Advertising Week New York 2023: The Ultimate Event Guide


Advertising Week New York

In an age where advertising and marketing constantly evolve, Advertising Week New York 2023 stands out as a beacon for industry professionals. Hosted at THE PENN DISTRICT, it promises to be more than just another event—it’s a deep dive into the advertising world’s future. With everything from compelling keynotes to detailed panels and unique opportunities like the Future is Female Awards, it’s a transformative experience that should be added to any event marketing calendar. Whether you want to connect with pioneers or get a fresh perspective on market trends, this guide is your ticket to maximizing every moment at this seminal event.

What Is Advertising Week New York 2023?

Advertising Week New York 2023 is a top event for marketing, advertising, media, and technology professionals. It’s not just an event but a place where important conversations and partnerships happen, shaping the future of advertising.

Since it started, Advertising Week New York has been where experienced professionals, newcomers, and creative thinkers come together to push the advertising industry forward. Whether you’re an experienced marketer, someone new to advertising, or a tech enthusiast, Advertising Week offers something valuable for you.

The 19th edition, held at THE PENN DISTRICT, aims to provide attendees with an exciting and valuable experience. Whether your goal is to grow your business, stay updated with advertising trends, meet professionals from around the world, or boost your career, this event has something designed just for you.

The event covers a range of topics, from the latest in ad technology to effective media strategies. With expert speakers and engaging sessions, attendees can expect important conversations and the chance to form meaningful partnerships.

With a mix of networking events, workshops, and main presentations, Advertising Week New York 2023 is a must-attend for anyone keen on making a mark in the advertising world.

When and Where is Advertising Week New York 2023 Taking Place?

Advertising Week New York 2023 will be held from October 16-19, 2023, at THE PENN DISTRICT in New York City, United States.

THE PENN DISTRICT is renowned for being a hub of significant events, providing a spacious and modern venue perfect for dynamic gatherings like this. Situated in the heart of New York City, one of the world’s major advertising and media capitals, THE PENN DISTRICT offers state-of-the-art amenities and versatile spaces tailored to events of varied scales. Its central location ensures that it attracts many national and international events annually.

Who’s Coming to Advertising Week New York 2023?

Advertising Week New York 2023 is a magnet for the brightest and best in advertising, media, and tech. A Closer Look at the Attendees:

Volume and Scope: With an impressive turnout, Advertising Week New York 2023 is set to host over 12,000 attendees. This massive gathering will be graced by 600+ dynamic speakers, delivering insights in 400+ sessions spread across 20+ specialized tracks. Such breadth and depth make it a can’t-miss event for anyone associated with the advertising domain.

Variety of Attendees: The diversity of participants at Advertising Week New York 2023 showcases its significance in advertising. 

Here’s a brief look at who you might bump into:

  • Brand Leaders and Marketing Strategists, shaping the future of advertising campaigns.
  • Media Planners and Buyers, responsible for positioning brands in front of audiences.
  • Creative Directors and Designers, the brains behind memorable ad content.
  • Digital and Tech Innovators, driving the next phase of advertising technology.
  • Agency Executives, ensuring campaign effectiveness and brand growth.
  • Content Creators, blurring the lines between entertainment and advertisement.
  • Research and Data Analysts, converting numbers into actionable insights.

Mission: The appeal of Advertising Week New York 2023 isn’t just in its sheer volume but in the wealth of knowledge and passion that each attendee brings. The event is poised to unite visionaries, pioneers, decision-makers, and budding talents, all with a singular aim – to define, refine, and revolutionize the advertising world.

Who Will be Speaking at Advertising Week New York 2023?

Advertising Week New York 2023 is set to showcase an impressive roster of speakers from diverse corners of the marketing, media, and tech world, highlighting those pioneering change and innovation in their respective fields.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the illustrious speakers who will be taking the stage:

  • Kofi Amoo-Gottfried, the marketing genius behind DoorDash as its CMO
  • Sofia Azzolina-Buckley, spearheading brand marketing efforts at BARK
  • Erika Bennett, the driving force in marketing at Essence Ventures
  • Bonin Bough, Co-Founder & Strategy Maestro at Group Black
  • Lisa McKnight, the global force behind Barbie & Dolls at Mattel, Inc.
  • Jessica Feinstein, leading marketing strategies for Maybelline at L’Oréal
  • Dane Matthews, digital innovation head at Taco Bell
  • Kyndra Russell, managing key marketing initiatives at Starbucks
  • Jay Shetty, Global Bestselling Author and a force in purpose-driven entrepreneurship
  • Jessica Sibley, the dynamic leader at the helm of TIME as its CEO

This lineup is just a teaser of the caliber of speakers, and insights attendees can expect at Advertising Week New York 2023. The event offers expert views, industry insights, and invaluable networking opportunities. Stay tuned for more revelations and announcements in the lead-up to the event!

What Kind of Sponsors and Exhibitions Will There Be at Advertising Week New York 2023?

Advertising Week New York 2023 is supported by a strong group of sponsors and exhibitors. These companies use their skills, new ideas, and plans to make this event a showcase of change and energy in the world of advertising.

Let’s delve into some of the significant contributors to this year’s edition:


  • Amazon Ads: Amplifying brand stories in the digital age
  • Ampersand: Bridging traditional and digital ad worlds
  • DirecTV: Reimagining TV advertising solutions
  • Epsilon: Pushing the envelope in data-driven marketing
  • Google & Youtube: Merging tech innovation with advertising insights
  • LinkedIn: Crafting business narratives in the professional realm
  • Meta: Revolutionizing advertising in the metaverse
  • Netflix: Redefining content and its promotion
  • Snapchat: Immersing audiences with interactive ad experiences
  • eBay Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Shutterstock, Afterpay, AMC Networks, Canva, Paramount, and many more are all set to bring fresh perspectives and offerings to the attendees.

Gold Partners: Titans like Google, Meta, Netflix, Youtube, and Snapchat, among others, reinforce the event’s reputation as the ultimate congregation of advertising leaders.

Corporate Partners: Companies such as eBay Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Shutterstock, Afterpay, AMC Networks, Canva, and Paramount underline the event’s diversified approach, catering to various facets of the advertising industry.

Sponsor Benefits: These sponsors participate with clear objectives:

  • Engage directly with advertising professionals and decision-makers
  • Amplify their brand’s reach and align with the ever-evolving advertising landscape
  • Launch and promote their latest products and innovations
  • Solidify relationships with existing clients and forge new partnerships
  • Generate leads that bolster their business goals and brand reputation
  • Collaborate with industry peers to define the future of advertising

With a top-notch group of sponsors and exhibitors, Advertising Week New York 2023 is set to be the main hub for new ideas, connections, and plans in advertising. Get ready for an exciting look into the future of the industry!

What Kind of Sessions Are There at Advertising Week New York 2023?

Advertising Week New York 2023 is a leading event that showcases the best and most innovative ideas in advertising. During the event, attendees can join discussions, learn about new trends, and meet industry leaders. Here’s an insight into the curated sessions awaiting attendees:

The Great Minds Stage: Settle down for a stimulating experience as you get introduced to creative formats that marketers adore. Big thinkers convene at this stage, sharing their unique perspectives and innovations.

The Screening Room: Lights, camera, action! This session is dedicated to the burgeoning world of streaming and connected TV. Engage with the luminaries, platforms, and organizations that are redefining the entertainment sector in the present era.

The Tech Lab: How has technology transformed our lives, from content consumption to daily routines? Delve into sessions exploring cultural and business breakthroughs and their technological catalysts.

The Innovation Factory: Are you curious about the current buzz in the world of branding? Embark on an enlightening journey, discovering innovative methods brands employ to tackle challenges and convert ideas into lucrative business models.

The Marketplace: Welcome to the future of commerce and retail. This session provides a window into emergent businesses, influential content creators, and an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of the world’s renowned retailers.

In addition to these captivating sessions, Advertising Week New York 2023 promises a plethora of networking avenues, interactive engagements, and breakout discussions tailored to satiate diverse professional appetites.

What To Expect From Advertising Week New York 2023 – Is the Event Worth It?

Advertising Week New York 2023 is the pinnacle for professionals spanning the dynamic advertising landscape. As the sector evolves, this gathering is a platform for knowledge, creativity, and the next big steps forward.

Stepping into Advertising Week 2023 is more than just marking off another industry event on your calendar; it’s about immersing yourself in the groundbreaking momentum of the advertising world. This week aims to inspire attendees, elevate brands, and foster critical conversations that will steer the direction of future ad campaigns and strategies.

By attending Advertising Week New York 2023, participants can anticipate a wealth of benefits: 

Learning and Growth: Delve into tailored sessions that reveal leading brands’ most successful case studies and strategies, enriching your business acumen and personal development. 

Networking Avenues: Engage in focused networking opportunities, establishing pivotal connections with peers, leading experts, and potential collaborators in the field.

Experience Success Stories: Witness firsthand the advertising strategies that have created waves in the industry and learn how to apply similar techniques to your campaigns. 

Personalized Journey: The event offers a curated experience, ensuring participants gain valuable insights and tools specific to their interests and goals.

Held amidst the hustle and bustle of New York, Advertising Week 2023 is not just a conference – it’s an event of influence. With a vast gathering of professionals, each a powerhouse in their own right, the significance of this event is undeniable.

For anyone integral to the advertising sector, skipping Advertising Week New York 2023 could mean missing out on pivotal industry knowledge, invaluable networking channels, and the energy that drives tomorrow’s advertising breakthroughs.

Why Should You Attend Advertising Week New York 2023?

Going to Advertising Week New York 2023 is a chance to dive deep into the changing world of advertising, where smart ideas meet new ways of doing things. The event offers more than just useful information; it gives each attendee a full and meaningful experience.

Here’s a breakdown of the exceptional features that make Advertising Week 2023 stand out:

Unparalleled Thought Leadership: Advertising Week is renowned for its unparalleled lineup of speakers. It covers the full spectrum, from industry titans like presidents and CEOs to vibrant voices of influencers and Gen Z. The presence of figures from diverse fields like Hollywood, music, and even space accentuates its eclectic blend of knowledge and inspiration.

Celebrating Women Trailblazers: The Future is Female Awards are making their triumphant return for the fifth time. These awards aren’t just accolades; they’re a movement. They emphasize creating a rich tapestry of diverse women, all with unique stories, collectively championing groundbreaking change in advertising.

Personalized Learning and Networking: It’s more than just sessions; it’s a journey of discovery. Delve into the latest trends, gain insights from stalwarts, and interact with professionals from every corner of the globe. The event’s touch of culture, entertainment, and surprise ensures that it’s not just about work; it’s about experiences.

World of Opportunities: Networking at Advertising Week goes beyond exchanging business cards. It’s about forging bonds, understanding global perspectives, and collaborating on the next big idea. Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, the event promises connections that matter, infused with a hint of fun and the unexpected.

Advertising Week New York 2023 is the heart of the advertising world, where top minds unite to shape the industry’s path. The event offers learning, connecting, and celebrating in one package, ensuring both business growth and a broader view.

Considering the wide range of topics and endless networking chances, ask yourself: Can you really skip this key industry event? At Advertising Week New York 2023, you’re not just watching; you’re helping shape the future of advertising. Make sure you’re part of this big change!

Leverage Attendee Insights: Discover Who’s Attending Advertising Week New York 2023 And Prepare For It

Understanding your audience is essential for maximizing your event experience. As you plan for Advertising Week New York 2023, recognizing the attendee demographics and using event intelligence will equip you to engage in more purposeful interactions and establish impactful connections.

Gaining insights into the attendees will position you favorably for strategic networking opportunities, ensuring that every discussion aligns with your objectives. Vendelux offers a wealth of attendee insights, allowing companies to see who will attend the event, even before it happens. Companies have generated 5-10x the number of in-person meetings at events by capitalizing on the attendee insights Vendelux provides.

Let’s provide you with a clear snapshot of who you’ll meet at Advertising Week New York 2023:

Advertising Week New York 2023 Audience Composition: 

Industry Breakdown:

  • Software: 27%
  • Marketing and Ads: 15%
  • Management Consulting: 6%

Role Descriptions:

  • Professional Roles: 48%
  • Sales and Marketing: 22%
  • Founders and Management: 17%

Leadership Levels:

  • Professionals: 46%
  • VP and Director: 32%
  • C-Suite Executives: 22%

The potential for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and forging partnerships is vast, given the varied audience profile. Here’s how to make the most of these insights:

Tapping into Software and Marketing Confluence: Over 40% of attendees are from the software and marketing sectors. Prepare topics that connect these fields, highlighting how software advancements can empower modern marketing strategies.

Engaging with Founders and Managers: With 17% of attendees playing foundational and managerial roles, steer your conversations towards industry evolution, opportunities for collaboration, and groundbreaking solutions that cater to present-day challenges.

Focused Leadership Engagement: Given the notable attendance of C-Suite, VP, and Directors, adjust your dialogues to resonate with their larger organizational goals, focusing on the broader industry landscape.

Craft a Compelling Narrative: As you navigate Advertising Week New York 2023, be ready with a story that appeals to professionals eager for fresh insights and leaders pursuing broader industry shifts.

Be Prepared with Collateral: Whether it’s business cards, interactive demos, or digital portfolios, ensure you have tools to leave a memorable mark, setting the stage for future engagements.

Dive into Comprehensive Engagement: Beyond business dialogues, remember that Advertising Week is a treasure trove of knowledge. Participate actively in sessions, join debates, and welcome insights from various industry segments. Often, the most innovative ideas are born from such diverse interactions.

After the event concludes, take time to reflect on your encounters. Evaluate the most constructive dialogues and plan your outreach. Every event offers unique takeaways, and Advertising Week New York 2023 is your chance to shape and be shaped by the advertising industry’s future trajectory.

Things to Consider When Registering for Advertising Week New York 2023

Advertising Week New York 2023 is a pivotal gathering for advertising and marketing professionals, offering many experiences, insights, and networking opportunities. Given its broad appeal, Advertising Week New York offers multiple registration tiers. Selecting the package that aligns perfectly with your objectives and guarantees the best return on your investment is essential.

Here’s a comprehensive look at the available ticket options:



  • Comprehensive access to both In-Person and Virtual Sessions.
  • 30-day post-event access to On-Demand Session Videos.
  • Expedited entry for In-Person Sessions.
  • Exclusive access to Delegates Lounge and AW Connects nightly networking.
  • Invitations to Leadership Breakfast and Culture & Commerce Lunch Series (RSVP needed).
  • 12-Month Advertising Week Membership.

DELEGATE Cost: $699 


  • Complete access to In-Person and Virtual Sessions.
  • 30-day access to post-event On-Demand Session Videos.
  • Entry to Delegates Lounge and AW Connects nightly networking.
  • 6-Month Advertising Week Membership.



  • Access to the Full-Day Training Bootcamp at the Academy on Tuesday, October 17.
  • All benefits of the DELEGATE tier.
  • Complimentary 1-year AWLearn e-learning platform and AWReplay video archive subscription (Value: $249).



  • Designed for the emerging generation, open to attendees aged 30 and under (Proof of age required).
  • All main benefits of the DELEGATE tier.
  • 6-Month Advertising Week Membership.



  • Virtual access to a global network with live broadcasts directly from AWNewYork.
  • Stream all sessions live or on-demand for 30 days post-event.

STUDENT Cost: $125 


  • A special reduced rate tailored for students.

PRESS Cost: $0 (Eligibility application required) 


  • Full accreditation to attend #AWNewYork23 as a press representative.

Choosing the right registration type is crucial to maximize the benefits of Advertising Week New York 2023. Determine your primary goals – whether it’s networking, accessing premium content, intensive training, or gaining press coverage. Each ticket option caters to different needs, ensuring attendees have a tailored and valuable experience. Ensure you understand each ticket type’s specifics and choose the one that matches your event goals and expectations.

Plan Your Visit to Advertising Week New York 2023 and What To Do During After Hours

As the excitement for Advertising Week New York 2023 mounts, here’s a comprehensive guide tailored for your journey, ensuring a balanced mix of advertising insights and the bustling charm of New York City:

Strategize with Objectives: Why are you attending Advertising Week New York 2023? Whether it’s to broaden your understanding, foster valuable connections, or scout for partnership opportunities, having a clear intent will refine your experience.

NYC Transit Guidance: New York City boasts an iconic transit system. Familiarize yourself with the subway lines, or consider hailing a classic yellow cab. Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are readily available for a more private commute.

Unpack the Week’s Agenda: Delve into the conference’s schedule and list of speakers. Highlight the sessions and talks that align with your objectives to ensure you maximize your time.

Boost Your Brand Visibility: Come prepared with your marketing assets. Whether it’s a stash of business cards, promotional brochures, or a well-prepared elevator pitch, ensure you’re ready to present your brand.

Dress to Impress: New York City has a distinctive professional and chic style blend. Make sure you dress comfortably yet professionally to maneuver through the event and the city streets.

Identify Ideal Meeting Spots: NYC is teeming with potential meeting locales, from cozy cafes to luxury hotel lobbies. Find a venue that fits the mood and objective of your rendezvous.

Harness Event Insights: Platforms like Vendelux might offer insights into the participant demographics. Use such tools to fine-tune your networking strategy during Advertising Week.

After Hours in New York City: As the sun sets, NYC’s vibrant nightlife begins to unfold:

Advertising Week Side Events:

  • AWConnects Networking Happy Hours: Dive into conversations with potential partners or long-lost industry colleagues. The wine and beer tab is covered, ensuring relaxed interactions. (Every evening post-event)
  • A-List Entertainment and Performances: Beyond the insightful sessions, immerse yourself in the array of special events and performances that promise entertainment and valuable networking.

NYC Nightlife: Often referred to as the city that never sleeps, NYC offers many entertainment options. Explore the iconic Times Square, visit legendary Broadway shows, or unwind at a rooftop bar overlooking the city skyline.

Culinary Adventures in NYC: The city’s culinary scene is unparalleled. With a range of choices from upscale Michelin-starred restaurants to quaint food trucks, there’s a flavor for every palette.

Venturing through Advertising Week New York 2023, coupled with the allure of New York City, promises an experience that is both professionally enriching and personally delightful. As you navigate through insightful sessions and the city’s iconic landmarks, every moment is poised to be memorable and rewarding.

Tips When Traveling to Advertising Week New York 2023 + Hotels

Discovering New York City Beyond AWNewYork 2023: Beyond the insightful sessions and networking events, the iconic skyline, Broadway lights, and the energetic rhythm of New York City beckon:

  • Immerse in the magic of Central Park, whether it’s a leisurely walk or a picturesque carriage ride.
  • Dive into the world of Broadway with a show that resonates with your tastes.
  • Marvel at the city from atop landmarks like the Empire State Building or One World Observatory.
  • Explore the rich tapestry of NYC’s neighborhoods, from the historic charm of Greenwich Village to the bustling streets of Chinatown.
  • Indulge in the city’s culinary delights, be it a classic New York-style pizza or a gourmet dining experience.

With its multifaceted experiences and vibrant energy, New York City provides a delightful backdrop to your Advertising Week New York 2023 experience.

Travel Tips for AWNewYork Attendees: As the city gears up for the grandeur of Advertising Week in October, these pointers will enhance your visit:

Early Bird Benefits: Consider arriving a day early, perhaps on Sunday, October 15. It allows you to acquaint yourself with the city’s pulse, perhaps catch a Broadway show, and ensure you’re energized for the week’s activities.

Booking Your Stay: Utilize Advertising Week’s partnerships to ensure a comfortable stay. Exclusive discounts on partner hotels, such as YOTEL Times Square, W New York Times Square, ACE Hotel New York, and Arlo NoMad, offer attendees luxury and convenience at negotiated rates.

Navigating the City:

  • Transit Solutions: Multiple transit options like Penn Station, Herald Square Subway Stops, and the PATH train make commuting a breeze. Whether you’re coming in from nearby airports or just navigating the city, these hubs serve as pivotal points.
  • Airport Transfers: If landing at Newark (EWR), remember it’s a quick tram ride to NJ Penn Station, followed by a 20-minute train journey to reach midtown Manhattan.
  • NYC Ferry Advantage: The AWNewYork venue is also accessible via NYC Ferry. For those using the Midtown West/W. 39th Street landing on the St. George route, free shuttle buses are at your service during peak, off-peak, and weekends. Stay updated with ferry schedules and real-time service alerts via or the NYC Ferry app.

Pass Collection: For a hassle-free start, retrieve your passes beginning at 8 a.m. on Monday, October 16. Pre-download your pass or have your QR code handy by logging into your AW account or referring to your confirmation email.

Dive deep into the allure of New York City while immersing yourself in the enriching sessions of Advertising Week New York 2023. As you indulge in both professional insights and the city’s renowned attractions, you’re set for an unforgettable experience.

Summary: Strategic Planning Can Make a Big Difference When You Go to Advertising Week New York 2023

Advertising Week New York 2023 is a significant event for industry enthusiasts. It brings together creative thinkers, brand experts, and marketing specialists. This event is an excellent chance for teamwork, deep conversations, and a closer look at today’s advertising and marketing world.

Proper planning is essential for any company looking to get the most out of Advertising Week New York 2023. Setting aside enough time and resources to make the most of the event is crucial. With its many venues, New York City offers great networking opportunities outside the conference.

Just attending isn’t enough. Getting to know the Advertising Week New York 2023 schedule is important. Finding key sessions, good spots for networking, making a list of the right people to meet with the help of attendee insights, and having all the event information will improve your experience.

In today’s world, where data matters, using event data is necessary for businesses wanting to grow. Understanding this data helps companies know their audience better. With this knowledge, they can create more connected plans, leading to more sales and growth. Good preparation helps businesses make marketing plans that truly work. This case study shows how Delivery Solutions leveraged Vendelux to book 76 incremental meetings at Shoptalk.


Discover the Attendees & Sponsors Who Will be at Advertising Week New York 2023


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