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Best Cannabis Events

For the best cannabis events, look no further.

As the world of legalized marijuana and cannabis expands, so do business opportunities. This is why breaking into this new industry and mailing the right connections is vital early on. There are a multitude of opportunities via events and expos to learn, meet other professionals, and take your company to the next level, no matter where you are in your journey. Below are the top ten best cannabis events, each offering something unique.

01. Cannabis Marketing Summit

For Marketing Tips You Can Look Back On

This expo from the Cannabis Marketing Association works hard to promote connections between their membership. The summit is available online through recorded videos. If you attend, you can still look back at these recordings to refresh your memories. This event is aimed at senior-level marketing professionals, specifically focusing on bringing in those who control the marketing budget for the industry of cannabis. The events are well rounded in a sense that speakers will touch on subjects ranging from the regulation of marijuana to equality in the industry, to new marketing techniques. Guest speakers include Creative Directors, Founders, c-suite executives, and Vice Presidents all within the cannabis industry. Click for more info HERE!

02. Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference

If You’re Looking To Break Into The Industry

Specifically targeting beginners in the cannabis industry, this expo is bringing in successful cannabis entrepreneurs to teach you how to thrive in their new industry. This event brings together successful CEOs and new founders, supporting education and connection within the community. These consultants, experts, owners, and leaders in their industry niche will be providing invaluable information. If you are looking to become an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, this event was literally made for you, find out more HERE!

03. Grow Los Angeles

Best of the West Coast (for eCommerce)

Despite being in person, this event focuses on eCommerce. The spotlight being placed on internet shopping and online retailers is important because this is the future of most if not all consumer industries. Even if ‘going online’ or ‘remote’ is just a thought in your business plans, you should attend this expo. This event will open up the eyes of brick and mortar cannabis storefronts and expand the world of eRetailers. Click for more info HERE!

04. Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Best in Canada

In tune with the marketing side, legal side, production and financial sides, there is no wonder why this exposition attracts management and owner level attendees. In fact, 48% of attendees are among the c-suite level within their company, with 50% of all attendees being founders and management. Their schedule boasts both ‘industry days’ for content and networking, and ‘consumer days’ for showcases and panels. This expo is a great opportunity to gain insight on new products and trends, as well as the industry as a whole. Find out more HERE!

05. Cannabis Europa

The Best for International Connections

Cannabis Europa introduces you to the industry on a more global scale. This expo is a great opportunity to learn about the cannabis culture and industry in other countries, and see new products. There is something invaluable about international connections, in any industry. This expo is a unique experience that is destined to set your company up with more connections and knowledge. Learn more HERE!

06. Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference

For The ‘Luxurious’ Side of Cannabis

This luxurious business to business event, quite literally titled the “Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference”, is the place to be for companies looking to connect with higher end retailers. With previous attendees coming from top brands and companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Business Insider, Forbes, Elle, and CVS, this expo is the place to exhibit your luxury cannabis products. Occurring the commerce hub of Hudson Yards in New York City, find out more about this opportunity HERE!

07. CannMed

For The Medical Side of Cannabis

Starting with a conference that places its focus on the medicinal side of cannabis, CannMed, created by Medicinal Genomics, describes its participants as their ‘community’. This annual expo is dedicated to sharing research about the benefits of cannabis, and the newest discoveries in four specific categories; science, medicine, cultivation, and safety. Videos from this past year’s speakers are available on CannMed’s website. With 33% of the attendees being in the medical devices and biotech industry, this event is key for those in the medical marijuana business. Overall, with a goal of research and education, this conference is beneficial for any other in any sector of the cannabis industry. Learn more HERE!

08. Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition

Best of the East

There is something for everyone at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition. This event attracts professionals from the intersection of cannabis with legal, agricultural, marketing, financial, medical industries. Occurring in New York City, you get the benefit of all the companies and resources packed within the tri-state area. With a rooftop ‘after party’ and an ‘industry yacht party’, the events and location of this expo make it hard to pass up. Find out more about this event HERE!

09. Annual New Jersey Cannabis Convention

For Those Who Want to Exhibit

This expo is big on the exhibition of products. With professionals in consumer goods being among the highest percentage of attendees, this convention is a great opportunity to not only display your own products, but also to research and network. Located in New Jersey, you reap the benefits of being in the tri-state area, with a plethora of big companies and smaller start ups to come into contact with. Click for more information HERE!

10. Cannabis Conference

If You Want All the Secrets Of The Industry

Claiming to be the “leader in cultivation and dispensary education”, this conference will definitely host a wide array of professionals. With speakers with legal backgrounds, academics, and agriculturalists, the range of information is truly impressive. There are events including ‘How To Launch A Medical Or Adult-Use Dispensary”, and showcases for up and coming products. Welcoming attendees with all different levels of involvement in the industry, this conference spills all the secrets of how to be successful in the industry. Click for more information HERE!

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