CMOs. This event is a breath of fresh air amidst the hustle of the festival, with no vendors, no pitches – just the beach, drinks, and a delectable Mediterranean lunch on the plage. This beachside lunch offers the perfect midday escape amid packed nights and busy mornings. Connect with industry peers while you indulge in healthy Mediterranean cuisine, sip refreshing cocktails, and soak up the tranquil seaside ambiance. 

This event is an informal yet exclusive gathering of C-suite execs, notably CEOs, CMOs, and Chief Innovation Officers from many Fortune 500 companies. The relaxed setting provides a pitch-free atmosphere, encouraging organic discussions about business opportunities and industry insights. King Street Ventures, a global network of startups and independent agencies, is dedicated to bringing innovation to brands at an unprecedented pace. Since its launch in January 2023, KSV has looked to invest in startups that promise marketing, advertising, and customer experience innovations.

Welcome Drinks by PRovoke Cannes with ICCO

  • When: Mon, June 19 @ 17:00 CEST
  • Where: 8 Boulevard Jean Hibert

Kick off your Cannes Lions experience at one of the festival’s inaugural parties: the Welcome Drinks mixer by PRovoke Cannes and ICCO. This collaborative event is a melting pot for media and PR industry individuals, welcoming a diverse crowd that sparks lively exchanges and networking opportunities. The partnership between ICCO and PRovoke Media hints at a well-curated, perfectly balanced event for attendees to unwind, socialize, and make potentially fruitful connections. 

There’s a tangible sense of anticipation and excitement in the air as this even helps to set the tone for the week ahead. The party embodies the spirit of Cannes Lions – a celebration of innovation, creativity, and the power of networking. Mark your calendar, and start your week at Cannes with this vibrant gathering that promises a relaxed, fun-filled evening with fellow industry professionals.

LBB & Friends Beach

  • When: Tue, June 20 – Fri, June 23; 10:30-18:00 CEST
  • Where: Plage Croisette Beach Restaurant; across from the Miramar

A mainstay of the Cannes Lions party scene for over a decade, the LBB & Friends Beach, organized in partnership with ICCO and PRovoke, offers an enriching and refreshing mix of learning and networking. The event guarantees a ton of networking opportunities in a relaxed, friendly environment, featuring an impressive lineup of speakers and an audience filled with top professionals from the PR industry. This year, the panel discussions are expertly curated to educate, inspire, and encourage conversation among attendees. 

The beach setting offers a casual yet stimulating environment that facilitates introductions and the making of new business contacts. Join industry peers in soaking up the sun, taking in the perks of Cannes, and forging connections with some of the best in the industry. ICCO’s partnership with PRovoke Media promises to deliver top-tier content, podcasts, feature analysis, and reaction to the festival, awards, and competitions. Experience the best of PR industry networking at LBB Beach.

Cocktails & Canapes

  • When: Assorted times; Sun, June 18 – Wed, June 21
  • Where: The Room Yacht, HANA

Experience an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance aboard the luxurious Room Yacht, HANA, during the Cocktails & Canapes party. This upscale event offers the perfect opportunity to network with an elite crowd of influential marketing executives. In an ambiance of exclusivity and style, this gathering is ideal for B2B lead generation among companies promoting social responsibility, sustainability, and ethical business practices. 

The luxury yacht setting adds an extraordinary touch, distinguishing this event from the rest. With the Mediterranean Sea as your backdrop, engage in meaningful conversations over cocktails and mouthwatering canapes. A unique, memorable networking experience awaits you aboard HANA – an epitome of grace and grandeur that enhances your Cannes Lions experience.

amfAR Gala

  • When: Thu, May 25

The amfAR Gala stands out as a glamorous highlight of the Cannes Lions Festival, attracting a star-studded array of attendees dedicated to ending the global AIDS epidemic. This exclusive event provides unique networking opportunities within the world of fashion, luxury, and entertainment industries. The opulent gala brings the eyes of the world upon it, making it a fruitful ground for potential collaborations. 

The event features an art and luxury goods auction that raises funds for amfAR’s vital AIDS research. In 2023, the prestigious lineup includes Queen Latifah as the host and mesmerizing performances by Halsey, Gladys Knight, Adam Lambert, and Bebe Rexha. The amfAR Gala is more than just a party, it’s a chance to connect, create, and contribute to a noble cause in the most glamorous setting.

The Nespresso beach in Cannes

  • When: Thu, May 25 – Sun, May 26
  • Where: 52 Boulevard de la Croisette

Breathe in the fresh sea air and soak in the sun at the Nespresso Beach event. This serene gathering offers a unique blend of relaxation and networking, attracting professionals from the food & beverage, hospitality, and retail sectors. As a globally recognized brand, Nespresso’s event promises a diverse crowd, often leading to substantial B2B opportunities. 

As the gentle waves of the Mediterranean lap at the shore, indulge in premium Nespresso coffee, savor delicious cuisine, and create powerful connections in this idyllic setting. The Nespresso Beach event adds a touch of tranquility to the high-energy Cannes Lions Festival, making it a must-visit.

L’Oréal Paris and the Cannes Festival

  • When: Fri, May 26
  • Where: Jeune Cinema

L’Oréal Paris’ party stands as one of the most exclusive events at the festival. It’s a platform for mingling with the big names in beauty and those from the fashion and film industry. This prestigious party, hosted by the renowned beauty mega-brand L’Oréal Paris, draws attendees from the beauty, cosmetics, fashion, and film industries. 

Being a part of this soiree allows you to network with beauty company representatives, influencers, and individuals involved in various forms of media. The ambiance is glamorous, the conversations enriching, and the networking opportunities are endless, making it a highlight of the Cannes Lions Festival.

Why Cannes Lions Parties are Essential for Your Event Marketing Strategy

Cannes Lions parties are more than simply a celebration of creativity, innovation, or winning a professional award. They’re a critical component of a robust event marketing strategy. These high-profile gatherings offer a unique environment for networking, brand exposure, and even partnerships or collaborative opportunities, all known for driving significant growth.

First, these parties are networking goldmines. They bring together some of the most diverse collections of professionals from various businesses and industries, all contributing ideas and opportunities. By attending these parties, even briefly, you put yourself and your brand among potential investors, partners, and customers. It’s a rare opportunity to make connections that can cause rapid growth in your business visibility.

Secondly, these parties offer tremendous brand exposure. Whether you’re attending as a festival attendee or a sponsor, being associated with the Cannes Lions Festival in the first place generates a certain amount of additional visibility for your brand within the industry. It signals you’re engaged with the latest trends and events and part of the larger conversation.

Finally, Cannes Lions parties present unique partnership opportunities. Meeting potential partners in a more casual and less formal environment allows more genuine connections to be made. These relationships are the ones that more often lead to mutually beneficial and far more long-lasting partnerships.

How to Network Effectively at Cannes Lions Parties

Networking at Cannes Lion parties can feel overwhelming for the uninitiated, which can be many people, given the massive influx of industry titans and emerging creatives drawing people to the festival. However, with some strategic planning, you can quickly forge meaningful connections that can yield fruitful opportunities in the future.

Start with a clear objective. 

Many people are intimidated by networking because they don’t have any defined goal to achieve. Are you trying to find people for your projects? Are you trying to find projects or connections for your talent or skills? Know why you’re going to be there and what you’re going to be doing. This will give your interactions more clarity and purpose, helping you to drive more meaningful interactions overall.

Next, research appropriately beforehand, and use Vendelux to identify potential attendees at Cannes. This can help you tailor your conversational approach to ensure your interactions are meaningful, relevant, and impactful. Be sure you prepare an engaging introduction about yourself or your business, you may only have a few moments to interact with various individuals, and you’ll need to capture their attention quickly.

Remember that networking, like many other things, is a two-way street. Be sure you’re showing genuine interest in others, make an effort to listen actively, and bring meaning, drive, purpose, and passion to all of your interactions. 

Finally, when you do make connections, reach out to follow up post-event to solidify the relationship.

And remember, have fun!

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