Automate Show 2022 Event Recap

Inspiring displays of automation on a grand scale were on display at Automate in Detroit. Automate is the premiere event to solve all of your unique business challenges and sharpen your skills to gain a competitive edge. With access to leading global suppliers, the opportunity to witness innovations in automation, and the chance to engage with experts who could provide genuine and specific insight was something not to be missed! Free admission for all makes this event a wonderful opportunity to learn, get ahead in your industry, and network without breaking the bank.

Automate Show 2022 Quick Facts

  • Who: Over 600 leading exhibitors from around the world come together on the show floor to demonstrate what’s possible in automation today
  • What: It’s the best place to discover powerful solutions—from innovations in AI and robotics to tried-and-true workhorse technologies
  • When: June 6-9, 2022
  • Where: Detroit, Michigan, USA – Huntington Place Convention Center
  • More Here.

Automate Show 2022 Highlights: 

  • Familiarity with some attendees from previous events was a great feeling and was rewarding to follow up with them. As they provided genuine and direct feedback. 
  • Being told who to speak to prior to visiting booths was very efficient and helped streamline any potential awkwardness that proceeds figuring out who to engage with. 
  • Large attendance and atmosphere was buzzing and generated a fun and exciting environment to learn and network in. 
  • Engagement with booths was enhanced by talking to them proceeding forward with conversations based on how exhibitors responded to certain lines of talking such as explaining to them how Vendelux can provide alerts on customers, competitors and ecosystem partners .
  • Free admission was a very nice touch. 
  • Had a great conversation with Locus Robotics, Honeywell, and Autostore and learned how much they truly value events such as Automate and how Vendelux can aid in producing maximum return on investment.

Lessons learned?

  • The lack of a networking app contributed to the lack of strong numbers for the event 
  • There are lots of companies that only do 2-3 big events and that is the extent of their event plans. 
  • Supply Chain companies simply are not as up to speed on the latest marketing trends and strategies as opposed to companies in retail for example
  • There were a large number of booths, which was fantastic, however the presence of less technologically inclined and interested sales representatives made me feel slightly unwanted. 
  • Therefore, keying on the cutting edge companies that appreciate using technology as a fundamental business practice to increase efficiency and maximize return on investment will be of great importance going forward.

Interested to see who attended the event?

Learn more HERE

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