ATX South 2022 Event Recap


ATX South 2022 Event Recap

Automation, 3D printing, and robotics were among the cutting edge and future-focused topics of discussion at the ATX South conference in Charlotte. With the ability to see automation technology on display, attendees were able to witness how truly revolutionary and innovative such inventions can be as it relates to streamlining the production cycle and creating a competitive advantage in an emerging and rapidly growing industry. Encompassing the “full spectrum of solutions, from design to manufacturing”, there was great opportunity to gain a macro perspective of the production cycle in a way that can contribute to business intelligent solutions to anyone of significant interest! 

ATX South 2022 Quick Facts

  • Who: 2,000+ attendees
  • What: The premiere networking and educational event for innovation and automation. Listen to bright minds in the industry. Acquire invaluable knowledge. Gain a competitive edge.
  • When: June 14-16, 2022
  • Where: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA – Charlotte Convention Center
  • More Here.

ATX South 2022 Highlights: 

  • Unlike many events, which consist primarily of resellers, at ATX South there were a large number of distributors.
  • Event atmosphere did not feel crowded and enabled attendees to engage with booths in a way that felt meaningful and generated insightful discussion. 
  • Had productive discussions with the companies Caplugs, Pauls Fan Company, and Medical Murray about increasing their respective ability to make more data driven decisions, expand their events calendar, and subsequently increase their return on investment. 
  • ATX South is the sourcing home for hundreds of different types of suppliers. From accessories to assembly, it has everything, and more, under one roof.
  • Respected names from Pfizer to Coca Cola added to the sense of importance around the event.

ATX South 2022 Lessons Learned: 

  • Event was not as busy as most attendees would have hoped, however was able to come out of the tradeshow with solid momentum.
  • The Charlotte Convention Center was a premiere location, however the food and drink amenities offered outside of the trade show floor was a contributing factor to people being on and off the trade show floor and therefore the feeling of it being less busy.  
  • With six trade shows sharing the expo floor, making sure that you don’t limit yourself in terms of the number of booths visited will help produce a more well rounded experience.

Interested to see who attended the event?

Learn more HERE

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